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How to Keep Underwear Clean

Many ways to keep your underwear clean but you'll first need to help with the issue by improving your hygiene standards.

To keep your underwear clean from unsightly marks caused by poo, urine, discharge, period or sweat - you can make use of a pad. Its a method that can be costly so I advice you to use carefully folded up toilet paper. Outlined is tips for keeping all underwear styles clean - including cheekies, thongs and boy shorts.

Don't let the thought of stains ruining your favorite underwear when a simple trick can keep all panty styles clean from common stain issues.

Simply take a piece of folding up tissue paper, inserting it into position where an sanitary towel would otherwise fit.

Its not a guaranteed way to stop your underwear from staining but it sure helps a ton.

On that it can also move as you're active so use a piece of double-sided tape to keep the tissue stuck to the underwear.

That is quite a lot of hassle for some of you so if you can afford it why not use cheap to buy sanitary towels - but only the light midi pads will do.

If it can soak up periods it can sure do the same with anything from urine stains to discharge for those who're going through there teenage years.

Poop is the real concern, let's admit, so I've gone into more detail below; which basically tells you to wipe much more, while finishing off with a wet wipe.

Maintain high standards

Whether its poo marks, pee, discharge or period stains in your panties, you'll first have to maintain a good level of personal hygiene.

Now that may seem obvious but the reason you're hearing it is to make sure its barried in your head - so it can't be said enough.

If you want to keep your underwear clean all day, you will first need to improve your personal hygiene before taking on my advice.

Rather than taking onboard a life hack to avoid the hassle of making an effort, it begins with your bodily fluids that must be addressed.

Meaning if you have a problem with skid marks, the only way to end that is stopping it in the first place.

So from now you will want to improve your personal hygiene in the vagina and bottom to at least reduce those stains.

No exotic panty material

By exotic I mean panties made of certain material that can not only cause sweating, but can lead to more difficulty keeping the panty clean.

synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester and spandex can create heat, thus that is the cause of sweat.

These materials alone don't work so well but in the case of nylon; if its a nylon blend it can actually be more airy down there.

Spandex alone is another concern, but if we talk about Spanx, then the companies panty range could be more desirable

Now, polyester is a fabric to avoid at all costs as it can lead to itching issues too.

So your only choice to avoid sweating is 100% cotton, or made up mostly of cotton at least. Cotton panties can sure be sweaty, so its up to you to go for a pair that is light with lots of stretch.

Change panties twice a day

To beat the stains that crop up anytime throughout the day, you could consider changing your underwear regularly.

On the days you can't get by you might not have no choice than to change panties twice a day - with a third time going a little overboard.

Its a lifesaver too as it quickly cleans stains up while you receive the benefit of putting on a nice new pair of clean underwear again.

Its method not available to all as you'll need to be at home regularly to do this, and you won't really want to carry a spare pair of underwear in your handbag, only to carry a dirty pair around for the rest of the day.

So think about changing your underwear up to twice a day until you get enough practice in to last the whole day without staining.

Commando night time ritual

Not only in the day can stains occur from all sorts of fluids that exit your body down there, but it can still occur at night time.

That is true on hot nights where sweating is a possibility, so remove your panties at night to allow your vagina to air out.

Its not something to do if you're say on your period, but do try it if you haven't before as it is quite refreshing.

Sweating can still occur under the sheets at night so it might be wise to wear PJ's or at least a nighty to prevent sweat spreading onto sheets - thus avoiding the need to clean the bed sheets more often.

Commando is not for everyone and in fact it can lead to the risk of staining on the sheets, so do take caution if going down this route.

Skimpy thongs will improve standards

No way is it more vital to maintain an high standard in personal hygiene than when a women is wearing thongs.

If you're a thong wearer you will know what its like to be caught short in the bathroom department...

As once in a while you have to poo whether you like it or not; then you have to put your thong back with a very unusual, surreal feeling for several minutes after.

So while most women will be very familiar with this situation, others will be on top of there hygiene to avoid a nasty mess on the thong strip that goes up in bottom.

If on the otherhand you struggle to keep regular panties clean, then I ask you to wait for the thong wearing until you've improved to a higher personal hygiene standard.

Poop causing skid marks

Keep your underwear clean and fresh all day long with a strict ritual for avoiding those embarrassing skid marks.

Skidders in your underwear can appear to be very hard to avoid with some women, but with a few tips and tricks you will never see those unsightly marks again.

Ladies with good hygiene avoid marks with plenty of wiping and to finish off with a few wet wipes for that fresh feeling.

Skid marks can appear in all types of underwear, whether its bikinis, briefs and boy shorts, but the most obvious concern for many women is styles of panties that fit up your bum, such as cheekies, thongs and g-strings.

Continue to keep your underwear clean using the same techniques as mentioned so far to avoid marks in your thongs and your panties alike.

Similarly, women who struggle to keep there underwear clean tend to wear black or dark colored underwear, but please, stop the skid marks altogether instead of covering over the issue, its still there in your panties...

You can continue to enjoy wearing your cute colors by keeping your underwear free from skid marks with a series of wiping, wetting the toilet tissue and finishing off with a few wet wipes.

Tips for wiping your bum:

  • Insure you spend more time on the toilet finishing off your poop properly to avoid farting throughout the day and needing another poo later. One poop a day should be your target depending on your diet.
  • Wipe your bottom from the top of your bum crack, down your buttocks and with a pinching technique, pinch your anus to clear off the poo. Continue this same routine for eight to nine times until it feels clear.
  • Then take a wad of your toilet paper and damp it under a tap until the paper is wet, then wipe your bum with this wet piece to clear up the poop around the anus, buttocks and Perineum (that’s the part between your anus and vagina). Failing to wipe properly can spread poo to your vagina causing diseases such as yeast infections or something a little more infectious.
  • With as much toilet paper as it takes, dry up your bum with a few more wipes until your bottom is absolutely stone dry.
  • Finally, keep your bum fresh and nice smelling all day with a wipe of your favorite scented wet wipes or baby wipes.

Keep panties clean during period

Oh yes that pandora's box of keeping your panties clean on your period, well the truth of the matter is its a near impossibility for most women.

Women who are lucky to have light period while never experiencing heavy flows can do one better and wear thongs on her period without any staining at all.

But attempting to wear anything else other than period panties for others is a no goer.

So if you suffer with heavy flows continue to wear the larger sanitary towels as you always do, but consider changing your underwear regularly.

If you only suffer with light periods then you can help prevent the stains reaching your underwear by doubling up with a tampon - that is if you can wear tampons.

However the wearing of only tampons does offer some risks with staining as the leak can pass through, so again double up by wearing a tampon with a pad this time.

Discharge stains

The likelihood of you entering your teens or being right dab in the middle of your teenage years is the possibility of why you get discharge in your panties.

But don't despair as you can continue to wear your favorite panties without the risk of spoiling them with the yellow stains of the discharge.

Its also possible to follow these steps if you want to wear a thong with discharge, even though the style offers little support in terms of a sanitary pads or tissue.

And that is precisely what you need to do, wear a pad as you would on your period.

You can use a pad to soak up any discharge before its reaches your panties, or to save a little money you can instead use a few pieces of folded up toilet paper.

How to keep your underwear clean from discharge should be a similar technique to keeping it clean when on your period - only you don't want to waste money on menstrual products when cheap tissue will be just as effective.

Urine stains in crouch

Its not always possible for some women to stop urine reaching there underwear as it can be more a bladder issue than a personal hygiene matter.

So without putting to much pressure on you when it might not be your fault, let's take a look at something you can do.

Now I will say inserting a midi pad into your underwear will be the way to go but you will need to change it regularly.

You'll also need to take a bath or shower more frequently as urine on the skin over a long period can be a health hazard.

To save money on pads you will want to carefully fold up a piece of toilet paper and insert it carefully into your panties - but there's no adhesive so it can move out of position.

To summarize

How to keep underwear clean all day long begins with improving your personal hygiene down there, once that has passed you can start with using a few techniques.

It has to be said even for those with a high standard of hygiene, it is still possible to not keep your panties clean all the time.

But first you will want to stop any sweat stain by only wearing breathable panties; such as 100% cotton underwear while avoiding synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester.

Sweating can increase the likelihood of stains from poo, pee and discharge spreading over a larger area.

To avoid sweating at night you can consider going commando but only if its doesn't risk staining the bed sheets.

Any women who wears thongs knows the difficulty in keeping thongs clean, but if you don't already it might be just what you need to wear as it will stop you lowering your standards - as a thong can get nasty if you're not careful.

To deal with the old age problem of skid marks from poop, be sure to follow strict bum wiping techniques while cleaning up with baby wipes.

Same goes for urine stains but for anyone with bladder issues you can skirt around the issue by simply inserting paper towel or use pads to catch access pee.

The method of using toilet tissue or sanitary towels can be used to soak up discharge.

To keep your underwear clean all day while on your period be sure to double up with tampon with pad, or vice versa.

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