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How to wear a thong with leggings

Much can go wrong while pairing a thong with leggings, but there's much to do too make sure it goes without a hitch.

How to wear a thong with leggings is matching the rise of leggings with rise of the thong; high waisted leggings must go with high rise thongs. Secure that with NO VPL thong in skin tone to keep it discreet under see-through leggings. Never wear patterns, fancy trim or black colored thongs, it will be seen.

I believe one should wear a thong with leggings at all times, or at least when its age appropriate, and you feel comfortable wearing a thong.

To not be wearing thongs with leggings can lead to all sorts of trouble; others than thongs or g-strings, panties of all other styles are sure to be seen.

How you wear a thong with leggings on the otherhand is just as important, as it will defeat the purpose if only the thong was to be seen under leggings.

I can think of many reasons to wear a thong with leggings, but do take this information on board while wearing a thong with yoga pants, this advice also applies there.

Unlike the need to wear a thong with yoga pants less so, leggings are accustom to being see-through due to the flimsy material often used - so its more important than ever.

What you need to do though is only wear thongs that sit level with the elastic waist on the leggings, so find a comfortable fit high waisted thong.

If a thong comes in too far down, the whole shape of the thong will be seen on the bottom - likewise a low rise thong should be worn with low waisted leggings.

Make it a NO VPL, or seamless thong to be extra careful, while doubling up with a skin tone thong so its blends in with your tone - that way it avoids a black or pattern thong being seen under leggings - and it happens more than you think.

High rise thong to leggings waist

Number one priority when matching a thong with say a regular pair of black leggings is the rise of thong must match the height of the leggings.

Likely scenario is you will be wearing high rise leggings so its therefore important to wear a thong that reaches that exact level.

High waisted leggings come in standard, and so do thongs so the thong shouldn't over reach the leggings waistband, thus being seen as you bend over or sit.

Priority of the high waisted thong should be in its design, for example it should be narrow in the rear strap - the fabric that exits the top of the buttocks - reaching all the way up to the elasticated band of the leggings.

In making use of a much fuller thong, the kind that covers the entire area above the buttocks - but rises up to around the waist - are to be avoided.

To wear a thong that comes under far too below the leggings waistband will cause the shape of the thong to be completely seen under the fitted leggings on the rear.

The idea of making sure the rise of the thong goes to the top of the elasticated band on the leggings will stop this ever happen.

Double up with NO VPL thong

Don't rely on the rise of the thong underwear alone, as even the best high waisted thongs can create panty lines, as VPL is not always a priority in design.

To overcome the issue of visible thong lines you must reply upon a NO VPL thong style.

It can also come under the name, no show or a seamless thong.

What a NO VPL thong is, is basically a thong that is laser cut, sealing the edging as to avoid fraying on the trim, but it completely removes the need to use traditional stitched seams around the edges.

To use a thong under leggings is essential, but to double that up with a seamless thong can go along way of keeping those otherwise, obvious thong lines discreet.

Remember thongs can create VPL just as regular panties can, so do all you can to make sure the thong stitching goes unseen, which is always around the edging.

Likewise, how fitted leggings are its possible to see thong lines on the sides, and even on the front of the crotch.

In keeping thongs discreet never wear thongs that are decorated or fancy with extras.

Less thong body to avoid see-through

With that in mind bare in mind the larger the thong is, the more likely it is to be seen, high rise or seamless regardless.

To stop the thong showing under your leggings make it a type of thong underwear that uses less material.

Now this really only applies to less fabric making up the body of the thong - so less material in the little area in above on the rear and on the front and sides.

If going for a thong that is too less material can of course defeat the purpose, as full body thongs can still in fact have a positive effect on not being seen.

Going too small in the body will create bulges or bumps in the skin, and that is if the thong is a tight fit. If the thong is spread out on the skin under the leggings, that will prevent the love handle effect or rolling in the skin.

Solution to that of course if the use of Spanx high rise thongs to keep it all under control.

You want to focus on making sure the fabric that protrudes out of in-between your butt is narrow enough, yet continues to rise far up to the leggings waistband.

Skin tone color thong only

One more final word on the thong style you should be using while wearing leggings, is always a skin tone thong to match your shade of skin.

Now its not necessary to match the thong color to your skin exactly, but in getting it close as possible will basically make the thong invisible, and go completely unseen under leggings.

You know when you squat in leggings, the fabric becomes transparent as you bend - a thong of any other color can be seen - but never a NO VPL, skin tone thong.

Leggings are notoriously transparent, while cheaper leggings will almost always be see-through without needing to bend over; while more quality leggings can become see-through when bending over too.

Either way leggings will be see-through on the tightest area - and that is bottom - so will be seen under natural light or sunshine.

Don't just buy a seamless, skin tone thong mind you, it will help to make sure it has no sheen, so make it cotton or a flat spandex tone.

Skin tone thongs can become visible due to the sun creating a sheen on the shiny thong material - with any seams present showing up more.

Avoid loose top over bottom

Less seen in today's world of fashion is the use of women using a long top that fits over the bottom, rather than cutting short around the waist.

To wear a long top tightly over the bum can lead to a few issues you'd want to avoid.

Well to begin with a long top that is snug against the butt will help enhance every crease and cranny on the buttocks.

Worst of all, its the panty lines created by the thong when a tight fitted top is stretched over the derriere that will crop up - even under an extra layer of the top material.

The whole point of wearing a thong with leggings is to avoid the whole issue of VPL all together - so I see no benefit to covering your bum with a top of some kind.

Same applies to feeling the need to wear a dress - especially a tight fitting one - over leggings - leggings are not tights so do not need a bum covering dress.

How you wear a thong with leggings is with no coverings, and that is no special tops draping over the bum's curves as its seen in an unflattering way.

How NOT to wear a thong with leggings

I've said not to wear a butt covering top or fitted dress over the bum while wearing leggings for the reasons explained above, but what else shouldn't you do.

Now I have said to wear a high rise thong with high waisted leggings, and vice-versa; but what you never should do is wear regular fit thongs under high waisted leggings.

You stand a chance of the whole shape of the thong being seen under leggings as it stands alone in the centre of the dearer.

Its that gap between the thong elastic band and the waistband of the leggings higher up that makes the thong more visible.

In bringing that thong level to the leggings own waistband it will never be an issue.

I also say to wear skin tone thongs as anything else will be seen. For example women believe wearing a black thong, or believing more skimpier black g-strings will help keep it discreet under black leggings.

Black under black outerwear can only enhance the coloring, thus making the shape of a black thong seen better than ever.

It also goes without saying no to polka dots, stripes or floral pattern thongs under leggings.


How you wear a thong with leggings is this, high waisted leggings must be worn with high rise thongs only.

In failing to match the elastic waistband height on the thong can only make the thong more obvious to see far below the natural waistline on the leggings.

If you wear low waisted leggings then this must be matched with a low rise thong; thongs worn with low waisted leggings do tend to want to creep over the waistband mind you, so be warned.

Double up wearing a thong that reaches the height of the leggings by making use of a NO VPL thong - its purpose is to stop thong lines being seen, much so as panty lines are seen.

Seamless thongs are available in various shapes and styles, but I only ask you to wear a skin tone thong when wearing potentially see-through leggings only - which happens to be most of the time.

You can do one more thing while wearing thongs with leggings, that is making sure the thong has less material as to keep it more discreet than one with too much fabric.

Where you can go wrong combining the thong to leggings is wearing a regular, fancy thong that is more suited under jeans.

So no bold colors like black or white, no patterns or lace trims; all of which will be easily seen under leggings.

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