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Women sliding hand under too small bra cup

How to know if your bra is too small

Difficulty in knowing if your bra is to small should focus more on the overall sizing, not just if the bra cup is small, as the cup sizing is different to the bra size.

How to know if your bra is too small is in the band size. Too tight on the shortest grasp then it will be to small as it begins curl or twist as its not flush on the chest. It could be the shoulder straps are too short or the bra exposes your underboob as it lift up.

Don't make the easy mistake of judging if your bra is too small by simply going by the bra cup only, the overall bra size should be tell tale.

With that we mean the whole bra should have signs of a small fit; notably the shoulder straps should be too short, thus pulling up the bra cup into an unnatural placement.

It may also be that the bra band which should fit lightly against the chest is too tight so therefore, there's no way to make it bigger due to lack of adjustable fixing.

That's it, if the bra band is so tight you struggle to spin it around as you're doing it up, then its only a matter of time before the bra causes huge discomfort, and it will come.

Then there is the fit in the bra cup, so well your boobs do fit well into the bra as its the correct cup size; the bra will still lift off your body thus exposing your underboob.

So let's begin on that topic as we move towards other tell tale signs of too small bra.

Boobs don't fit in cup

Hint of a bra that's too small would be obvious in the cups right; as the bra is primarily focused on supporting your boobs, this would be the area to know first.

And it is, if the bra is to small you can bet the bra cups are to small too. What that means is your boobs are unlikely to fill the cup as you would expect.

That is not entirely true though as its possible the bra can be too small, yet you wear a small cup so would fit correctly regardless.

Because the bra is small that is not to say the cup is small, so that is not a certainty.

However, where the shoulder straps or bra band connects to the cups, this is where you would know the cups are too small.

That is where the cups lead to deforming into a shape that doesn't take your boobs to well, or perhaps the straps pull up the cups as they're not long enough.

Bra band too tight around chest

In addition to the too small bra cups, take a look how the bra band fits around your chest, which is the first thing to know is it too tight.

Now what we're talking about here is the wide band that sits below the bra cups but eventually fixes to the grasp in the back.

Much like a top, t-shirt or blouse, if the top is too small you will know as you won't be able to tie up the buttons around the chest.

Same goes for a bra band which is designed to loop around the chest before sitting comfortably.

Bra brands vary in brand design so its not one size fits all sort of thing; but you'll be sure to know if its too tight, as the bra would indeed be to small.

More importantly, you would struggle to spin the bra around to connect the grasp, so here's anything to consider...

Hard to spin bra around to fasten

You know when you're putting on your bra you need to position it around your stomach with the bra cups in the back as you're fixing the grasp in the front.

What happens next will be a big decider on whether the bra is too small or is simply a poor fit bra that is not fitting as its suppose to on the body.

And that is once the grasp is tied you will now spin the bra back around as to position it in its place, well placing the the boobs in the cups where they belong.

Its here as you spun the bra back around you will know if it was a struggle or not.

Meaning as you brought the bra back around to the front; at any point did you struggle as if the bra band was rubbing to much against your skin, causing discomfort.

This is a sign that the band is to tight so the bra is indeed to small for you.

If could be that the bra is on the wrong grasp still so be sure to check all connections, so if you still get to much friction well spinning the bra around, then dump it.

It may also be difficult to spin the bra band around at all, in which case the bra is no good so would be bad to keep on wearing it.

Band rolls up or curls

As we're still on the subject of bra bands, one noticeable thing to happen if the bra sits to small around your chest is the behavior of the band.

In that we mean it won't sit flush against your chest in a way that you would expect it too.

Instead what will happen due to tightness is the bra band will stretch - even though it doesn't seem like it is - as the bra band then curls or rolls into a near loop.

Again its worth noting that the grasp needs adjusting again onto a loser fitting. So when you do that and it hasn't shaped the bra band flat against your body, the bra is to small.

That is of course you're trying on the bra on a slim body with little in the way of skin rolls around the underarm or upper back.

In which case this method of working out if the bra is too small won't apply to you.

If you're a slim girl than you'll know, so what can you do if your body shape is different. Well not much really other than following our other points, so skip this on for now.

To much pull on bra grasp

As you put on your bra that is fixed in the rear grasp, you'll know soon enough if the bra is too small as the first grasp connection will be hard to fix your bra.

Forget about using other grasp points, its this first connection that needs to be fixed; so struggling here, then it would be difficult to even spin the bra around to straighten it up.

If you do indeed manage to connect the grasp as its positioned between your boobs, it will probably be a painful experience in spinning it back around.

Grasps are made in metal so the ideal of this fixing placed in an unnatural way would not end well against the skin.

As you fix the bra in the front before spinning it around you should know if the bra could fit loser or tighter as you're putting it on.

So for that reason you need to atleast give it the best you can as in the end, it might not be a bad fit, just difficult to put on.

Should straps never feel long enough

Example of knowing if the the bra is too small is in the positioning of the shoulder straps, that is if you're having trouble in a bra with straps.

Much like a new top or shirt, you know if its too small as the top should hang low, but instead is higher up well exposing your belly.

That example also goes for how the bra strap is suppose to it. If the bra is too small than its likely the straps will be too.

That will result in the straps not allowing the bra cups to sit in its natural place, but rather lifting them farther up your chest into a silly position.

It might not seem like it at first but the proof is in the pudding; if your boobs are being stretched underneath, then the bra is lifting up too far.

Not all bra's have an adjustable strap so when they do make use of it.

Otherwise, there's little else you can do if you can't make adjustments on the straps to make them longer.

Bra lifts up from chest to reveal underboob

Finally, that brings us to the unraveling of your boobs if the bra is so small it will not only fit on the shoulder straps, band or grasp setting - but will result in your boobs spilling.

By that we mean its a common thing to happen as your bra is too small in the overall fit or if you wear a bra cup too big or a smaller size.

What will happen is perhaps your underboob is seen under the bra itself as it lifts up off your chest.

The bra cup is too small so your boobs are lifting up the bra away from the body.

With that it could mean that the bra is not too small at all if it fits comfortably in all other areas, instead it just means you wear a larger bra cup.


Tell tale signs if your bra is too small is in the overall fit; not if the bra cup is too small, the bra band is to tight or the shoulder straps are not long enough.

When it comes down to it you need to look as all options as it just could be that the bra needs adjusting, or that you're indeed wearing a too small bra, only...

Its not the bra itself but you're wearing a bra that is a to small cup size.

In which case you should return the bra for a size up in the same brand to prevent sizing issues arises in other areas.

If you know the bra cup is a perfect fit, but the bra still feels to small, signs can include the band being way to tight or the shoulder straps being to short, thus raising up the bra cups to expose your underboob.

Forcing a too tight small bra will see signs of the band curling or drastically rolling over, well not staying firmly on the body.

There's also the possibility of to much pull on the grasp which risks breaking.

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