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Knickers vs Panties

Pitting knickers or panties against each other is no match, both serve the same purpose but only referred to differently wherever you're in the world.

Knickers is a broad word to describe women's underwear, so British slang for briefs, hipsters, cheekies or thongs - or anything you can think of. Likewise, panties is more known the world over but is still mostly used in the US or Canada only. So therefore there is no difference between knickers or panties.

In being interested pitting knickers vs panties, you might come to realise there is a difference between these very common used slang words to describe all kinds of women's underwear.

But in fact what you will come to know is there is indeed nothing that separates the two.

However what I can say is the terms are only used in their respected countries only, so knickers belong to Britain - while panties is a US slang word but know globally.

To say knickers, its a more gentler way of referring to all kinds of women's underwear, including sexy lingerie.

Referring to panties as just that, panties, on the otherhand seems to be going through a stage of women avoiding the term - all while preferring to say the more broad term, underwear.

Why that is unknown, but it can be because panties can sound to be grose or a too dirty.

In speaking in local dialect, such as using common phrases; knickers and panties can also be interchangeable, for example:

The popular expression don't get your knickers in a twist in Britain is simply don't get your panties in a twist, in the US.

British vs American slang

What it comes down to is slang words, so while knickers is commonly associated with the British, panties is always accepted as a US word.

However, these days the use of the word knickers is being used more in the USA, in a way that is joking, or in a fun way.

Knickers can also be a slang word to confuse Americans; they often mistake the term used in the old way - such as long underwear worn under clothing in the olden days.

Panties is never used in the UK, and while it might only be a term that is used to describe women's underwear in America and Canada only.

For the rest of the world, panties can be used in a serious decision or indeed if in a joking or playful way also.

Universally accepted panties

Whenever a person says or hears the word panty - singular - or panties - plural - they will always associate it being the American word for women's underwear.

In some ways its a universally accepted term to describe underwear but its still not a word spoken in most countries.

To hear panties in say Europe, the UK or Australia, it would be known as a word said in movies - which is how people come to know the meaning of panties.

Recently, its also seen to be a dirty word, as you hear people say panties; only for someone else to say: "don't say that word" - as if its a naughty word.

While most people know the word panties from movies or US TV shows, its not a word to describe underwear the world over.

Knickers used in commonwealth

In fact in the commonwealth the British slang word to describe all types of women's underwear is knickers.

If you're an American you will know the word as British slang only, though it is commonly used in places such as Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Basically where Britain once ruled the world where her roots are still firmly buried in the culture.

The word knickers doesn't flow so well as panties but it is a word also known the world over - be it in a throwaway term or in a serious conversation.

Setting foot in Britain, and likewise other countries mentioned; expect knickers to be used to describe all kinds of women's panties - all while its used in other British slang terms or expressions - such as don't get your knickers in a twist.

Broad terms used to describe underwear

To say the slang word knickers or panties in their respected countries, it is a broad term used to refer to women's underwear.

But while the words commonly refer to all types of underwear, its not uncommon to hear a type of underwear for what they are - such as cheekies, thongs, g-strings, etc.

Panties is used to describe any type of underwear worn to cover the female genitals, and so is knickers.

Being polite, rather than one calling out have you seen my thong or g-string; it would be better to say have you seen my underwear.

Likewise, its just as polite, yet more specific to say have you seen my panties, or knickers - as underwear can be a bra.

If saying panties it can be a dirty word to some Americans, while the term knickers is, and always has been a gentle way to refer to female underwear.

Not bra's, tights or lingerie, but only panties or knickers you slip on to cover the genitals.


To put it bluntly, the slang words knickers and panties actually mean the same thing, nothing more, nothing less.

Referring to panties would normally make you North American, or more specifically an American or Canadian.

You will be referring to your delicates or only the underwear to cover your genitals.

To call out knickers you'd probably be British, Irish, Australian or New Zealander, while also referring to women's underwear.

Panties is a universally accepted term to describe women's underwear as people know the word, the world over due to American made movies or TV shows.

Likewise, people more associate the word knickers as a British slang word for panties, and will use it jokingly if its not commonly spoken in that country.

There is no knickers vs panties, both are broad words to describe women's underwear in all styles.

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