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How to make a thong comfortable

Consider a comfortable thong only that can be made to be more comfortable, as there's no saving poorly designed thong underwear.

How to make a thong comfortable begins while putting it on; adjust the edging to prevent twisting while smoothing out the fabric. Begin by aligning the strap in the rear with your spin - to then smooth out the strap as you pull out of the bum. Never force the thong higher than its suppose to while adjusting the waistband.

If you feel the thong you want to make comfortable as little hope, so is not a nasty thong with discomfort issues - then the following advice applies to you.

But remember as there might not be any fixing a poorly made thong if its uncomfortable to wear, as soon as you bought it.

To make a thong comfortable will be focusing on when you put the thong on first time.

You need to spend more time slipping on the thong while pulling it up to its correct rise, but in doing so using your fingers to adjust the edging of the crotch and waistband.

But not before aligning the thong perfectly straight in the rear as to be level with the spin.

If the thong is fitted over to the left or right, its here it will only cause a pulling or tugging feeling in other areas of the thong.

Focus on smoothing out the material in the crotch as wide as it will fit, as to avoid frontal wedgies if no adjustments are made.

Similarly, there's no harm in adjusting the gusset as twisting occurs here; thus will lead up in-between the buttocks with twisted fabric, if its not fixed early on.

Poorly made thongs are made in a material that is uncomfortably by its own with lack of stretch - and there's no fixing that at all.

So there you have, even professional thong wearers can benefit with advice like this, but first time thong wearers can get off to a better start.

Align strap to buttocks

It may seem like a little thing that would make no difference, but aligning the thong right down the middle can improve comfort.

What I am referring to is the thong strap in the rear that obviously runs down, inside in-between the buttocks.

Paying no attention when putting on a thong will more than likely see the thong slightly aligned over to the left or right.

When in fact for the optimal comfort, the thong strap needs to be aligned with the spine, as to fit directly down in-between the bum cheeks.

In failing to correctly fit a thong this way, the strap can cause a wedging feeling.

Not only that but the fit can stretch out the thong fabric in the rear area, thus making it an experience to forget.

What else can failing to align the thong strap down inside the buttocks is the material stretches out on the waistband, sides or crotch area, thus leading to more of a tug feeling that won't go away unless adjustments are made.

Smooth out the rear strap

Rushing or paying no attention while slipping on a thong is a natural occurrence to most of us - because who really does when putting on any kind of underwear.

But there is a neat trick to putting on a thong that is more important now when you need to know how to make a thong comfortable.

Its all about that thin length of strap that runs up in-between the buttocks that needs fixing.

Well, not so much fixing but a little adjustment once in a while can do the world of good, and its simply this...

Slip on the thong while pulling up the waistband to the height it was intended too rise to which should come naturally.

In doing that the thong strap will hopefully do the legwork for you and sit in a position inside the buttocks.

But what you will now need to do is run your thumb on the underside of the strap as to flatten out the fabric, to create a smooth, clean fit.

Hopefully that thong strap will then sit inside in-between the buttocks in a comfortable manner, rather than twist or roll around.

Straps that sit in the bum can be uncomfortable unless a little adjustment is made.

No forcing thong rise

Where you can go wrong that can lead to an uncomfortable thong wearing time is in how for you pull up the thong.

Getting dressed in the bedroom or after a shower in the morning would see must people slip on underwear, while thinking not much else of it.

But while a full brief or cheeky underwear have a natural height stop, thongs don't.

Due to there being no material over the rear end, this can lead to the thong being pulled up higher around the hips, then it was intended to.

One of the ways to make a thong comfortable is making sure the thong is only lifted up to its natural rise.

It could be a high rise or low rise thong, so do pay attention when slipping it on, as it can be an original rise also - so know what rise it is.

To force a thong up higher than it was made to can lead to a strap up in-between the buttocks into a self-induced wedgy.

On top of that, and with lots of activity the thong will not want to remain in this position.

So instead the thong will make its way back down the hips into a position that is still not natural, thus forcing you to make adjustments in the bathroom.

So be careful putting on a thong first thing in the morning as a gentle pull up, over an aggressive or rushed pull up can do wonders for a comfortable fit.

Adjust elastic waistband

As one puts on a thong, much like any type of underwear, including pants or skirts - its only natural to do so grabbing the waistband of said item.

To pull a thong up by its elastic waistband while running your thumb partially around it on the sides is a natural thing to do for most people.

Having said that a thong might need a little more care and attention in this area.

Thongs using a signature band for example might not be an issue, but a simple cotton thong with a narrower waistband can see twisting.

To twist the waistband of a thong can harden the fabric, which can lead to discomfort.

Its not a massive issue and while it won't happen to most people, if it does then be sure to straighten out the waistband.

Make sure the band is flush against the skin with no twisting or rolling over of material.

Make adjustments to crotch

Once again I point out the need to adjust the thong as soon as its put on in the morning; this time with a focus on how the thong is fitted on the front crotch area.

As you slip on the thong, one might focus on a comfortable rear strap fit or making sure the elastic waistband is adjusted perfectly.

But as long as the thong covers the pubis area with little issues, people don't pay much more attention in this department.

However a little adjustment on the crotch can lead to a more comfortable thong fit, thus avoiding the need to adjust other areas that can be a result of not focusing on the crotch.

Once the thong is pulled up and on, simply use your thumb and index finder to adjust the crotch edging - slipping your fingers along with the goal of spreading out the fabric to where it should naturally sit.

Thong issues in the crotch can go a little further by running your fingers under the gusset, as twisting material can go a long way under - up in-between the bum cheeks.

Once this area as been smoothed over, the result could be full coverage in the genitals all day, with hopefully no further issues to deal with.

Remember, while thongs don't really cause wedgies, they do bunch up leading to frontal wedgies.

Stretch, squat and move around

Information offered thus far is just about all that can be done to make a thong more comfortable, if its not at least already.

But note that a thong can still be a poor fit so no matter how much adjusting is carried out, there may be no fix to a bad thong.

If you believe or know the thong is comfortable to wear and wish to put faith into it improving for a little longer - there's a few more things to do.

That is after slipping on the thong while adjusting to what I have explained thus far; make sure to stretch, squat and move around.

Basically imitate any strange or repetitive movement you plan to do that day as to see how the thong will react while worn.

If sitting in a office is going to be the order of the day, then simply sit and move around while seeing how the thong reacts.

Hopefully the thong is not so gone that its a terrible experience by just sitting.

But the real test is when you walk, bend, lean and squat throughout the day that can see a thong reveal itself to any impending issues.

To summarize

To commit to a certain thong or a collection of identical thongs you hope or believe can get comfortable in due course, might not be possible at all.

On the off a thong must feel comfortable to wear, but you may believe adjustments can be made to make the thong more comfortable.

With that in mind here's a trick or two that can make a thong fit better, thus leading to a more comfortable experience.

First you'd need to align the thong strap that runs in-between your buttocks, as to avoid it pulling material on the sides, crotch or indeed the strap up the bum.

Align the thong strap with your spine in a perfect vertical position as to avoid it leaning over to the left or right.

Then smooth out the thong strap up in-between the buttocks with your thumb on the underside of the strap.

What you are doing here is flattening the one or two centimetre wide strap so it lands back in the buttocks in a non-twisted manner.

Never allow the thong to be pulled up higher than it was intended too, there's no way a thong will remain in this way on its own, while being a comfortable fit.

Finally adjust the crotch and the adjoining gusset much like I've explain so far, by smoothing out the thong crotch on the edges that can later lead to fontal wedgies.

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