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Women holding onto bra band to prevent curling

How to stop bra band from curling

To prevent the bra band from curling must be eradicated from the start, so if its happening now there's little in the way you can correct the fault in the bra.

How you stop the bra band from curling relies on recognising it hasn't happened from the start, which would mean it was damaged in shipping. If the bra band starting curling during wear; then it might be time to try a different bra with a wider band with thicker, stronger edging found in quality bras.

Its vital you quickly recognize the curling in the bra started before you even wore it so you can return the bra for a refund.

However, over time the curling may happen that will take it out of the product return window, so the opportunity to get your money back has passed.

So what do you do, well now that the curling has started, it could be a curl that is not fixable, as repetitiveness will result in a permanent curled position.

If the curl only happens as you're wearing the bra, but flattens out if you make adjustments or take it off; then there could be one single, and a very unavoidable issue.

Could it be that you're overweight, or atleast there's rolls of skin under your arms or where the curling occurs.

Another way curling may happens is that the bra is simply to small, so try a size up in the same bra style to see if that fixes the problem.

While wearing a bra that is a size or two to small around your waist; the bra band can only stretch, resulting in the curling effect.

Now you know a few things that could lead to curling, let's take a more in-depth look at why the bra band is curling, and what you can do next.

Damaged when first bought

Possibility of your bra band curling could be caused from the damage that occurred when you bought it.

Its not a common occurrence by any shot, but it is a problem that would lead to curling.

As the bra hangs loose up on the store shelves or hangers; customers touch, feel, and try on the bra over there clothes or take it to the changing rooms.

Problem with that is there's wear and tear as the product quality deteriorates due to people checking the bra out in store.

However, that may not be the problem if you've bought the problem bra online.

In this case the bra band could be damaged - which leads to the curling - well it was shipped from the manufacturer, to the wholesaler to the online store - before reaching you at your address.

Now that is sure a lot of traveling time, and if not packaged right; shipping from one place to next will cause issues in the bra construction - namely the band.

So, if the bra band is causing you problems right from the start, when you brought it home from the store or it arrived in the mail - you need to quickly make a decision.

Was it a fault before you started wearing, so therefore a return of the product would be the best course of action.

Repetitive touch on bra band

If you're noticing the bra band curling later on in the bra rather than early on as you begun to wear it, could it be from repetitive touch or handling the bra all wrong.

Underwear tends to shape into a way that is handled by the user over time.

Namely if the bra band is curling, could it be caused in a way from where you put on the bra, but happen to do so in a way that causes curling, before you make it fit.

Repetitiveness in the band in regards to misshaping it as you put it on to wear for the day can occur gradually over the cause of weeks or months.

If this sounds like you, then maybe its time to master a new way to put on that bra.

Though it must be said the occurrence in the curling bra band may not, or shell we say will not be a fixable problem.

Solution to this would be to carry on wearing the bra well getting your monies worth, before throwing it out, or...

Throw it out anyway's and make sure you don't make the same mistake again.

Wider strap should stop curling

Curling in bra band are likely to be seen first and foremost in the sides of the band; under the arms well approaching the back strap or breast cup.

Quality of bra matters most but if you know its a quality, expensive bra from a well known brand or designer - a wider strap next time will prevent curling.

Its not just wider straps either, you need to think about the fit which could stop curling all together.

And without laying the blame on a single, yet private matter; the fat or excess skin could result in the bra band folding, or rolling over the course of its life time.

The repetitive occurrence will see the band curling regardless of band width, weight or where the bra fits wrong or comfortably under the arms.

Width of bra bands are important for comfort, well preventing curling or rolling over.

So well it may be too late this time, why not go for a bra that has a much wider band in the sides, yet still provides a smaller band in the front or back if that's your preference.

Poor quality bra band design

Quality of bras are very important, and make no mistake the buying of bras at your local supermarket might not cut it in terms of quality.

That could also be said for department stores where groceries over there clothing line is more of a priority.

And while clothing department stores do prioritise there bra range; know that there bras tend to always be shipped from a factory that make underwear for all the same stores.

So what to do, what to do; go one better by visiting smaller independent underwear shops or those places that sell quality, branded underwear.

Not necessary bras that are made under there own name; but sold in there store well made from well known underwear brands.

Buying a poorly designed, poorly made bra with low quality materials will sure have a short shelf live, and will soon start showing up issues - starting with curling.

Don't make that mistake from the start; read reviews well watching out for comments related to curling or band twisting from customers that leave a review after several months of owning the bra you intend to buy.

Well designed bra's do not curl

The higher up in price, naturally the quality of the bra would tend to be produced with better care and consideration.

So if you were in the United States, Victoria's Secret would be a good example of a specialised store that sell there own quality underwear.

Though if you were in the UK for example; the Brits would indeed rely on department stores called Marks & Spencer for there own branded bras, or...

Make use of high street stores in Next, Top Shop, New Look or Ann Summers if the bra they want is a little more on the sexy side.

Buying from all shops mentioned does not by any means guarantee that the bra bands will not curl, or other common issues will happen over time.

It just means you need to consider places that specialise in quality, over cheaper bras.

When you can't find the brand name bras in-store, then make use of places like Figleaves with the USA page or local UK store for their own bras - or where they sell top brands.


Before you consider anything else, did your bra start curling when it arrived through the mail or when you bought it home from the store.

If so there's nothing else you can do to reverse the damage, so its time to take it back to the store you bought it from to get your money back.

When considering a bra, pay close attention to the design. The bra band must be wider around the sides, under the arms - well farther supported with thicker seams or edging.

If the edging is wide with use of a different material; than that's good, that's the bra you'll need to buy to stop the curling effect.

Wide, thicker edging will help keep the band shape well withstanding any mishandling by you over time, or if the bra band tends to roll over with your excess skin.

Don't make do with low quality, supermarket bras you can pick up for a few pounds - or dollars - pay extra for better quality.

There may not be a single issue in the curling of the bra band, so you'll need to take our suggestions and try one or two.

If we were you its probably best to go for a bra size up, as it may be too small; in addition, the bra should have a wider strap with a stronger seam or edging.

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