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How to pick the right thong

I can think of ten things to consider when picking out a thong, all intended to help keep the thong discreet, while maintaining comfort.

How to pick the right thong would include a fuller thong over a skimpier g-string. It must be practical in skin tone with the NO VPL style - over say bright colors or patterns - so know thongs can be seen under clothing. Pick a high or low rise cut to match pants or jeans, with a size up or two in thongs.

It can be a daunting task picking out the correct thong, but picking a thong that will be practical to wear over any outfit is another matter.

But to be honest, you only need a skin tone, NO VPL thong to avoid VPL, plus the skin tone thong in case of see-through clothing incidents.

Double that up with a high rise thong cut to match high waisted pants or jeans, or a low rise thong to wear with regular fit bottoms.

Sizing in thongs is different to regular panties so make it a size up or two every time.

Not only will it be more comfortable but a looser thong will prevent it digging in, thus revealing the shape of the thong as seen on the butt.

Reasons to wear a thong is comfort so make it a cotton thong or with a Nylon or Lycra blend - with lots of stretch in a thin, light fabric blend if you can.

Lastly, focus on that strap that is intended to ride up the bum; make it a super soft fit but avoid it being too wide with lack of stretch.

Fuller thong vs. skimpier type

In picking the right thong one can be drawn to the lore of a fuller, funkier thong over that of a skimpier thong or g-strings.

Both have their benefits but in picking a thong I would recommend the fuller thong type.

Why that is, is about visibility, and while it makes sense to go skimpier; fuller thongs are designed to be harder to see under clothing.

With a g-string the elastic string around the waist can dig into the skin, whereas a fuller thong lays flat on the body, thus avoiding the digging in effect.

In between a full thong and g-string is regular thong underwear made with less frontage, narrow waistband with little material up the rear - and that can be prone to being seen.

So make it a fuller thong - but not in the tummy control kind - but only to help the fabric lay nicely over the hips and around the waist.

Practical thong over playful

Its tempting to simply pick out a thong you instantly are attracted to in the pile, so stand back and think of practicality over a playful thong.

By playful I mean a thong that has a bright color theme, obvious seams or lace trim.

And of course in wearing this kind of thong underwear it cannot be used with many outfits, so therefore can be seen through clothing or enhance visible panty lines.

However, in thinking of a practical thong that doesn't have to mean a plain, dull nude or skin tone thong at all.

Though I do recommend you buy several types of skin tone thongs to hand.

Practical thongs can be a cotton thong that is comfortable yet as little to no trim at all, but what's more important is its bound to be more comfortable over fancier thongs.

Cut high or low rise

Buy thongs according to your wardrobe, not picking out an outfit that corresponds to an available type of thong in your underwear drawer.

In know you mostly probably have more high waisted jeans, pants and skirts; so then you will have no choice but to buy high rise thongs only.

Benefit to that is it makes it harder for praying eyes to notice a high rise thong under say jeans that continue to go up and round the waist - and believe me it is possible to get very obvious panty lines in jeans, so be aware.

If your wardrobe consists of low slung jeans or lower rise pants or skirts, then do the decent thing of buying regular cut or low rise thongs.

In wearing a high rise thong with low waisted outfits, you stand a chance of the thong creeping over the waistband, revealing itself to people near by.

Soft strap up the rear

Buying a thong only is more difficult in physically buying one in-store, as shopping for thongs allows you to not only feel the fabric, but notice how light or stretchy it is.

What you really need to focus on when you pick a thong is how the rear strap feels.

You can prod, poke or stretch the fabric intended to go up the bum, but in doing so it needs to feel extremely soft, yet comfortable to wear.

In going over this procedure in a g-string, the thin lace that fits up the bum can feel more hard, less soft - but as there's little material its hard to get a real handle on comfort.

Thongs are designed to go up the bum and its here where it can fit the worse.

So its imperative you make sure the thong strap that goes up the butt is inspected thoroughly for comfort.

Comfortable fabric is key

What else is key to a comfortable thong is fabric, and I would say the material alone should be prioritised also.

To guarantee a comfortable thong make it a cotton thong, as the most comfiest on the market is 100% cotton - but that is Packs of 5 thongs - not luxury, branded thongs.

Then you can pick a thong in cotton with other blends mixed in such as Nylon or Lycra. In this blend make it a plain cotton thong only.

Otherwise you can pick a Nylon thong only for example, because as it happens Nylon is used in the world's most comfortable thongs - courtesy of Hanky Panky.

Nylon and Lycra are similar fabrics but blended differently, whereas cotton thongs are just that with lightness, softness and stretch guaranteed.

Bigger size then regular panties

In wearing a thong for the first time its easy to pick a thong that is in the same size as your previous panty choice.

That is not true in thong sizing as its almost universally accepted a thong size up is a must - but wearing a Hanky Panky thong can avoid that issue all together with the companies one-size-fits-all thongs.

Why that is because how thongs fit around the waist, over the hip and up the rear can be a very different fit to full panties.

Thongs need an additional size or two up as to stretch comfortably over these areas, with extra room very much appreciated.

When bending over or sitting in a too small thong, it will be felt in the strap up the butt. So make it a size up so you can avoid nasty wedgies.

No trim or obvious stitching

If shopping for thongs for the sole purpose of avoiding visible panty lines; prioritise a NO VPL thong over a fancy thong that can be seen.

In a NO VPL - also known as seamless or no show thongs - the edging is laser cut, thus seams or trim around the edges are not needed.

Its therefore not possible to see a thong panty line which is possible if you are not careful.

The intention of buying no seam thongs must also go with no bows, buttons or obvious stitching in other areas - as it will be seen.

Thongs are not always made with seams or any kind trim as it relies on the elastic thong body to act as the foundation, thus the thong is kept up and on the body easier with the bonus of no seams.

Where NO VPL thongs matter is wearing leggings or yoga pants. It also applies to delicate fabrics in pants or skirts that can show any kind of panty lines.

Consider shape of thong

Its easy to get mixed up in the excitement of all types of thongs on the market, with a sporty thong or a more luxury brand on your mind.

But stop to think how the shape of the thong can be seen in the rear which in turn, will indeed appear on the outside of pants or skins - and I am not just talking about VPL.

Notice when you wear regular bikini or hipster style panties how the shape of the said panties outline can be made out under clothing.

That can be true in thongs if it has a fuller body and covers more of the bottom.

To avoid that occurring pick a thong that is light in fabric, less material in the rear with no seams - oh yea make sure its not a too tight fit.

Thongs, or in many respects panties that fit too tight is the common course of the panty shape or outline being seen.

Inadequate color themes

Attraction to thongs on the panty table is in a color theme you like or a bold color you feel will benefit a outfit you have in the wardrobe.

But in picking the correct thong it will not be the bright, colorful theme with polka dots or stripes, so it must be avoided if it can be seen.

Reason for that is bright colors combined with patterns can be seen under certain types of pants; such as yoga pants, leggings or a tight fitted skirt or dress.

Outfits are not always transparent but as soon as you are in the sun or under translucent lighting, a hot pink thong can be seen.

Bold colors in a light or a darker theme may be sufficient for most outfits, but remember colors can be seen.

So please always make sure you have a handful of skin tone thongs to hand when they are needed most under clothing that has the potential to become see-through.

Signs of faulty thongs

Not so much a fault but an issue that can arise are thongs that have the potential to roll or twist when worn.

Effects of that is the twisting or rolling over of the elastic waistband can become visible under an outfit you intended to be smooth under, with a clean look.

Inspecting the quality of a thong in-store should also focus on where fabric is stitched to its corresponding connections.

If there appears to be pull or stitch stretching out, put the thong down.

And whilst not a fault again but moreso an annoyance, is making sure the label is fixed in a less obvious way.

It should be stitched in the rear but make sure it can't be seen under tight clothing.

To summarize

How to pick the right thong underwear will begin by making a decision over a full thong or a skimpier g-string - knowing full well one is more beneficial over the other.

So while the skimpiness of the g-string can make it harder to see under certain outfits, the fit of the fuller thong blends better on the body, thus avoiding ripples or digging in on the skin.

Think practical over playful thongs because the whole point off a thong shouldn't be seen.

Make it a skin tone thong as to avoid bright colors or patterns being seen under outfits that have the potential to be see-through under bright lighting.

Double that up with thong cut that rises high to high waisted jeans or pants; or likewise make it a regular fit or low rise thong under low waisted jeans, pants or skirts.

Comfortable fabric in thongs is important so make it a 100% cotton thong any time you can, or else make it Nylon or Lycra, or a blend of any of the three.

Go one to two sizes up in a thong as a thong can fit a little tighter than regular panties.

Much like regular panties when the shape is seen under tight pants or jeans; the shape of thongs can be seen also, so its important to avoid a thong being too tight.

No trim or obvious stitching is key to keeping thong panty lines discreet, so consider the NO VPL thong options.

Once in a while underwear can be seen under certain outfits when bright light hits the bum, so wear a skin tone thong over colorful thongs with patterns.

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