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How to keep thongs clean

What with the thong going up where it does, it is a common issue to deal but overcoming this issue can help keep things stain-FREE, fresh and healthy all day long.

How to keep thongs clean would first entail a change of personal hygiene on your part; focusing more on a wiping technique while caring about pooping less. You'd need to try to poop first thing in the morning before putting on a thong, while a change in diet is something to consider if its big problem.

I will say its imperative to keep clean in that area regardless of wearing a thong, so it helps to change your toilet habit not just for now, but for the foreseeable future.

In going down the road of maintaining a poor standard of personal hygiene it can lead to other issues such as the possibility of contracting a yeast infection while wearing a thong, and it really is a real possiblity.

But let's not limit an improved you in the pooping department, improved personal hygiene it will need to be carried over to cleaning up better while on your period, or if suffering with discharge.

In wearing a thong you'd still get periods, and its sure possible to still get discharge.

Focusing more here though is how to keep thongs clean from staining, right?

While rest assured it can be done if you make the effort, including improving your wiping the bum technique - but better still try to make sure you poop once a day.

Time to poop is first thing in the morning before showering or bathing, thus the thong is only put on when you dress, so you can feel clean and fresh for the rest of the day.

There's no worse feeling of putting a thong back on after going number two, and worse still if you have to carry around poo stains on the thong gusset.

First improve your personal hygiene

In asking how to keep thongs clean, I assume you're new to wearing thongs or indeed, difficult as it is, to keep thongs stain-FREE for the day.

It has to be said for people who don't maintain a high level of personal hygiene generally, they're the ones who are bound to struggle with the concept of a thong.

And what will wearing a thong do early on will sure improve your toilet clean-up routine, thus leading to less staining or trouble in the department later on.

What I mean by that is soon after wearing thongs its will become apparent that thongs can be an hassle to wear in terms of personal hygiene.

Make no mistake, too keep full underwear clean, and therefore the more difficult thong spotless; you must improve your personal hygiene if you're ever going to keep the thongs clean.

Personal hygiene of course is reference to poop stains, so its this focus in the thong that needs extra attention.

You need to make every effort to avoid that area being to much of an issue by improving how you go about visiting the toilet.

Go to bathroom beforehand

To avoid poop stains ever being seen in the gusset of the thong, women soon realise a thorough toilet visit is needed.

I don't mean a quick visit to the toilet as it doesn't work like that for many women.

What I mean is a plan in the morning to have a single poo before putting on a thong, but never after as it defeats the purpose with the chance of staining.

No worse feeling in the world for a lady than putting on a nice clean thong on to only then need to take a dump hours later.

Is there a worse feeling in the world to wedge a piece of fabric up the bum after going to the toilet. So it doesn't after be a poo stain issue as the feeling alone can be a highly uncomfortable experience.

If you can change your toilet visitation to preferably once in the morning - and after a shower or bath helps - before putting on the thong, you'll feel fresher for longer.

In an often unavoidable visit to the toilet part way through the day, as it can't be avoided for most - but it helps to improve that area too in terms of avoiding pooing.

No pooping rest of day

To keep a thong clean for the entirety of the day, or as you might do too, is wear a thong everyday of the week - would be to avoid pooping.

Whenever you can't avoid going to the toilet to do a number two, you'd have too be thorough as to avoid staining.

Not doing a very good job at wiping your bottom doesn't always render staining, but depending on how active you are, it sure can increase the chances.

Do you believe you can avoid going for a poop after an early morning one?

Its not an easy task but a change of diet and therefore a toilet visit routine, will make sure you never need to poop while wearing a skimpy thong.

To not go to the bathroom for the rest of the day is no easy job; but when you do cleaning up thoroughly can keep stains at bay.

Overwipe your bum

I know, I know, its not a nice topic to read but its a vital one. To avoid poop stains in your thong, so therefore keeping the thong clean all day, improve your wiping technique.

Often a lady will wipe in a downward motion, but in doing so hopefully not wipe past the anus as the faeces can linger in this area - leading to staining in the thong.

Once you've reached the anus make a pinching motion with your fingers as to finish the wiping.

Its no good doing this overwiping your bum for the sake of it as you'd need to maintain a unique, and thorough technique that repeats 7 to 8 times - with as much toilet paper as needed.

You'll know when you're done as the feeling of dampness, or should I say poop - it cleaned up.

Now getting back to wiping, or moving poo onto the Perineum - that is area between the anus and vagina - that can be the cause of staining.

In order to keep the gusset of the thong clean, skid marks is the real cause so I would make an extra effort to finish off with a wet wipe - but make sure the area is dry before pulling your thong back up.

Change diet plan

Now I know the subject of a diet is a big one as it is real lifestyle changing plan, but it can be done with no real effort on your part.

It can begin by recognising, if any that is, what foods - or sometimes liquids - causes you to poop, or can give you an upset tummy.

For example if you suspect you have gluten intolerance, then cutting out wheat with a gluten-free diet will help ...HEY it effects 10% of the population so its big one.

On the otherhand if its tea or coffee that makes you poo, then there're options to help cut it out, or find a healthier alternative.

But the real problem is food eaten on a daily basis, including unhealthy fats, sugar and salty snacks, again all lead to pooping more - so therefore increases the chance of stains appearing in your thong.

Best thing you can do is actually stop eating, while focusing on food with important nutrients only, as consuming more equals pooing to much.

Change your diet plan for a whole month while wearing thongs with an effort to only poop once a day - preferably first thing in the morning before putting on a nice new clean thong.

To summarize

To help keep thong underwear clean, and therefore skimpier g-strings, you'd need to first improve your personal hygiene.

No more taking going to the bathroom for granted, as a real effort will need to be made when trying to keep the strap of a thong clean.

Thoroughly cleaning your bottom with more wiping can help for sure, but a change of diet to stop the cause of more serious staining may seriously need to be considered.

Benefit of that is if you have a healthy diet, your bowel movement is less regular which leads to less toilet visits in a single day, thus staining the thong is a less possibility.

What you end up with, or need to aim towards, it pooping once in the morning before putting on a clean thong.

It would preferably be done before a bath or shower but never after putting on a new thong on, what would be the point.

Thongs are more difficult to keep clean for obvious reasons, but in wearing a thong for the first time, you'd soon come to realise a change of toilet habit might be what the doctor ordered.

How to keep a thong clean depends on a good sense of personal hygiene, a healthy bowel movement and a thorough cleaning the bottom technique.

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