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Models standing side by side wearing near identical brief style underwear

Midi briefs vs full briefs

Seamlessly common in every department, the midi brief and full brief are hard to tell apart, with only the fit around the waist being different.

Midi briefs vs full briefs will reveal that the panties have a lot in common; they are made in full coverage with cupping under the buttocks, hence why they can both be referred to as granny panties. While full briefs fit high up around the tummy; midi briefs sit a little lower, between a full brief and hipster panty.

Big, cozy, comfortable panties are what the midi brief and full brief are, which is if you don't know already - one or the other is what you wore growing up.

To distinguish the midi brief to the full brief will be to focus on how they are cut, rise wise.

What I mean is the full brief is much like a granny panty in that is fully covers the bottom, while riding high up around the waist.

Midi briefs, while designed to be full panties, they sit lower on the waist so don't look as ugly.

Unfortunately, midi and full briefs don't do well to avoid VPL, so don't expect to with either in a tight fitted outfit.

Midi briefs appear low cut

What I can say about midi briefs that will distinguish them over the much fuller full brief is that they are a lower cut fit.

Not so low as to be hipster briefs, but a little higher up; in-between the hipster and full brief around the waist.

Midi briefs can be cut to a regular fit but to be a true midi, it will appear to be low cut only.

Full briefs can be confused for granny panties in that the fit goes up and around the tummy - an appearance much to a diaper.

So while midi briefs fit low slung its near counterpart of the full brief continues up the waist.

Full briefs can very in styles

True midi briefs is a sort of one style fits all kind of thing, or else there wouldn't be much point in naming it specifically as a midi - though it can depend on the design.

Full briefs, while mistaken for granny panties, cannot be confused for briefs because in comparison - full briefs are enormous.

Both full briefs and midi briefs are full coverage panties, only its obvious they are far different in appearance by how much material covers the hips.

But with full briefs, while more a higher waisted panty, they can be high up around the belly button - or an inch or two below it.

In the midi and full brief both must fit comfortably to the skin as to avoid hanging material or rolling up.

Rear full coverage

Turn around in a midi brief or full brief and it would be hard to tell them apart. Only the full brief is seen with more material climbing up the lower back.

Rear coverage is the key to midi panties and so are the much fuller full brief.

And while they fit very much like the common hipster brief, the midi and full brief are not revealing or moderate at all.

The design requires complete coverage of the bottom as the material cups under the cheeks, thus revealing no buttocks at all.

Trouble is, these styles can both cause wedgies and bunching up, but are known to twist or roll.

Midi briefs more petite

If we were to compare the midi brief to the full brief head to head, some may refer to the midi over the full brief as the nicer design, which is more appealing.

Full briefs are massive, so big in fact you'd probably experience too much wiggle room.

However, the midi brief is far tinier, petite even so will allow for a better fit around the waist, hips and bottom.

Not to big and certainly not as petite as the bikini, or in many respects the boy short; midi briefs naturally fit well to the body.

I say petite but either way the full and midi brief are still big pairs of panties after all.

Briefs appeal to wider audience

Full briefs, while not the most appealing underwear to wear, especially for the younger adult audience - are more popular over midi briefs.

To wear a midi brief one would prefer the feeling of little material wrapping around the waist or tummy, where its not needed.

But where that might be a better fit for some, the full brief can offer a more supporting feeling - which is why they are worn frequently by the elderly.

Made popular not be chance, but moreso the full brief is what girls wear growing up - so at some point in life may decide to try other types of women's underwear. Be it the midi or more like the thong or cheeky.

Granny panty styles

When anyone talks about granny panties I can guarantee that is in reference to the midi or full brief, both classed as granny panties.

Why that is because the midi or moreso the full brief are widely used by the elderly as a safe pair of panties.

Midi briefs are worn less as they are smaller after all, but full briefs tend to be the type of panties that are chosen over a smaller hipster, bikini or midi.

That does not stop anyone referring to both the midi and full briefs as granny panties though - as the size can be a big size in either style.

I think a more accurate insult to the full brief would be diaper as they can be huge.

To summarize

When pitting the midi brief against the full brief, its safe to say the full brief is massive, as it fits way up and around the waist.

Midi briefs are similar in every way, only the fit stops mid way up, several inches lower than where a full brief sits.

Rear coverage is identical, the material fully covers the rear as it cups under the buttocks, supporting the cheeks with full fabric around the hips.

In many respects these styles of women's underwear can appear as if they are shorts.

Safe style of underwear they are, as both are commonly made in light, soft 100% cotton to appeal to their biggest audience... the elderly and children.

Full briefs are worn by more people whereas others cannot tell the difference between a midi brief vs full briefs.

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