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How to fill a bra that's too big

Its quite possible you bought a bra home that's to big to fill the cups; though don't despair yet as there are solutions to fill a bra cup.

How to fill a bra cup would rely on a bit of DIY; make use of folded paper tissue or socks, or use reliable breast enlargement pads as the best option if you own a pair; though its not to be recommended if you have to buy them, as its cheaper to buy a new bra.

Frustrating as it is knowing it would mean more expense as you discover the new gorgeous bra you bought home well it fits, your boobs don't fill the bra cups.

If you don't want to go out to buy a new bra there are options available to you that will help fill those cups to a desirable, yet flattering finish.

You'll begin by making sure the bra is suppose to fit as it was intended. Place the grasp on the tightest setting before checking that material is not twisted.

If that doesn't do the trick, its time to use old school methods of filling a bra cup.

Namely making use of folded up soft toilet paper or kitchen tissue before using again, folded up socks if more room needs filling.

It could be possible your breasts are still swimming in the cups, so make use of a larger shirt or blouse to make up the difference.

However, nothing can be done to fix oversize cups if the bra is indeed to big, so you'll first need to fix that issue before moving on to making the bra cups fit the breasts.

Finally, you'll learn to cut up an old bra to make it into two breast enlargement pads you can use inside the cup of the bra with a cup sizing issue.

First check if grasp is tight

Before we go full steam ahead and recommend a solution to filling a bra cup, let's go over a few simple yet obvious solutions to perhaps fixing the problem.

To do that you absolutely need to check that the bra grasp is fixed to the furthest away setting on the bra strap.

It may seem obvious at first though its worth remembering bra's are designed differently; so well it may seem its on it tightest fitting, it actually may not be.

If you've managed to connect the bra to the last setting and its still needs filling in the bra cup, then you may need to do more.

Though if this option does fix the problem of filling the bra; it must in no way jeopardise the comfort level well wearing the bra.

Make sure the bra straps are fitted flat to the chest well not curling, twisting or pressing into the chest.

The bra must also be able to maintain is cup shape style without stretching it wide.

Adjust, pull or tucked bra

When trying on a bra at first do you notice the bra fits terribly until you've fixed it into a place its suppose to sit.

In this situation the bra strap tucks under, the bra cup is deformed or the shoulder straps need aligning perfectly with the bra.

So with that in mind, are you absolutely sure there's nothing else you can do in regards to adjusting the bra until it fits how its suppose to.

You'll be surprised just how people don't place the bra into a position it was intended.

Once you've done up the bra grasp and spun it back around to bring the cups to the boobs; check the following:

  • Bra band is tucked in and not twisted under or over all around the chest
  • Bra strap is perfectly positioned over the shoulders into a near vertical line
  • Use your hand to lift your boobs into a comfortable placement inside the cup

Its only once you've checked on all obvious signs of a comfortable fit you can be sure the bra is to loose in the cup due to wearing it wrong.

If non of those options don't do the trick, let's move onto something more radical.

If all else fails

Not all that radical but something you'll need to do in regards to buying accessories or making use of items around the home to make the bra cup artificially fit.

In an effort to make the bra fit with a too small cup size, its imperative you do so in a way that does not only enhance the breast, but deforms the bra cup style.

So with that is mind let's take a look at your easy options.

Breast enlargement pads

Well first and foremost before trying anything else, its important you give breast enlargement pads a go.

Its an obvious one but not so if you're in ownership of a set to begin with, as the use of enlargement pads won't be worth your money.

As it happens if you're indeed buying breast enlargement pads to fill a bra cup, then it would be more affordable to buy a new bra, not enlargement pads.

Here's the deal, the average cost of pads are between £12.99 to £20.00 ($15 to $26.00), so as you may know, a good quality bra comes in much cheaper that that.

Instead buy a bra with a smaller cup size and leave the option of breast enlargement pads for the time being.

If you own a set already or you can barrow a pair, then perfect do that but don't buy them.

Little bit of soft toilet tissue

Going for the option of buying a set of breast enlargement pads shouldn't be an option as the costs outweighs the price of a new fitted bra.

So do one better by making your own - sort of - enlargement pads with use of toilet tissue.

And we are not talking about any toilet tissue or kitchen paper; you will need the super soft kind so its comfortable enough to be pressed up against your breast.

Making use of soft toilet tissue should not be folded or balled up. Crumpling the paper tissue will not only create a scruffy ball that would look obvious under your top, but...

The balled up paper will be incredibly uncomfortable resting on the soft tissue of the breast.

If you think about a 'small golf ball shape' under the bra cup while resting on your breast, it just won't look right and appear very silly, so always fold paper.

Stuff with folded socks

In the same vain as making use of folded up toilet tissue, you could actually use a small, soft pair of socks to fold up inside your bra cup.

Though you shouldn't make use of any socks as they can produce more padding than you need, or not enough as too make your bra fit to small in all areas.

So use your initiative and pick a pair of socks that fill the bra to wear it comfortable.

Remember the folding up method needs to be observed so you should allow the extra enlargement caused by folding up the socks.

Folding up socks is not so easy as paper due to the way the fold is a less desirable way.

So here's what you do; fold the socks but don't do it in a way that's a perfect fold. Allow them to over run on the sides to make them wider.

That will help create a fuller artificial pad to fit the width of the bra cup size.

Strapless bra under bra

This method will not apply to many of you as not all women are in ownership of a strapless bra, probably because you don't have the outfit that requires one.

Such as wearing a strapless bra with a wedding dress or with use with a backless shirt or top.

So if do own a strapless bra here's what you do to fill a fuller, strappy bra.

Simply use the strapless bra to fit into both bra cups across the front. That will give you the fill you need well taking advantage of the comfort in the padding.

Downside of course is to make this work the bra has to connect between one bra cup to the next - well you need to keep it discreet.

What will happen if you do fix the problem of filling the bra; you may now have to keep the bra band discreet that connects between or under the bra cups.

Little option here if that is the case for you as there's nothing that can be done.

So get it off and perhaps try different strapless bra's if you have them, though it won't help if you try a full cup, strappy bra.

Drastic options

Making use of the options above in order we've displayed them should be the way to go first, and we're sure one option will be of use to you.

However, we understand the easiest most obvious solutions are not for everyone as cup size can hold you back.

That's in terms of if you wear a small cup size or one that is exceptionally large, but still unable to fill the cup.

So again, let's take a look at your cheap, easy options before they get too complicated.

Buy a new bra

That's right, with the prices of bra's these days it won't cost you no more than a fiver (or $5.00) to buy a new bra.

And as it happens it might not be worth your time messing about filling the bra cup when only a new bra can quickly fix the issue.

If the bra cup is to big then absolutely you'll need to downgrade cup size; though remember you could end up with a smaller bra if using another brand.

So for that reason buy a new bra in a smaller cup size, but make it identical to the bra you bought previously - so you don't have the trouble of now making the bra fit.

Fold shirt if cup is too big

We completely understand that making a bra cup fuller is usually contributed to girls or women with smaller breast.

So while we've outlined a few helpful ways to easily fill a bra; your boobs may still be far off reaching a comfortable position.

You've tried folded up toilet tissue or socks but they're still short of filling the cup.

In which case you need to forget about socks or toilet tissue well looking at a piece of clothing in your closet that is a little larger.

Namely a large yet light t-shirt or blouse to fold up into your bra.

Simply fold it up as you did previously with socks into a placement that appears natural under the bra.

Cut up old bra

If stuffing your bra doesn't work and your breasts are still swimming; then you have no other option than to cut up an old bra.

Don't make use of your designer bra or expensive selection; simply pick a bra you don't wear because its too uncomfortable.

All we're after from the bra is both cups, so as this is the area that is sure to give you or less trouble, we will be cutting off all the bits we don't need.

Here's what you do when cutting up a bra:

  1. With a pair of scissors cut off the straps that are fixed to the cups and band in the rear
  2. Then cut off the bra band on the sides so it appears like a strapless bra
  3. Cut around the cup well following the cup line a little farther away from the crease a to not damage the par you will be using
  4. Now separate the bra by snipping it down the middle in between the cups
  5. Finally, remove the underwire bra as an extra one will certainly not be unwelcomed

There you have it, you now have a set of artificial breast enlargement pads actually made with one of your old yet comfortable bra cups.

You've done away with all the straps, bands and underwire so should be left with a set of two bra cups that we hope you've done your best to make it look presentable.

Craft paper mache boobs

If you're not in a position to cut up a bra as you don't have any old ones with only new bra's you can't afford to destroy, then its time to make a set of boobs.

You heard us right, we are now going to make up a pair of artificial boobs that will fit in the bra cup to make up the space.

In doing that we're going to make them using paper mache; so all you'll need is 2 rolls of toilet paper, PVC glue and water.

To make two set of boobs that will be used as pads in your bra cup you'll need too:

  • Rip up all the toilet paper into a bowl for mixing in glue with water
  • In the bowl full of paper, pour in a third of glue directly from the bottle
  • Then mix in with half a cup of cold water until its mixed thoroughly
  • If the mixture is too watering, drain away access water
  • Though if there's to much glue add more paper to absorb it

What you will now have in your procession is paper mache you can mould into any shape you desire.

But hold it there, before crafting boobs you will need to consider comfort; so if you can undress well molding the inner side of the boobs you're making to your breast.

Quickly press the mold to one boob and create a shape that is desirable to fit in a bra cup, then do the same in the other breast.

Its a messy job but it can be quite effective. Though you must remember to allow several days to dry, well protecting the finish pads well brushing them in only PVC glue.


Before you do anything else to fill a bra that's too big would be to make sure you are wearing it correctly.

So make sure its on properly by making sure its fixed to the tightest grasp; the bra band is not twisted; and your breasts are sat in the bra cup comfortably.

When that fails making use of breast enlargement pads will sure fill the bra cup with little issues. But don't go out and buy pads especially as its cheaper to buy a new bra.

You can then move on to stuffing your bra the classic yet reliable way by using folded up toilet tissue of socks.

If the bra style doesn't allow any of that, its time to be a little more pro-active.

Go ahead and buy a new bra as this will fix all the trouble with filling a bra. If not as your boobs are a little smaller, simply use a folded up shirt or blouse to fill a larger bra cup.

Finally, and what we would recommend is cutting up an old bra while removing all access material, to only be left with two cups with the underwire removed.

Those bra cups should now fit snuggly into your current too big bra to make up the room.

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