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Young girl reacting to skimpy black thong she's holding

My daughter wants a thong

So one day your daughter asks you for a thong; as the mother you're deciding to grant her permission to wear them, but the problem being is you think she's too young.

If your daughter wants to wear thongs, its likely she wants to with genuine concerns. Thongs are popular among that age group, well most women wear thongs to avoid VPL. So now its up to you as the mother to understand her VPL issues, with possible bullying and peer pressure in school.

Girls start wanting to wear thongs at the age of 12 years through 13 years and up, so its likely your daughter is among this age group.

As the mother you're concerned if a girl of such a young age should be wearing thongs, which is made worse being your own daughter.

You should know all girls at this age go through the thong dilemma at this stage.

Well some girls will avoid the issue with there moms all together well wearing thongs anyway, they will end up sneaking thongs behind your back well washing them in the sink.

The reason your daughter as come to you to ask to start wearing thongs must be proof to you that there's nothing suspicious or sex related going on.

All girls who wish to wear thongs at this age do so because of one single reason; to avoid VPL in there leggings or yoga pants.

Daughter all have friends or sisters - including you - who wear thongs, so asking for a different type of underwear might all it be.

Take her concerns strongly into consideration as she wants to avoid peer pressure now, or when it happens later on in school.

The only concern you and her should have when it happens is how she going to wear a thong well on her period, because she might need to start wearing tampons, yikes...

To help you decide, these are all the genuine reasons why your daughter might want to start wearing thongs.

Fashion must-have

Make no mistake, reasons for wearing a thong can be put down to keeping up with trends, and well thongs are not promoted as they used too be..

Thongs are still trendy in 2019, and will be for the foreseeable future.

Wearing of thongs in this day and age has nothing to do with being sexy or to show it off, circa 2001 to 2003 - but only for fashion reasons.

If the girls in school or gym see big old panties or knickers, they gossip or be cruel whilst pointing it out.

When your daughter wears thongs which will be seen well changing for gym or P.E., there's nothing can be said as a majority of girls will be wearing thongs too.

Thongs are a fashion must-have as modern fashion calls for thong underwear.

Clothes are more fitting, more tighter and form to the body more than ever; so one way or another, a thong is the only undergarment to rid the dreaded VPL.

Avoiding VPL

Talking of VPL, imagine being a 13 year old girl in school with her favorite yoga pants or leggings on, walking around the corridor with her underwear lines showing.

Not only will they be seen by every boy or girl in school, the panty lines will draw attention to the bum when they wouldn't normally if there wasn't anything to see.

So therefore, wearing a thong to avoid VPL is a very good reason why your daughter wants to wear thongs - too avoid the unsightly, and well documented visible panty line.

Panty lines at 13 year old - younger or a few year older - well your in school is the most dreaded thing a girl can experience.

Girls may not realise about underwear lines until the other girls in the year start talking about it, before pointing out other girls knicker lines.

If your daughter is going through this trouble at school; all can be solved by giving into pressure by allow seamless, no show thongs to avoid lines.

You may be saying seamless knickers are all she needs... no she does not.

Honestly, seamless or no show knickers or panties don't work alone, it must be a more discreet seamless no show thong or g-string for the lines to vanish completely.

Sports or yoga pants

Teenage girls will start to wear leggings and yoga pants quite regularly; so here comes the trouble with visible panty lines again.

In all honesty, the wearing of yoga pants should be worn with thongs as to avoid VPL.

And that's not all, the thong or g-string should be seamless, well this time thongs should be skin tone or flesh color to avoid the possibility of thongs being seen through material.

So once girls have overcome the issue of VPL in every day yoga pants and the more see-through black leggings - sportswear is another issue and a reason to wear thongs.

In sports such as indoor volleyball, those little tight Lycra shorts fit tight against the bum, with no other choice than to wear a thong.

Similarly, in gymnastics, older girls prefer a second layer under the leotard to avoid spillage of - well you know what - and extra protection for when they are on there period.


You daughter could come home from school or out shopping one day and suggest to you she needs thongs, reasoning behind this is a simple recommendation from friends.

Recommendations or shell we say word-to-mouth; are an important referral, and usually taken seriously when suggested by close friends or family.

Reason is the person who recommends a thong is usually a thong wearer herself; so therefore will tell your daughter all they need to know.

Its hard to not take the reasoning behind a thong seriously as its genuinely real.

So when she comes home and says she want to start wearing thongs, the following worlds might be:

  • Thongs help avoid visible panty lines through my leggings or yoga pants
  • Thongs are really comfortable
  • Thongs don't bunch up or give wedgies
  • Thongs are worn by all my friends

So if your daughter wants to wear a thong - usually from 12 years and up - then this is completely normal as they take a recommendation from best friends seriously.

Peer pressure

As its happens, your daughter might not want to wear thongs or g-strings at all, with it once never crossing her mind she will need to wear them.

In fact, not long ago she might of had strong words to say against the wearing of them.

Such as they look like a wedgy or cheesewire; why do girls wear them; or what is the point of thongs.

All genuine questions but she would never of thought about wearing them herself until that one fetal day looms... peer pressure.

That's right, attending school one day and so it begins; girls are talking about thongs, who is wearing thongs, and sometimes the showing of thongs over pants or trousers.

Then its on your daughter to wear a thong to prevent potential bullying later or; to keep wearing big panties or knickers well putting off wearing thongs all together.

Buy one day that time will come as she comes to you to ask for thongs.

Well must mothers instinct would be to say no, you need to listen to her with her genuine concerns and the possibility of bullies giving her a bad time.

You can still say no because of peer pressure, but allowing her to wear thongs will soon stop all this, well her thong should stay discreetly under her pants, trousers or skirt.

No reason, only want to try a different style

If your daughter comes home one day and ask if she can wear thongs, well no excuse or reasoning may follow, other than she wants to try a different type of knickers.

Up until know, its probable she is a long standing, full coverage kind of brief girl with no possibility or interest in wearing something up her rear.

Well that often changes once they reach there teen years as the need to wear fashionable knickers soon catches up.

They no about thongs through friends, other girls wearing them, talking about them or widely seen them in shops.

So over the years she has become accustom to thongs without trying them herself.

Now in her early teens she feels the need to try thongs and perhaps the other cheeky kind of underwear.


If one day your daughter asks or starts hinting for a thong, then the reasoning behind this will likely be completely innocent.

No other reason than reaching her teens with the need to try popular thongs or similar cheeky underwear.

Wanting to try thongs over her full coverage underwear she's worn since she was a toddlers is a big step, and often a shocker for any mother or both parents.

But it happens to so many moms once there daughter as reached her teenage years.

Now they're concerned about fashion and what other people think of them; so a thong will help them fit in with no peer pressure and the bonus of avoiding VPL.

Panty lines is a big reason to wear thongs among young girls, and one she might give as a reason to wear thongs.

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