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Most popular women's underwear styles

Most popular women's panties are those that are full coverage in teens, before getting a little more skimpier as they mature.

Most popular style of women's underwear are those of bikini, midi or hipster briefs. In there teen years girls will slowly transition to something more skimpier, so the wearing of thongs or g-strings raise in popularity. Its only later the kind that shows bum is wore more often over the full coverage styles.

Its not just the underwear style or shape that is picked up by women this day and age, but its what other attributes it has.

In that respect we're talking about if the underwear style is seamless, high or low cut, made in cotton; and less importantly is it a tummy control panty.

The most popular women's underwear are full coverage underwear, guaranteed. Its only when women reached there teens they transition to underwear with less coverage.

So in that respect, its thongs, g-strings and cheeky underwear that are popular among the twenty to thirty age group.

Not all women mind you, others prefer more coverage in the front and certainly the rear.

Continue to read on as we outline what aspects of underwear is a must and not a fashion statement between women, as we then go on to name out top 10 most popular panties.

Popularity of seamless in all styles

Regardless of underwear styles its the rise in the popularity of seamless underwear that is taking all the headlines at the moment.

While seamless panties are not a sure thing in terms of removing all hints of lines; a edging can still be seen.

Seamless underwear, or if your like no show or No VPL underwear simply means the seams have been removed.

That results in the underwear of your liking still fitting the way it should, only there's no fancy or frilly, lacy seams.

Result is the possibility of VPL well not getting rid of all together, but the seamless kind as helped reduce the panty lines a little bit.

High cut undies are rising

After seamless underwear there is the high cut underwear styles. Though it must be said, women who wear high rise will not necessary go for seamless too.

Saying that, it is possible to get seamless or No VPL high rise thongs or panties which just happen to be the best type of underwear to wear with high waisted pants or skirts.

Not only do you get the reduction in possible VPL; the high rise shape will pull the panty shape up to the waist, inline with your pants or skirts.

Why women like that and would pick high rise panties over the low rise kind is in the hope of farther reducing the sight of the there underwear being visible.

That's not so much to do with VPL, but making use of high rise panties prevents the shape of the underwear showing up on your bum when high waisted clothing is worn.

Cotton with stretch

So you got your seamless underwear on that happen to be made in a high rise fit; that's tied with making it the high cut kind.

So what else can you do to make it the best underwear you can wear.

Popularity of panties made in cotton is still the priority of women around the world. There is no beating the comfort of panties made in cotton.

Not any cotton though as the finish article can have a positive or negative effect.

What women prefer is stretch cotton panties that are made with a material that expand more than they need as its the only way for panties to fit correctly.

Certain underwear cannot be worn without stretch cotton - such as thongs - as it relies on material being up the butt, so the stretch cotton helps there.

Go one better by making it soft cotton to fit comfortably on the skin, in the rear end and around the vagina where comfort is a priority.

Tummy control underwear

Know that whatever your favorite underwear you can always turn to the tummy control version, as available in popular styles.

Whether its a thong or bikini underwear the fit is typical of how it should fit, with one recognisable feature.

That is the extra length that fits up much higher then high rise panties; pass the belly to where is rests under the chest, just below the breasts.

Depending on your needs, there's no one size fits all as tummy control style are for individual needs.

Options available are a little tummy control or the high waisted tummy control panties that just pass the bully button.

Whereas if its more of the body you want to get under control, the larger, much higher tummy control panties will be used - though be it a little more expensive.

Top 10 women's underwear styles

Now you know what to look out for a popular styles of women's underwear, let's take the lowdown on panties most worn be women.

Bikini style still a winner

Classic bikini underwear

There's no getting away with it, bikini style panties of our youth are the most popular underwear to wear as we become women.

Bikini style underwear is a reliable panty that has all the coverage you could possible need.

And while they're prone to wedgies with all sorts of misshaping and bunching up, this hasn't stopped the style being the most popular women's underwear.

Where you lose out with wedgies or bunching, its that all important coverage that is familiar to us all.

Its a style that is not too granny panty as to make you feel uncomfortable; but big enough to give you the support you need.

Hipster briefs

Hipster briefs

No telling the difference between a bikini, midi or hipster briefs; but with hipster style briefs the shape can be recognized.

That is not to say the design represents the hipster brief how to should look, but as a whole the design is familiar.

Hipster briefs supply the wearer the full coverage support they need, in a much lower rise.

People like that hipster underwear can appear small, but it has much larger sides; which helps towards preventing wedgies.

Smaller underwear to midi briefs but in a much more petite finish, therefore is only just more popular than midi panties, which is coming up next.

Alternatively, midi panties

Midi panties

Most people won't be able to tell the difference between hipsters vs midi underwear, so will pick one style over the next without thinking twice.

But in case you don't know midi underwear are very, very similar to hipster underwear; its only the full hips and higher waist that makes it standout.

Women have adored midi style underwear for a long time, no thanks to the extra support in the legs and around the tummy.

You might know midi as full coverage underwear but its usually classed as granny panties to the younger generation.

And while girls will grow out of this style early on, its still a pair to be worn for security.

Boy shorts are a step up

Boy shorts

Step up from the full coverage of hipster and midi underwear is that of the more trendy boy short underwear.

Boy shorts can mean lots of styles, depending on the brand. But what we're referring to are those that appear to be hipsters, but have a modern twist.

That twist in the appearance of boy's underwear with often a y-shape in the front.

Boy shorts are popular among the group of full coverage underwear styles we talked about, but appear to young girls as they're far from being granny panties.

However, well you will get full coverage from boy shorts, its probable that the higher up kind can appear a bit cheeky, which young adults don't mind at all.

Thongs to eliminate VPL

Thong style

Next up from the wearing of boy shorts will be the always reliable, appear to be uncomfy yet very comfortable thong underwear for avoiding VPL.

There's a time in a girls life where panty lines will become an issue; so from as early as 13 years, girls will begin to wear thongs.

Women switching between thongs and full coverage underwear is a normal thing, though its vital for most women to always have that thong handy for avoiding VPL.

Most women's underwear styles in full coverage are prone to VPL, so there comes a time when a thong - or a g-string - is needed badly.

Fashion conscience women will need a thong for wearing with yoga pants or leggings; and so do come in useful with tight fitted jeans, dresses and skirts.

After thongs, there's g-strings

G-string style

Once a girl as adapted to the wearing of things, she will want to try different styles to find the one that best matches the outfit.

At some point, partially when she becomes a women she will make the switch to both thongs and g-strings.

Women who wear g-strings exclusively do so because they find the stringy kind more comfortable, so will ditch fuller bodies thongs over string g-strings.

G-strings are as popular as thongs but it is the thong that is worn more often.

When wearing g-strings the small string will benefit for keeping those panty lines more discreet, yet the string up the bum is preferred over more material riding up it.

Cheekies if thongs are a no no

Cheeky underwear

Compromise over the thong vs. g-string issue is the wearing of cheekies which women will choose if they need more coverage than thongs.

Cheekies are popular among the teenage crowd well worn into there twenties.

Comfort or other issues with cheekies is dependent on the brand, discomfort is a problem as it can feel like a wedgy, even though it technically is.

Cheekies will be worn under yoga pants or leggings but despite the increase of VPL showing, this doesn't tend to discourage avid cheeky wearers.

A style worn more than you think, but seen less as its common for women to regularly switch between other styles before coming back to cheekies much later.

Brazilian for cheeky coverage

Brazilian knickers

Quite popular these days are the Brazilian style panties that appear to be cheekies, only the fit in the rear can be mistaken for bikini underwear, but with a wedgy.

Popularity of Brazilian is at its highest in 2019 well heading toward 2020; however, the interest in Brazilian style underwear soon fades.

That is due to the style not being as comfortable as they were made out to be.

Brazilian style panties fit in many different ways but could appear to be more a thong or cheeky with anything in between.

However, the band that rides up the bum does not get any thinner so therefore; a load of material bunches up the butt where it doesn't belong.

On top of that Brazilian knickers do create awful, unavoidable underwear lines.

Granny panties

Granny panties

Least popular underwear among the young is that of the granny panties.

Not so popular with women in there twenties or thirties either; though that is not true as women get older.

So well we've knowledged one of bikini, midi or hipster underwear can all be called granny panties, they are still popular regardless.

What makes a granny panties a style that is regarded as unsightly is the size and shape of it overall - which usually means more material than is needed.

All that extra material in the sides or bum only adds up to wedgies or bunching; there's also an increase chance of unavoidable VPL or the granny panty outline showing up.

Tanga, not to be confused with thongs

Tanga underwear

The very least popular women's underwear style we can think of is that of the tanga, not to be confused with a thong or g-string.

So what is a tanga? Well it can be one of a bikini or full coverage panties in the front and rear, yet with a difference.

There's no material making up the panties on the sides so its connected with what would be a small elasticated band or just a string.

Not many women wear this style of underwear these days unless it is a thong or g-string tanga design.

Decline in the wearing of tanga style panties is usually to do with it not being made available in-store any more.

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