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Popular knicker shops in UK

Shops that are popular for selling knickers tend to be high street fashion chains or department stores with a huge lingerie section available.

Popular knickers shops in the UK are those of Topshop, Primark or New Look, along with Marks & Spencer taking in much of the mature market. Off the high street expect supermarket's such as ASDA to sell knicker as well, but only because its convenient, rather than their knickers being so popular themselves.

Knicker shops that are popular in the UK are only those that have a huge presence on the high street, so will likely be chain stores.

Example of that are Primark taking the top spot as the most popular shop that sells millions of knickers a year.

Nearby Topshop or New Look will sell their knickers in large numbers to there young consumer base.

That's not forgetting places including River Island or Next respectively.

Department stores take there cut of the knickers market with M&S, Debenhams and John Lewis all having a decent size lingerie department.

More so with Marks & Spencer who are famous for their comfortable knickers.

That would bring you to dedicated lingerie shops who tend to be more helpful in finding what you need, but are a little more expensive.

Primark for everyone

Primark takes the crown as the most popular knicker shop in the UK. The go-to-shop to buy all types of knicker styles from the large selection.

Amazingly, Primark don't sell their underwear online so its only in-store you can browse their collection - though it is possible to browse on their web site.

However, the lingerie department, usually located near the rear of the store; has all the knickers, bra's or undergarment you could possibly need.

Filled with bright colors with unheard of fabrics; the knickers available are sold as standalone or in packs.

Where they're bought separately expect to pay more, where naturally the three to five packs will save you a few quid.

M&S appeal to all ages

Well Marks & Spencer tend to attract the more mature crowd; M&S are famous in the UK for their comfortable knickers.

In-store, usually on the first floor the lingerie department is located.

The department is huge with the entire knickers selection spread over much of the floor, with colors and styles of knickers for all occasions hanging up in there own little section.

Within reach will be the knickers and bra's section; with knickers sold separately spread over.

Look carefully as their popular knickers need to be found; including practical thongs, boy shorts, hipsters and classic bikini's available.

Topshop for high street fashion

Depend on well known high street fashion shop Topshop to stock up on the latest trends in knickers or underwear for all your needs.

Well targeted towards the young crowd, the shop does well to attract a larger market for young, high end fashion.

In-store the lingerie department in most of their shops are not very big, but big enough to fill the racks with all the must-haves.

Take a glance at the racks for knickers and bra's sets in all styles; along with separate knickers you can buy hanging up close by.

If you want Topshop have an extended range online so you need to visit the store online as to get an idea of their offerings before visiting a store.

New Look if others are not nearby

Much like their competitor in Topshop on the high street; New Look have a small lingerie department in-store too.

Inside the women's clothing department located farther back you'll come across the knickers New Look have available for you.

Its a small setting with knickers you can pick and buy on there own, along with knickers that are sold with bra's.

The centre stage is where you'll see the knickers available along with a mannequin wearing usually the best selling knickers, or knickers with bra set.

You'll really need to visit the New Look online store to shop from a larger selection that is not available - or alteast there's no room for them all - on the high street.

La Senza are all about undies

If you're after knickers for a special occasion or need specialist advice before you buy, the dedicated lingerie shop is sure to have sales women there to help.

You will still be a larger selection online but the in-store availability is impressive; allowing you to pick out knickers off the display table or draws, or on the rack.

Hanging up will be knickers sold with bra's so don't forget there's value to be had there.

La Senza is a popular, committed lingerie shop that will make the experience of buying knickers in-store that much more exciting.

Take a look through the island of tables for knickers that are popular, all while glancing at the selection that will always be behind you.

Asda while you shop

Popular place in the UK to buy knickers is in fact at ASDA supermarket. Not popular with younger people, but they do well with there knicker selection all the same.

Its probably nothing to do with their knickers on offer being better than the high street or designer knickers available...

But more to do with convenience: if you're a mom doing a quick shop or picking up a few things, the knickers are just there.

So no need to head into town especially for underwear when the supermarkets make it so much easier.

Knickers that are sold as standalone undies are not a big selection, but all styles are available to buy with knickers and bra sets.


The most popular knicker shops in the UK are those that are dominate on the high street, with fashion chains taking the crown.

That is followed by specialist lingerie shops that tend to sell a wider range of knickers then in the small fashion shops.

Up next the department stores take much of the knickers market with often half a floor dedicated to underwear.

Then there's the supermarkets, and while there knickers are not really known to be anything special, its just convenient for the shopper to buy knickers as they're doing the weekly shop.

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