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Most comfortable g-string

Choosing to wear g-strings over thongs can have issue of its own; but don't despair as we have figured out the most comfy women's g-strings you can wear.

To be the most comfortable g-string, they must be made with super soft material with a focus more on stretch on the strap or string that rides up the bum; with reliance on the front coverage that doesn't cause wedgies. Make it a wide soft rear-strap before venturing into only strings up the bum.

In an effort to help you identify the most comfortable g-string you can wear, we're in no way talking about full bodied thongs.

But more so the stringy g-strings you wear with a string as an elasticated waistband, and so too is the strap that rides up the bum as shoelace-like string.

We can't help feel that is not good enough as the string in the rear design tends to be restrictive when it comes to comfort.

So we've ventured into g-strings that have a more wider rear-strap that sits between the bum cheeks as we feel that is the only way the most comfortable thongs are designed.

Listed are up to seven g-string styles to consider; though it must be said we do have one or two classic g-strings there for you.

With a focus more on the rear strap that is more wider than a string; don't forget to consider fabric of the body, softness of material, stretch levels with a little cotton gusset to make it more comfy.

All thongs are practical for everyday use, but we have also a No VPL style g-string to avoid lines, along with skin tone options to help keep the g-string as discreet as possible to help blend in under clothing.

Wide or thin rear straps matter

When in the mind of wearing a g-string you will probably be thinking of a thong that is indeed made more in strings, rather than the full bodied fabric style.

In going for a g-sting that is comfortable to wear you have to think about the strap part that rides up the bum, more sp than anything else.

And here's why, thin straps are not for all women; whereas a wide strap is suited to the largest consumer base worldwide.

Example of a thin strap that enters the between the bum cheeks is this Contradiction by Pour Moi Strapped G-String sold on Figleaves.

Thongs with a full body of cotton or nylon usually follows that style up the bumalso ; so that would apply to the g-string.

As the elasticated waistband is made in what is essentially a shoelace; that thin, often an uncomfortable string design is inserted through the bum, so not a good experience.

So with all that in mind, you absolutely need to think about stretch.

Avoid NO stretch strings

Sticking point with wearing very stringy g-strings is the suitability in the rear strap. That's the string then fits between the bum cheeks.

The only way this string can be made comfortable is if the rear strap is made in stretch fabric, more so if its cotton or nylon.

Take this Victoria's Secret Stretch Cotton V-String though not technically a string, but more a wide-strap style; you can see up close the material is actually elasticated.

Its not a one stretch fit that will do it, you need to realise that stretch in material varies, so well it might seam fine [as pictured] it might not actually be.

One way to overcome this issue is visiting the lingerie shop or underwear department itself, so that you can feel the stretch in the g-string.

Stretch is not a guarantee for comfort, with other attributes taken into consideration.

Trouble with front wedgies

No need to rush out and buy the g-string you like most until you've figured out how comfortable the fit in the rear strap really is.

Once that's sorted its time to think about the possibility of wedgies; not so much in the rear as you'll have a string up the bum already, so we're talking more about front wedgies.

When its a high waisted g-string the odd of wedgies incurring increase; that is due to the front panel that covers the vagina is narrower.

Example of that is this Cosabella Soire Confidence G-String which is high waisted, so as you can see the front section tends to be a much thinner.

If you decide to go for a high waisted g-string, which you probably will as they're the style that is popular, then try to make it one that has a wide front panel.

Classic little black g-string

Every women who wears g-strings or thongs for that matter should have a little black g-string in her underwear drawer.

The occasion might arise where you'll be wearing a little black cocktail dress or fitted pant suit where the style calls for it.

Little black g-strings serve to help you avoid VPL due to the lack of fabric under clothing, and where the black color will stay more discreet.

Take the black g-string out of this three-pack Pretty Little Thing Multi Rib 3-Pack thongs, it goes without saying the little black g-string would make it hard to see underwear lines.

Well not necessary a classic little black g-string; it could also apply to the g-string style that has a little v-shape fabric that points into the bum crack - you know the design.

You'll also notice the g-string pictured is high waisted but with more front coverage.

Wide-strap g-string style

That's it, when a women prefers g-strings over thongs or atleast cheeky underwear with more material she feels is restricting, there's no turning back.

However, if you wish to wear a comfortable g-string that is a mix between a thong and a g-string, then why not give it a go.

Take for example this Cosabella Never Say Never G-String that is indeed a g-string, but the waistband and strap that rides up the bum is made in a wider material.

So where there would be normal strings, instead it has a width of one centimetre or so fabric that will sit on the body more comfortable.

More so as its fits up the bum the strap will allow to roll or bunch up as to make it as comfortable as possible.

G-strings are mostly about the fit in the rear, so you need to think about lace straps that ride up with the various thickness that is suited by some women, but not others.

Lace g-strings can be comfortable too

Not much value in a regular g-string if its lace as the design tends to be uncomfortable due to lack of stretch in the lace or fabric that substitutes as lace.

So what you can do is find something in the middle; like this Hanky Panky Signature Lace G-String where it appears to be a thong, but is actually a g-string.

For sure there's little in way of difference between a thong or g-string; but it will satisfy those of you who need as less coverage as possible

If you're not familiar with Hanky Panky they make the most comfortable thongs in the world, so therefore they do well on their g-string design too.

They have the appearance of a g-string in the super soft, stretch nylon fabric in the waistband, and so the strap up the bum sits soft and comfortable on the skin.

Comfortable No VPL g-string

Finally, what we have for you is taking into consideration your need to wear g-strings not just for comfort reasons, but practical needs.

So with that in mind you need to think about wearing a g-string designed to be as discreet as possible - so therefore is a no show or a No VPL g-string for avoiding lines.

Once again you can rely on this Hanky Panky Bare G-String that is so small with little fabric as possible, the edging is reduced or unlikely to be seen at all.

The sections that cover the front and v-shape in the rear is made in comfortable nylon, with the seams in spandex with a cotton gusset to keep things sweet.

The fit will allow for no digging in of the string waistband all while the skin tone Bare g-string will help blend into you skin color - with dark tone underwear for women of color.

To sum it up

The most comfortable g-strings you can wear are those that are made in super soft, stretch fabric in cotton, nylon or spandex.

Where you might go wrong is the strap that rides up the bum; so make it soft will as much stretch as you can handle.

Lack of stretch here will result in the g-string being felt every time you sit or bend.

So to make it comfortable you have to make use of a wider strap up you bum; now not all of you will agree as its a string you find more comfortable.

But give it a chance as the wide straps can be incredibly comfortable.

Once the issue with the rear strap is sorted, make it so the front panel that covers the vagina is a wide as possible, so there's little chance of front wedgies.

High waisted g-strings are prone to this so consider a low waisted g-string as the front panel tends to be a wider fit, so therefore sits more comfortably.

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