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Is it OK to wear thongs everyday

If you haven't delved into the wearing of a thong everyday just yet, or for at least an extended time, then you are sure to be missing out.

Why wear a thong once in a while when its OK to wear a thong everyday, thus not being concerned about when you should be wearing it to avoid VPL in certain outfits. You'd need to avoid feeling yucky by having no bowel movement trouble, but in time you will overcome issues such as being on your period.

This is a big one, if you have a strong stomach with little bowel movement needed in any given day, you'd be perfectly OK to wear a thong everyday.

In going through the stage of wearing a thong 24/7, in time trouble will occur, but you'll soon know how to deal with it.

So you could have anxiety with the ideal of going to the toilet to go number two, and who really wants to put a thong back on after pooping, its not a nice feeling that's for sure.

And while its acceptable to wear a thong on your period, on light days; you could be caught out if a heavy flow occurs in a skimpy thong or g-string.

On top of that the wrong type of thong underwear might not fit the outfit you're wearing.

By that I mean it could be to big or too bright, so instead it could end up showing thong VPL, or the thong could show up under see-through clothing.

You'd find that women who wear thongs everyday, will soon convert to NO VPL thongs, on top of a skin tone color to avoid this issue ever happening.

OK if GOOD with hygiene only

In order to wear a thong everyday, its important the wearer - namely you - has a high level of personal hygiene - and the sort of hygiene after toilet use.

If you are in a position to perhaps go to the toilet early, before slipping on a thong, then you can be sure life wearing a thong everyday will be more comfortable.

You see its like this, the thought of putting a thong back on after pooping can often feel as if you're wiping your bottom with the thong.

The feeling of wedging the thong strap between the buttocks after going potty, is not the best of feelings - and actually it can feel a little yucky.

However that is not a problem if you can guarantee a good level of bowel movement.

You'd want to maintain a steady diet, combined with a toilet visit doing a number two, as a once a day thing, preferably before you bath or shower in the morning.

To wear a thong comfortably everyday of the week, it helps to not be a regular pooper.

Difficulties in keeping to it everyday

Therein lies the problem of wearing a thong everyday, while its perfectly fine for most women to put up with any issues, those problems can manifest to something tiresome.

Make no mistake, there is a lot of thinking going into wearing a thong everyday, as you imagine circumstances where the thong could cause an issue.

If wearing a thong continuously for a week or two now, you may of noticed a few things.

I'll first bring you back to the issue with toilet trouble, that is if you do have the need to visit the toilet regularly, that can cause a lot of anxiety as you anticipate the next move.

On top of that the wearing of a thong to the outfit you're wearing might not be a match made in heaven.

So while the wearing of a thong will help eliminate VPL in all outfits, that is not to say the style of the thong currently worn is a perfect match.

The thong could create lines itself, or indeed it can become visible under certain outfits, while you only realise later under certain lighting, indoors or out.

On that, I'll add that as a women who experiences light periods only, its easy to make use of a tampon, pad or thong pantyliner inside a thong - but there's always a possibility of getting a heavy flow in a skimpy thong or g-string, anytime.

No everyday wearer complaints

As an experienced thong wearer who's wearing a thong almost every single day of the month, all complaints outlined above will soon be a distant memory.

To wear a g-string everyday, one will need to power through issues to only resolve them later, where only experiencing that issue can prevent it.

In time you won't be thinking about slipping on a thong first thing in the morning, every morning, as your mind will no longer be concerned.

In wearing thongs every day its not an unusual thing, in fact many women are quite happy to wear thongs everyday, as fashion trends do require it.

To wear a thong everyday you're expected to receive many benefits, that is not worrying about VPL as the thong should reduce it in most outfits.

There's no need to worry about bunching or even wedgies, as a comfortable thong will get you through the worst of times.

Remove thong to sleep

Having worn a thong everyday, you'd probably want to give it a rest once in a while to allow your genitals to breath.

No need to change when you get home because who needs the bother, but you can wait until its bed time.

Its therefore recommended you remove your thong when getting into bed, to only replace it with full brief underwear, or commando if you do.

Its perfectly OK to wear a thong everyday but for health reasons, you could avoid issues by avoiding the potential sweat, or dampness of a thong taken to bed with you.

Saying that is not uncommon to fall asleep without removing a thong at all, so if you continue to keep up with excellent hygiene habits, then continue to keep the thong on.

In removing a thong once in a while you can appreciate it more by given the chance to put on a nice, fresh pair back on again to go about your day.

Having said all that, experienced thong wearers may never think twice about their thongs, so will never remove it in the day or at night, but only to put on a new pair.


I can assure you it is OK to wear thongs everyday, but only if you're the sort of women to maintain a high level of personal hygiene.

No one wants to wear a yucky thong all day, and certainly one that has to ride up where you failed to clean up properly after going potty.

So if you have a timely, solid bowel movement with a toilet visit a rare one, then rest assured as the feeling of putting a thong back on after pooing, will rarely be experienced.

Difficulties in wearing a thong every single day without a break can have its problems, but only for a short while as you get of the transition stage.

That is going through common problems yourself, that are associated with the wearing of thongs often, so you know how to correct it in due course.

Namely, and I'll bring you back to the hygiene issue, as the worrying about going to the toilet unexpectedly - knowing full well you'd have to put a thong back on afterwards.

There's also the difficulty of mastering the wearing of a thong on your period, so you'd need to be on top of that to wear a thong everyday. But as it is many women prefer to stop wearing thongs while on their periods.

Women who wear thongs everyday, for as long as they can remember will say all those issues will be dealt with, so soon forget as you become a pro in that department.

As a final word, it might be a good idea to remove the thong at nighttime to sleep in, just to allow your genitals to breath once in a while.

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