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Red headed girl looking confused, while thinking about telling mom for a thong

How to tell your mom you want a thong

Its a scary thought asking mom for a thong, but to tell her straight to her face would be the best course of action.

How to tell your mom you want a thong, in a less scary way would be asking directly, then if its firm No you've set the ball rolling. What else you can say is your being teased in school with panties showing, friends wear them or you need thongs for sports because of VPL issues.

I beg you to simply go up to mom now, or wait until the timing is right when she is in a good mood, along with an empty house of dad, brothers or sisters.

Least you need right now while asking mom for a thong is people distracting your mom.

Tell mom you want a thong now and if its definite NO, then that is OK because mom knows you want thongs.

You can continue to ask over time to wear her down, but never to annoy her, as it would have the opposite effect.

In time you and mom will be going back and forth about thongs until mom hopefully gives it approval - or at least to get you off your back.

If you don't have an open relationship with your mom about bras and underwear, then you can hint around needing new panties, until finally giving her the word about thongs.

Genuine reasons to ask mom for a thong, or mom having no problems with her daughter wearing a thong - can begin with the need to avoid VPL, or visible panty lines.

Its a real genuine excuse VPL, as its the scourge of fashion conscious females, so mom might understand panty lines are embarrassing.

If not you can follow up with excuses about being teased at school with VPL, or why not buy a thong, then tell mom after the fact.

If you're super shy, then avoid the face to face discussion by texting, slipping a note or asking mom for a thong behind a closed door at home.

Ask mom for thongs directly

If you really want to wear thongs now then there's no better time than asking mom for a thong straight too her face.

No excuses either, because without the need to interject an excuse your mom can't come back with the old age reply of you don't have do what other people are doing.

That might not be an option for some of you, so there may be a reason to not so much make an excuse - but to have a valid reason to wear a thong.

Simply ask mom if its OK if you can start wearing thongs as friends are wearing them in school, and you would like to try them.

No real harm in that as the worse than can happen is she says no.

I know you're asking how to tell your mom you want a thong, which is not easy face to face - but it helps to be prepared with the onslaught of hard hitting questions that she will soon follow up with.

But don't do it out of the blue, wait until she suspects you want thongs or at least wait until she is in a good mood.

Mom's in a good mood

Never go up to your mom out of the blue and ask for a thong; reason is she would not be prepared to deal with that sort of thing, and would be a little fazed.

It could also be she is dealing with siblings, something going on at work or perhaps dad is being a pain.

So instead you need to meet her tone, by waiting until she's not only in a good moo, but but a great spirit.

Don't make it out of context either, such as if she's making dinner.

Instead you'd want to wait until you're both alone in the shopping mall or better still, clothes shopping as it won't come as a surprise - well not much of a surprise that is.

Mom being in a good mood will sure go towards making her mind up quicker, rather than given time to pander your question can see her mood change to being annoyed.

Hint around the issue for a while

Regardless of what angle you might want to ask your mom you want a thong, there's nothing wrong hinting around the issue for a week or so.

That is asking for a different type of underwear style you can to wear instead of the full coverage panties you are used too.

No mentioning cheekies, thongs or g-strings, but only ask for something more grow up.

Mom might not know what the heck it is you're doing, but once you do ask for thongs it won't be such as surprise - so perhaps she will have an answer ready.

Remember; you might technically be too young to wear a thong in your mom's mind, so it won't hurt to allow her to make up her own mind.

Don't skirt around the issue too much so to speak, as you'd need to mention about what your friends are wearing, and if you should give them a try.

Butter up your mom if you want to outright ask her you want a thong, then hit her with the question of; "can I try thongs to see what they're like."

Tell her about VPL concerns

What the number one reason for a women to wear thongs is, is to avoid the dreaded VPL, caused by the use of panties in fuller shapes.

To want too wear thongs, the real reason too with no excuse in mind is to avoid VPL, or at least the use thongs to help reduce lines in certain outfits.

What better way to go up to mom and say mom can I wear thongs to stop my panty lines being seen in school.

Mom cannot really come back with a NO to that as its genuine reason to wear a thong.

Panty lines can occur in jeans, pants or skirts, so why not back up your reasoning by making sure your panty lines can be seen - just in case mom says you don't suffer with that issue.

If she does happen to say that, then just come back with that you only mentioned it because girls at school are beginning to bring up the subject.

Back up your VPL issue with wanting to wear NO VPL or seamless thongs as they are more practical for VPL, rather than worn to be seen - which could reassure your mom.

Getting teased by people in school

Keeping in mind VPL issues, you could go up to your mom a say I really need to wear thongs, people in school are pointing out my panty lines.

Go one better that girls in school are now being teased when there panty lines are showing, so you want a thong so they can not see lines.

Mom doesn't want her little girl going through the trouble of bullying in school, so going down this route could be the way to go.

You could ask your BFF to back you up in case your mom ask questions that go deeper than the need to wear thongs.

Remember bullying is a serious issue, so make sure you only use this excuse as a sort of playful teasing thing, and nothing more serious.

Never mention boys either, only maintain this reasoning with girls in your group, as the topic of boy's won't help your case wearing thongs.

My friends are wearing thongs

Now now, pull the breaks because some parents will reject the idea of peer pressure out right - meaning they won't allow you to give into what others are doing.

Later that could lead to excessive drinking, smoking or perhaps something more sinister.

But there's no harm in telling your mom friends wear thong and so you would like to give them a try also.

Follow that up by saying thongs are super comfortable with VPL issue or bunching up, which you do get in your current panties.

That does help more if your friends by name do in fact wear thongs, because you'll be coming to your own mom with a reason rather than a lie.

I would say make sure these friends are not, shell I say... a little slutty - mom won't be impressed if you want to follow in the footsteps of friends who're asking for it.

Instead only make sure its girls that are well behaved, and preferably friends your mom might of met already.

Buy thongs before telling her

Rather than asking your mom face to face, have you thought about secretly shopping for thongs at the mall beforehand, then only asking mom after the purchase.

You could bring the thongs home like you just don't care, saying I bought new underwear with friends.

Mom would then seen you bought thongs and mentions what they are; only you can say I bought what everyone else was buying.

Worse that can happen is mom says you cannot wear those thongs, or better still says nothing else on the subject.

If you feel you cannot do this then why not ask mom over the phone.

Wait until you're at the mall or shop, then ring her to say everyone's buying thongs, is it OK if you buy a couple of pairs.

If she says no, then no problem as its money saved and no worrying about what she has to say once you get home.

Need thongs for sports

Reason to wear a thong for gym at school or competing in sports is a great opportunity to start wearing thongs for the first time.

Now let's say you're competitive in athletics, the lycra shorts or the more trendy Nike Pro short's will for sure show panty lines.

So you can tell mom your need to wear a thong for gym - or what happens to be the sport you compete in - to avoid VPL.

If you don't compete in sports then you probably do P.E. at school so your outfit will probably need a thong at some point.

Other than needing to wear a thong to run, play volleyball or similar; the yoga pants worn quite often really does need a thong - as it can become see-through under bright lights.

Tell mom you have to wear a thong for the sport you are involved in for panty line issues, or say the yoga pants, for example - become see-through under sunlight so your panties can be seen.

Don't tell dad or family

Don't complicate the issue of telling mom your want to wear thongs by letting the whole family know about it.

Its one thing to ask mom with all the negativity she could throw back at you, but its made more difficult when family get involved.

Make it a private thing by asking mom discreetly, keeping dad in the dark on the subject while making sure siblings don't get involved.

Keep the topic of wanting to wearing thongs for the first time between you and your mom, rather than sisters jumping onboard.

Mom might not make it easy for you to wear a thong, so it would be doubly hard if dad had an issue of his little girl wanting to wear thongs.

In avoiding the subject with dad, at least you only have to ask mom.

Once you're given approval by mom, it might also help to ask mom to make sure no one else knows - as they could be so negative it will change your mom's mind.

Don't say all that to your mom mind you, only say not to tell dad or others in the family.

While she's distracted

I thought of another great time you can tell your mom your want a thong, and that is when she is distracted.

I am not saying when she's going through tidying up after others or getting annoyed doing chores - but more so when she's happy doing what she does enjoy doing.

It could be outside in the yard doing the gardening, hanging up the washing or perhaps getting dressed or picking out an outfit.

If mom has her mind elsewhere she could be happy to approve of your wanting thongs, only if it means you get from under her feet.

Never ask mom while she's doing something important, or for example in a conversion with others in the house, or indeed on the phone.

Wait until its you and her only with an opportunity that arises when she's happy.

Previously I've mentioned wait until she's in a good mood, that absolutely still applies because to catch mom in a bad mood, you can say goodbye to wearing thongs.

Avoid face to face

I believe so far I've only told your how to tell your mom you want to wear thongs face to face, so taking onboard all of the above, let's talk about not asking her to her face.

That way you can avoid this embarrassing conversation be simply following a trick or two that can avoid the awkwardness.

To begin with I would wait until you're out of the house, preferably at the mall - then text her to ask if it would be OK to buy thongs.

All that can happen is she relies back with the words NO, so onto the next excuse you go.

You'd need to be at home, preferably with no one else their, as to slip mom a note quickly before going back into hiding - or should I say your bedroom.

In the note ask; Mom is it OK if I buy thongs to try - no harm in that and hopefully she will respond with a note too, or talk to you about the subject.

To avoid the awkward face to face conversion by asking for a thong, which by the way most girls absolutely dread - let's wait until mom is behind a closed door.

By that you can wait until mom is taking a shower or bath, or slip it under her bedroom door - then tell her there's a note you slipped under the door she has to read.

Finally, why not wait until you're at home or out and about with mom and your friends to ask for a thong.

Hopefully mom will feel its not a good time to say no as to avoid embarrassing you in front of your friends.

To summarize

I would highly advice you to go to mom now and ask for a thong in a polite way. She could say no but you got the ball rolling.

What I mean is mom now knows you want to wear a thong so you can begin the long process of hassling her until she gives up - but within reason and in a playful way.

If you're not the sort of girl to ask mom directly - or mom can be a little hard on this sort of subject - you can tell your mom you want a thong a way that you're comfortable with.

Let's quickly take a look at what you can say to mom when asking for thong underwear.

Before anything else, wait until mom is in a good mood while the house is clear of dad and siblings - its hard enough to ask mom without dad saying no.

To begin you can hint around the subject of new underwear to butter her up, before trying the following excuses, yet sometimes are genuine reasons to wear a thong.

Begin with telling mom you need to wear a thong to avoid VPL in your fitted bottoms, or else the need to wear a thong while in a certain outfit needed for sports or gym in school.

You could tell mom you need a thong because you're getting teased, but you can say your friends are wearing thongs so you'd like to give them ago too - though your mom might not be interested in you giving into peer pressure.

If not why not buy a thong secretly at the mall, then show her your new thongs when you get home.

In being super shy in asking about thongs, why not avoid the face to face conversation while asking mom for a thong behind a closed door, text her or slip her a note.

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