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How to Avoid VPL

You've picked out your outfit, accessorised with shoes, jewellery, full hair and makeup, a quick glance in the full length mirror and there it is - an obvious visible panty line

A VPL - meaning visible panty lines (US term) - happens when the outline of your underwear stands out through your trousers or skirt, complete with the full shape of your chosen knickers for the day. Common ways to avoid line would be to wear seamless underwear, a thong or go commando.

But its not the end of the world, there are several adjustments you can make to the outfit that will help avoid visible panty lines, to never be seen again - well for the rest of the day that is.

You'll be glad to know that a simple change of underwear could solve the VPL problem right there, but as you know, things are never that easy so more time will be required with additional changes to the outfit.

If you are making a quick visit to the shop or dropping of the kids, simply pop on a cardigan or long sweater if that is possible, so those visible lines remain hidden under the long top, then issue is solved for now - but this is only a quick fix and won't solve most problems.

Not always that easy

But as you may know, the outfit doesn't always need an ugly accessory to hide VPL, so more work is required on your part.

In any case a change of bottoms - namely your smart trousers or well-fitted skirt - will need replacing in most circumstances - it's that simple.

But then we could be talking about a new pair of expensive slim-fit trousers or a new high-waisted pencil skirt for work, so in any case we have to make it work or you've just wasted your money - and not getting the most out of your new purchase.

Causes of VPL

Panty lines are kind of like a virus you might agree? It appears when you least expect it, but a pain to get rid of - but always comes back later.

To know how to avoid VPL, you need to know the cause of the problem.

And to know the cause of the problem the buck stops with your choice of outfits, and therefore your shopping habits.

We can't tell you what bottoms work for you and what doesn't, that all depends the body shape, as trousers and skirts sit very differently on most individuals.

So only you can make the decision to throw certain bottoms to the back of the closet, never to be warn again - well not out in public that is.

Way to banish VPL for ever

Now that we've laid out a few truths regarding your fashion choices, it's now time to lay out ways to avoid VPL.

Not all these scenarios will apply to you, as anything from body shape to clothing that you own or not also applies.

But if a suggestion below does stand out to you, why not go and try it, then you can move on to the next idea until something works out for you with your current closet.

Here are our ten ways to avoid VPL, one or several methods could apply to you.

1. Seamless Underwear

Seamless underwear

It seems obvious, but if your panty lines are showing, then you can rid those lines by wearing seamless knickers.

Only it's not that simple, seamless underwear unfortunately is not the cure to all VPL problems, and where there is no seams, now lies a ridge causing a bump

And this bump can be mistaken for lines, and in any case looks just as unsightly

So we hand this one over to you, depending on your body shape a pair of seamless knickers might just end all your VPL issues, but then it may also make no difference.

Its worth noting also, that well it may work out good on one outfit, its back to the drawing board when you try something else on.

2. When in doubt, try a Thong

Women wearing a thong

Celebrities and fashion icons swear by thongs, catwalk models always perform in a tiny nude g-string, well celebrities are loyal to thongs for red carpet events.

Although celebrities and actresses can get it very wrong at times even when wearing a thong (but will leave that for another time).

Think of it likes this, models and actresses are a big investment for well-known fashion brands, so a big old ugly VPL will not go down with the most beautiful gown on the red carpet.

Take Taylor Swift, she has never been photographed with VPL of any kind, so no one can say for sure if she prefers thongs or big pants - so she's done a good job for sure.

On the other hand, Swifts good friend Salena Gomez has been photographed multiple times with panty lines - so has most of young Hollywood come to think of it.

Over the last few decades the thong has become the underwear of choice for the biggest and less known celebs - but are all household names.

Thongs may not be your preferred choice of underwear, but you must really give it a try. Despite popular belief that thongs are the most uncomfortable things to wear, they really are not.

You just need to find the right one that suites your body type. If you still can't find it in your heart to wear a thong, then move down to the next suggestion... boy shorts.

3. Laser-Cut Boy Short

Laser-cut black mesh thong

If you've experimented with a thong but has not worked out, then a laser cut - or seamless - boy short should tick all the boxes.

They are not without their issues mind you, because the wrong cut boy short can show VPL, focusing the eye on the lower bum cheeks.

When considering a boy short to eliminate VPL, think about the design of the short cut under the bottom, then around the lower half of the thighs.

For that method alone to work, you need - like all underwear - for it to fit perfectly; to tight and it will dig in, to loose and it will sag and crease.

And that takes us to the 'board bum' look, if the boy short squeezes over the bottom, usually forcing your cheeks to press, the VPL won't be the problem but something else.

A very unsightly looking bum in a hammock, with the full shape of your boy shorts seen in the rear, with your bum cheeks deformed and looking super weird.

4. Thicker Materials

Women wearing blue jeans

That's really all your need to do really to eliminate VPL, simply wear skirts or trousers in thicker material.

You should know be now, light, thin and silky materials are the enemy, but friends of VPL, but when the occasion requires it, or allows it, avoid light material pants and skirts.

We are not just talking about denim here, but material such as cord, swade and cargo pants. Well not certain to avoid VPL altogether, will decrease lines massively.

If you've ever worn a nice pair of high waisted jeans, you'll no lines can show, which is true for all pants, but lines are less visible and should be a big cause for concern.

Now that we've suggested thicker fabric underwear, don't cancel out the benefits of thicker material bottoms, by now wearing thicker underwear which will result in thicker seams with more obvious stitching.

5. Textured Bottoms

Textured white shorts

The idea of textured bottoms in mostly casual skirts and trousers is the underwear lines get lost in the material made from unique materials.

Back to the mention of thicker material pants, cord and swade trousers and skirts are made from a material that you can only describe as textured.

But there are pants available that are sold as simply 'textured pants' so next time your doing a shop online or in store, keep an eye out.

Your closet with textured clothing could extend to jumpsuits, dresses, shorts and skirts made from lace, stringy material and raffle like designs - depending on current trends.

This type of clothing goes well to keeping those line discreet.

6. Distract with Patterns

Women wearing floral red jumsuit

Regardless of the fabric thickness, whether its loose or tight - patterns give out an illusion that secretly hides lines, folds and creases when you haven't ironed.

Items of clothing with patterns include flowing trousers and jumpsuit's, littered with mixed patterns from flowers to random color spills.

Well usually restricted to summer wear, these outfits should cause no concern with VPL, but switching these same outfits to bold colors could reveal what's underneath.

The fabric these types of patterns come on are usually made from cotton, like a t-shirt, so well you will avoid lines with ease, just make sure its not see-through.

7. Tights thin out lines

Thick black compression tights

Well going bare legged is necessary in the hot weather, for the rest of the year you can help those lines disappear under skirts with a thick pair of tights.

You're not restricted to skirts mind you, a lovely pair of work or school black trousers would benefit from tights to farther decrease the look of underwear lines.

Thickness of tights do matter, a simple pair of thin nylons are not what we are talking about, but tights that are advertised with less transparency.

All tights a opaque, so the less skin showing through the better.

Also look out for a pair of 'compression tights' that help blood flow and are commonly worn by athletes.

You don't have to wear them all the time, just when the occasion requires it.

8. Slips for Skirts or Dresses

Tight fitted nude dress slip

Skirts and dresses are often made in free-flowing, silky smooth fabrics and attract VPL exclusively.

When all avenues have been stretched it is time to try a slip, one made to fit skirts, or an all-in-one body slip for dress (keep a close eye on the neckline and sleeve design).

We say wear a slip made for skirts, and a body slip for dresses as they are used for that purpose.

Well a skirt-slip fits under the skirt, the slip measures around the waist and all fits well. Try-on a dress slip (body length slip) with a skirt and you are inviting all sorts of trouble.

As you move, sit and walk, the dress slip will make its way above the skirt waist line, therefore causing creases and folds, well producing unusual lines.

This is not always the case, for some women you could get away with it without a hitch.

And well wearing a dress slip with a skirt could cause all sorts of problems as the day goes one, the issue also arises when wearing a skirt slip with a dress.

Skirt slips stop at the waist right? Well depending how fitted the dress is, this waist band of the skirt slip will become visible.

Not exactly a VPL, but a line you could do without nevertheless.

9. Shapewear

Nude shapewear knickers

The idea behind shapewear is it keeps your lumps and bumps pressed in, and giving you confidence along the way - and they will for sure.

Whereby they will make you look even more fabulous in a slinky dress or dressy trousers.

But there are mistakes to be made, shapewear comes in bikini style, thong or fully body; if the wrong style is worn, VPL will still remain.

Designed to fit like regular knickers, the material is super soft, stretchy and comfortable.

Well the waistband carries on up over your tummy to keep it all in - this alone should help with lines.

We recommended wearing full body thong shapewear with a dress and jumpsuit, well the thong panty shapewear will work with dressy trousers and jeans.

That's leaves us with a bikini style shapewear; try to stay clear of full coverage shapewear because there's little you can do to prevent lines in this specialty underwear.

10. Go Commando

And finally, that leaves us going commando, if your dare.

Sure enough this will solve all your visible panty line problems in any given outfit.

But if it was that easy we will all be doing it right? Time of the month, personal hygiene issues, and how revealing the outfit is - all come into play.

Well a nice pair of slim fit casual work trousers or pencil skirt could benefit from going commando, the natural human condition can put on end to that idea.

You know what its like, there's times you just don't like the feeling of going commando.


If there are important points to take away from our advice to avoid VPL, bottom line always consider a seamless thong at all times.

Sure, thong lines can show at times but they are harder to spot and they look better than your common visible panty lines.

You body shape, height and weight all have a telling on how underwear fits, therefore well it works for some, even the best advice won't work for others.

Think about changing your fashion style, move away from clothing that causes the big issues when it comes to knicker lines.

Finally, always look at your bum in a mirror before leaving the house by bending, squatting and poking your booty out to catch any lines sticking out.

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