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Graphic indicating yellow discharge on white thong crotch

How to wear a thong with discharge

It can be difficult at a young age when dealing with discharge, but it can be dealt with by simply making use of a pad or paper tissue.

Do nothing if wearing a thong with discharge as the fabric of the underwear is designed to deal with unwanted leaks. If you wish to protect your thong from dampness you can simply wear a pad as you would on your period. If not a carefully folded up piece of paper tissue will help absorb the moisture.

Don't let a little discharge stop you wearing thongs when they're needed most for a certain outfit, or if its something you wear everyday.

If its healthy vaginal discharge it would be simple to deal with by inserting a pad into your thong, just as you would on your period if that applies to you.

Alternative to that is folding up toilet paper, kitchen towel or napkin into a make-shift pad as to allow the discharge absorb in to that.

In doing so it would be up to you to change the tissue regularly for hygiene purposes.

Growing up with discharge can last days, weeks or months so avoiding wearing a thong in that time may not be an option at this stage.

Remember there is always a way around to wearing a thong with discharge just as there is by wearing a thong on your period, products are developed to help you deal with it.

Do nothing if possible

One simple way to deal with unwanted discharge at times of desperate need would actually be doing nothing.

Who's to say you have to do anything when the discharge is discreetly absorbed into your thong, no one is going to see it.

So wear your thong as you would while allowing the underwear to do its thing; that is catching unwanted discharge as it absorbs into the thong material.

If you are going to allow the thong to absorb the discharge then its recommended you do wear 100% cotton thongs.

Cotton is guaranteed to absorb moisture while fabric such as lace or nylon is more likely to reject any moisture soaking into the fabric.

So therefore its best you wear a cotton thong as to allow the discharge to absorb while you do nothing else to stop it.

Wear thong with pad

If you are in desperate need of stopping the embarrassing discharge staining your thong while in use, then there is a simple solution.

That is the wearing of a pad that is designed to fit into the narrow width of a thong.

It is known as a thong or string panty liner and fits just as a normal sanitary towel would; only its much thinner so only useful for light periods.

Which is perfect as virginal discharge only comes as light intervals, so a pad designed for thongs would be ideal.

Thong panty liners can be expensive or inaccessible to many, so its therefore just as effective to make a full bodied pad fit the thong, that is if thong liners are not available to you at this time.

It will take a little creativity to make a fuller pad fit a thong; all you need to do is crumple it up to make it wrap around the crotch.

Insert tissue paper into thong

Desperate times call for desperate measures so if a thong panty liner or indeed a regular pad or sanitary towel is not available to you for whatever reason, use tissues.

It could be napkins, toilet paper or kitchen paper towel; you only need to fold up the paper into a shaped fold to make it fit comfortably inside your thong.

Don't simply fold it up or roll it carelessly as it will be sat in the crotch of your thong.

To avoid feeling it whatsoever it will be a matter of trial and error; so begin be folding it over as many times as it takes to fit inside your underwear.

It will be perfectly OK if the paper protrudes outside your underwear.

Not only will you need to fold the paper until its flat and comfortable, in doing so be sure to create a shape that mimics the direction of the thong as it passes through the legs.

Wait until discharge has passed

If you do get vaginal discharge on your thong its important to know it will wash out as soon as its passed through the washing machine.

However its possible you might not want to risk staining your thong as it could be an expensive, designer thong you don't want to ruin with discharge.

Its then important to switch your thong over to an additional thong or cheaper underwear you consider not your best.

You can then wait until the discharge stage as passed before putting on your best thong again.

Having said that discharge is unlike your period when it happens ever so often; so its possible discharge could be a regular occurrence while not going away.

That is true if you're growing up and you're in your pre-teens, but it is possible women in later stages can get discharge.


How you wear a thong with discharge is simply going about your business as if its not happening, thongs are underwear after all so therefore designed to absorb discharge.

Unlike being on your period, discharge comes at small intervals so allowing it to freely dampen your thong will be a perfectly normal thing to do.

If you keep your thong firmly on the warmth will make the discharge go unnoticed. Its only when you remove underwear the dampness can feel chilly as it touches your skin again.

To avoid the discharge touching your thong you can indeed wear a pad, just as any women would on there period.

That might not be an option for many of you but a thong panty liner would be sufficient.

If you don't have pads or sanitary towels to hand then its time to be a little creative by folding up and inserting a piece of soft kitchen towel or tissue.

This will in tern prevent the discharge reaching your thong while stopping the risk of getting damp or staining.

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