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Variety of women's thongs pile on one another

Most comfortable thong underwear

There's no one thong that can be classed as the most comfy; though there is a range of thongs that do follow the rule of comfort.

Most comfortable thongs are those that are made in soft cotton with stretch, with more material than those with less. Wide waistband replaces the traditional elasticated band with the width preventing digging in or twisting. Thong straps in the rear are wider, while they are designed to naturally prevent panty lines.

In an effort to recommend what we consider to be most comfortable thongs you can buy; it all boils down to Hanky Panky thongs offering the best underwear in terms of comfort.

Well you may disagree if you've tried them previously; giving them another try may help you change your mind as a size up or down may be required.

That doesn't matter with Hanky Panky as its a one size fits all thong range.

The way quality, high end thongs are made is done to always avoid VPL; as you'll agree this is probably the reason for wearing thongs.

So there's no seams to cause issues or irritation around the bum or through the cheeks.

Comfy thongs rely on stretch soft cotton even though they appear to be scratchy lace.

Well its fair to say this type of thong may not be for everyone; its the only style that will help you overcome the discomfort issue.

You get what you pay for with quality thongs, with comfort being a big one, closely followed with panty lines finally being eradicated in most tight fitted bottoms.

Most comfortable thong brand

While Hanky Panky are known for their range of thong underwear in a more lace material, this is part of why their thongs are among, or probably the best in the world.

And while their thongs are extremely expensive; Hanky Panky thongs are worth it in terms of price, due to the quality.

Reasons why is outlined below, but unlike regular thongs or those from similar brands; Hanky Panky are a one size fits all - along with no VPL in soft stretch cotton.

The way stretch lace thongs are designed, is mostly to do with why they're so comfortable, in addition to the wide stretch lace waistband that is not accustom to curling or rolling up.

The rear strap that goes up the bottom is wide; full of material that runs between the buttocks, but not so much as it still protrudes out.

So there you have it, Hanky Panky are the world's most comfortable type of thong; that includes their Original Rise, Low Rise and High Rise thong collection.

Soft stretch cotton thongs

In your pursuit to find the best thong underwear you could possibly wear; make it so the material is soft cotton with more stretch than you could possibly need.

Stretch cotton in thongs in more important in thong underwear than any of underwear.

Reasons for this is the strap that runs up in between your bum; well it must be soft its only the stretch that allows it to be comfy.

Without the stretch it will feel like a wedgy, or worse; as if someone is deliberately pulling up your underwear every time you sit or bend over.

All thongs, well most of them anyway, will sit naturally around your waist, whether you're sitting or moving around - hence the reason for thongs showing above the waist line.

So if the thong doesn't drop down on the waist like conventional, regular full brief underwear does; then the strap up your bottom will be painful.

To counter that, the soft cotton stretch will widen as you move, which will result in you never feeling the strap material that is positioned up your rear.

Less exotic material

While you should absolutely go for stretch cotton thongs to make sure you end up with the most comfortable style, make it so there's less material you're not familiar with.

We don't include the soft, lace cotton that Hanky Panky thongs are made in; that is an exception and should be strongly considered.

As most thongs are made in cotton, its the seams that are made in material you may not heard of before - or atleast don't know of its comfort level.

And if it is indeed comfortable, you then don't know if it will make you sweat.

Problem with this is, exotic materials well soft; could result in the seams feeling as if they are moving or digging into the skin.

Though we are certain 100% of gussets are made in soft cotton.

Take Victoria's Secret, much of their thong range is made in polyamide with elastane.

Now we're not saying this isn't a common material for underwear to be made in because it is; it just means they're likely to be made in other material too.

That can only lead to discomfort around the seams,e leg holes or elasticated band.

Seamless thongs contribute towards comfort

Where there is seams causing mischief, there's sure to be hassle from the irritation they can bring.

The trouble with thongs is the discomfort happens in the rear strap first; while coming a close second, the seams can be a pain in the you know what.

Unlike the strap that fits up your bum, the seams of all types of thongs can be removed, which also benefits you more as they're removed from running up inside your bum.

If you're interested in seamless thongs, then this usually comes with the No VPL thong styles, which are popular option among young or older women.

So where there's no VPL there is going to be nude or flesh tone thongs.

All that adds up to a thong that would hopefully be made from soft to touch cotton, with lots of stretch as previously mentioned with no awkward seams.

Seams can shape the thong underwear where it should be positioned; with specialist no show or seamless thongs they're designed to overcome this issue.

Material protrudes out of butt

One way you can guarantee, or atleast buy a thong that will offer more comfort and support in the rear strap is by making sure its now a thin and narrow strip.

That's hard to know until you've tried on the thong at home and checked it yourself, though there's one way to know.

That is by making sure the strap that goes up the bum is wide - say 1 inch - so it allows the material to go in, well also sitting outside the crack.

It must be soft, it must have stretch or else it won't make a difference as it would be a very uncomfortable sensation.

As the strap sits out of the bum its not in a way where it is visible.

It becomes visible as you lean or bend over, so it helps with added comfort as you sit.

So that brings us onto the wider or thin strap preference, which is a mix bag for women who wear thongs.

Wider or thinner rear strip preference

For most women the thong is a larger underwear with more material so its that style which is the best option in regards to comfort.

That is in contrast with the - though be it a worse reputation - the g-string being more or less comfortable.

And it must be said, depending on the style, for sure g-strings can be comfortable as much or far more than many thongs that will often have to much material, too little stretch.

Thongs with a wider strap in the rear tend to bunch up in way that while there is more material, it can be extremely comfortable

However, thongs can have a narrower rear strap that is only half an inch or so; but could be even more comfortable because there's less material.

Whether you go for the wide or thin rear strap; that is absolutely a personal preference with only your opinion that matters.

Though it has to be said thong brands that are promoted as the best, tend to be those that are thongs with a lot of material, and a wide rear strap as oppose to the thin option.

Thick waistband prevents curling

It goes without saying the waistband on your thong must be elasticated if you're going to stand a chance of it being comfy.

So it should be and won't be available without the all important stretch.

However, the most comfortable thong styles will all have a wide waistband, but less so in the traditional sense.

And that's with the material of the thong that is stitched around an elastic band, kept secure, but never intended to be seen.

Quality thongs remove the need of the elasticated waistband to only replace it with there unique, often trademark thick waistband that is stretchy, rather than elasticated.

Benefits to this are the thick waistband will prevent digging in while creating ripples or bumps on the skin around the waist.

That will therefore keep the thong invisible under clothing well avoiding unsightly lumps and bumps as you try for a nice, clean look on the bum.

Known thong brands to offer this design is the reliable Hanky Panky thongs, well Victoria's Secrets do have a number of thongs with this waistband style.

Thong gusset width matters

Well we've talked a hell of a lot about the thong strap that goes up the bum as the thorn in the backside - its quite possible the gusset, or front will cause issues.

Gusset width on the thong is important for maintaining comfort as its designed to cover the whole area without risk of shell we say... spillage, eww we know.

As the thong moves around as you go about your day, its quite possible, and probably happened to you, a front wedgy will occur.

To avoid this in full brief underwear is easy as the design allows for the material to stay stretched out wide and away from entering the front bum.

Thongs on the otherhand tend to have a narrower front panel due to the way they sit higher up on the hips.

Not a problem with comfortable thongs as they will not have this issue to begin with.

Wider the thong gusset will also help you secure a thong panty liner while wearing thongs on your period, so another point won over the narrow strap fan club.

Hanky Panky or Victoria's Secret thongs will have a wide front panel that won't cause you any issues, with plenty of stretch to make sure they're as comfy in the front as they are in the rear end.

Gusset width on the thong is maintained up to the point it enters the bum near to the anus; all while it will keep what must be kept covered... covered.

Thongs with full brief appearance

Well thongs we've previously mentioned do not have the appearance in the traditional sense, they can still appear to be full brief underwear in the front.

And why is this important if its thong underwear you're wearing anyway...

To put it simply, if thongs appear to look like a briefs, the thong has a good distribution of material all around, which goes towards making them comfortable.

Thongs can be high waisted, low waisted, thin on the waistband or even stringy without being a g-string.

Those are all signs that lead to a thong that can cause issues all over.

So if it appears to be a full bikini brief for example; then coverage is too a maximum in the front and waist.

Hanky Panky thongs don't follow this line so much, nor do Victoria's Secrets or similar brands, but it is a way to tell if its a comfortable one, or a thong to avoid.


The most comfortable thong underwear we've previously mentioned were all strong contenders in 2018 and throughout 2019.

So expect this small group of what is the most comfy thongs to continue through 2020.

When choosing a comfy thong, material, stretch and width in the waistband will lead you to a small number of thongs that fit the bill.

If in doubt rely on Hanky Panky thongs for comfort well they do an amazing job to rid themselves of visible panty lines.

Waistbands on comfy thongs will be up to 2 to 3 inches wide with lots of stretch; replacing the thin elastic that would otherwise dig into the skin.

There will be no trouble with front wedgies as the material offers full coverage.

The strap that runs up between the buttocks can be a problem; though that problem is solved with quality thongs as the strap is soft, made in cotton with a little width.

Comfort between the bum cheeks doesn't rely on the thinner or less of the material, the better. It may seem like that, but its not actually true.

The material must be thin in the sense of being light with scrunching to allow it to fold up in your bum.

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