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How to wear a thong on your period

This question is often asked by inexperience or first time thong wearers with concern about wearing thongs during your period, so to put it lightly...

Yes you can, all thong wearers can wear thongs during your period, and well a simple pad or tampon might not cut it, extra support would certainly prevent leaks. To start wearing thongs on your period we will start by examining what your monthly product is of choice, well we go over ways to make it thong proof.

As the gusset of the underwear passes through perineum - between the anus and virgina - it results in the material getting twisted and out of shape.

In turn for any pad or sanitary towel wearer this always dislodges the pad or towel well unfastening it from its sticky tape - often resulting in leaking onto the underwear.

Now imagine if you're wearing a thong with it passing over the virgina, through the legs and passing the anus, the same problem applies right? Wrong...

Its thought the wearing of a thong may actually help.

Yes, in theory the thong will get twisted well worn over time, but because there's less material passing through, there's less twisting as the thong keeps it shape.

So this gives us an opportunity to either reshape your pad or sanitary towel, or what we would highly recommend - a purpose made thong panty liner, labeled as tanga

Allow us to lay out your preferred monthly menstrual product; well we focus on the usual pad, sanitary towel and tampon.

But first let's find out what kinda thong wearer are you...

Big Thong or Skimpy G-String Matters

If you're an exclusive thong wearer - meaning more material on the waist, back, front and gusset - then the following rules are made easy.

However, if you're a skimpy g-string girl then wearing a g-string on your period becomes just that little bit more difficult.

You see the gusset of the g-string is literally just that - a string - and no menstrual product would overcome this obstacle other than a tampon.

The use of a thong panty liner might just work for certain types of g-strings, but those skimpy ones need to be left in the drawer well one with more material is required.

Thong Panty Liners

Not quite the support of a small pad and certainly something to get used if you're a sanitary towel wearer, or even a seasoned pad wearer.

The use of a thong panty liner will make it easy to wear a thong on your period.

You see the shape cuts into a long, narrow triangle which imitates the shape of your thong gusset.

The design applies just like a pad with sticky wings to wrap around the sides of the thong, with the strip sticking to the gusset.

When pulling your thong back up, its a different feeling for now; but you'll soon get used to the feeling with every day use.

As the need to avoid VPL continues even during your period, the thong panty liner would be distreet, with no lines or markings visible through your trousers or fitted skirt.

Tampons for Thongs Everytime

If you're a frequent or exclusive tampon wearer and still asking how to wear a thong on your period, you'll be pleased to know you're perfectly equipped already.

You see with the tampon inserted and out of the way, unlike the pad or sanitary towel, in no time does it become an issues.

If you're a tampon wearer but need to switch to pads on heavy days; you can still wear a thong by using the tampon with a pad or thong panty liner to back you up.

Thong wearers number one choice would always by just the tampon and with that out of the way you're free to wear the biggest thong to the skimpiest g-string.

Customise the Pad

Wearing a pad during your period is possible with a little imagination and creativity. The pad is just small enough to be shaped into a thong panty liner.

Insert the pad into the correct spot on the thong gusset and use the sticky wings to fold over on the outside of the thong.

Then using a crunching effect near to the narrower part on the thong try to make it into the shape of your thong as its becomes narrow.

There's no guarantee this method is comfortable, but wearing small pads on your time of the month will remove the unnecessary extra padding.

Big Sanitary Towers

To put it straight, if you're a sanitary tower wearer with the idea of wearing a thong during your period you may be limited with your options.

If you're prepared to take the plunge by trying a tampon, then your problem is solved, well going about your day with the comfort of wearing a thong with no pad to change.

But if you're the type of girl that refuses to not wear or try anything else other than a big sanitary towel, then we're afraid you'll have to wait until your period is over before wearing thongs again.

The size and thickness of the sanitary towel allows for no wiggle room; so we can't shape it around the thong nor can we keep it as it for obvious reason.

To summarize

To wear a thong on your period we would absolutely go with a tampon every time. No menstrual product can compare to the insert and forget effect of the tampon.

And well inserted there's nothing to put on the thong gusset.

But if tampons are not your thing then absolutely go for a thong panty liner for light periods, or if you don't mind shaping your current pads into the thong gusset to wear the pad that way - though it takes some getting used to.

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