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Mom watching over young daughter trying on bra over clothes

My mom wont let me wear a bra

If your mom won't let you wear a bra, it could be for the very reason you're not developed in way at all, and if you do have boobs then you need to change her mind.

You've asked your mom for a bra and she said no; though it could be that you have no boobs to fill a bra. If you do have boobs, then its time to persuade mom to permit you to wear a bra. Reasoning might not work, but in due course she will allow it as you develop.

Assuming you've asked mom for a bra and she said know, it might not be the end of it as there's things to say and do that may change her mind.

You don't want to get in trouble by repeating yourself to her in regards to wearing a bra, and if she is indeed strict, leave it alone for the time being.

If your mom is not one to be nasty over you asking for things, then its time to change her mind being bringing it up once in a while.

To do that you'll begin with genuine reasons why you need a bra; namely you have boobs so therefore absolutely require a bra to protect your dignity.

At this point you might not get so much as a rethink from her; so time to bend the truth a little bit in scare stories, or stories that could be made up to change her mind.

That might not work right away but it will sure make her think twice; because its a lie and not actually happened to you, the stories we've outlined could happen to anyone.

While taking in our advice, please be aware we're only advising girls who do have boobs that need a bra - so if you haven't developed yet, then come back in a year or two.

Reasons to tell her why you need a bra

When asking your mom for a bra its important that you're sincere in your reasons for wearing a bra, and if do indeed have boobs developing fast, that is a good reason.

While we don't encourage you to be conceiving towards you own mother; it won't hurt if you were to perhaps open up her mind a little.

To do that you need to feed her, well untrue, scare stories that may apply to you really; stories that will make her relies her baby does need a bra after all.

So that's where making up a made up story comes into play; and well they're not true, the reasons apply to you even if you don't relies it yet.

Once you've next got your mom to yourself, relay these reasons to her in a way that is natural, yet doesn't knows she's being manipulated by her daughter.

Go with one story or the other, it would be obvious if you go through each reason one after another, she will know you're making it up.

Girls are picking on you

Bullying is a serious thing and shouldn't be taken likely, so for this reason you should absolutely never point the finger at an individual or perhaps random girl you hate.

Once words out she's bullying you things will quickly escalate in terms of legal proceedings by the school and your parents.

So in that case you need to not only say its a girl you don't know you see much, but its more than one girl inside of school and out.

You could calm proceeding if the conversion gets to heated by saying its only now and again, as it could be certain tops I wear that shows up my boobs more.

Boys are staring

The horror to think boys of all ages are looking at there bay girls boobs in school or out in public would scare any mother or father who care.

In the moment your mom might simply go with you should not be wearing tight fitted tops or shirts; instead forcing you to accept her reasoning... and its a fair one if it were true.

However, as you probably know its not always possible to wear looser fitting tops as you'll get picked on wearing bagging tops that don't belong on you.

So be sure to answer back by saying you would look silly wearing baggy tops.

One other thing you could reply with is - and only you can know this - is certain outfits worn which are out of your hands showing up your boobs.

Perhaps a fitted top in gym or P.E., or athletics wear if you do sports in or after school.

Topless well changing

OK so you won't be topless as you change for gym or P.E. in school but you won't be wearing a bra, so perhaps you'll only have a tank top to cover your boobs.

Its here that the words topless could scare you mom into giving into you wearing a bra.

You see the mere mention of her teenage daughter going topless is enough to scare anybody, more so your own mother.

Trouble is your mom with quickly relies you don't go without something under your school shirt or day to day clothing, so she will simply debunk that.

So well you've still got the jump on her, quickly follow up before she has a chance of saying anything at all, by saying...

OK I am not topless in that way but it feels like as if I'm the only one getting changed who is not wearing a bra.

Nipples show through top

What will show up through all types of clothing is the guarantee of nipples if not protected by a bra, though a padded bra would be needed more in this case.

Never mention the need to wear a padded bra to your mom as she'll now feel as if you're into wearing a bra to make your boobs bigger to show off, so you don't want that thought in her head.

So here's what you say; mom I've noticed by nipples are poking through my top and I can't stop it, what can I do.

Your mom might be stumped here as the obvious solution is basically a bra; but as she won't let you wear a bra, she's simply ain't going to say wear a bra then.

It would be nice if she does but she's thinking of something else, which brings us back to her suggesting wearing a zip through top or a thicker sweater if the climate courses for it.

Reply that you've tried all that and it doesn't work, that's why you've come to her.

Now you could say a bra would stop my nipples showing, and its hard to stop them showing through every time it rains.

She's afraid you're growing up

As it happens it could be a simple case of your mom being afraid that her little girl is growing up, and if you're still very young, she'll believe you're trying to grow up to fast.

If you've reached your teenage years, this would be a time to wear an age appropriate bra, but less so if you were say a pre-teen.

Its completely normal for girls to start wearing bra at this age as the growth spurt happens quickly so needs dealing with now rather that later.

But moms don't want to know or face the needs of a bra as it scares them.

Its up to you to understand this reasoning behind your mom saying no to bra's as its a genuine concern.

Instead, think like her well reassuring her at all times if your boobs were protected by wearing a bra, no one will know you're wearing a bra.

Most of your friends should be wearing bras; so its worth mentioning your friends wear bras so it won't make a difference when you start wearing them.

No boobs, no reason to wear bra

One thing we can't help you with is if you don't have boobs to fill a bra; then we agree with your mum, you don't need a bra.

If you're yet to start developing a single bump, then there's no helping you now.

Instead, wait until you start developing boobs before taking in our advice. Your mom is right that you're not ready for a bra.

Saying that, you'll need a bra if your buds are developing as they appear to be pointed which stands out a mile.

Its very important to protect developing boobs, even if you're a late bloomer.

There's pain or discomfort in the process and well bras won't help with that; the extra layer can help you feel protected with a little security.

You're not going to change your moms mind with no boobs; though growing boobs do need covering up, and so do buds.

Concerned what others think

Could it be your mom is so concerned what others think that she's stopping you wearing a bra for that reason alone.

What we're saying is she could be thinking of herself rather than the needs of her own daughter, and we don't mean that in a nasty way.

Its absolutely normal for mothers to be concerned what there own friends would say knowing they're letting there daughter wear bras

Though its not fair on you, there's really not much you can do at this time as you'll never know this is the reason or not.

You might know if she keeps bringing up what will she say... what will they say... sort of thing, so then you can rely who cares what they think, its my body.

Rise to your moms level at this point by mentioning she probably wore a bra at your age for the very reason why you need a bra now.

Do not wear a bra discreetly

So you've tried all excuses and reasoning with your mom but she still won't give in, so what do you do next.

Easy, girls will usually go out with friends and buy a bra behind there mothers back.

Forget about it, its not like wearing a secret pair of women's skimpy panties on the quite; bras will show up under clothing, guaranteed.

If you do keep it discreet for a short while its only a matter of time before the bra strap is seen on your shoulder.

We can't say it enough, there's no going behind your moms back while wearing a bra without her permission - its just won't last.

When she finds out she'll be more disappointed in you, so therefore more determined to not allow you to wear a bra.

So as she's not going to change her mind any time soon, and you've tried to wear a bra without her knowing about it... you could play the waiting game until she changes her mind, and she'll have to as your boobs grow.

Give her time to change her mind

It is possible you could annoy your mom into allowing you wear a bra so much, she just might give in and permit you to wear them.

Well that's unlikely for sure, so you have no other choice then to just wait.

Time will past before this happens as you've spent the last few months having the same bra conversions which might of lead to constant arguing.

Though it might of worked in your favor as she now knows you need a bra; so she just needs time to adjust to her baby growing up.

It could be weeks or months more, but sooner or later the need to wear a bra becomes more urgent as they're developed more now then when you first asked.

The pressures on her and she knows it, so there's no harm in giving her a gentle reminder here and there to keep the bra topic in her mind.

For sure, it won't be a pleasure for you as you wait until she says so, but remember the time will come as all girls wear wear a bra sooner or later.


Many girls who ask there mothers for a bra do so because they absolutely need to wear a bra now, and not later as they develop fast.

If asking your mother for a bra ends up in her shutting down the conversion or telling you off; you can fight back with not lies, but more so a few scare stories.

Those include girls are picking on you; boys are staring; or your nibble are showing through under clothing.

Likely reasons for your mom not letting you wear a bra is she's thinks you don't need one; so if you're flat chested with no boobs or buds - we agree with mum.

However, it just could be your mom doesn't want to see her daughter grow up, as a bra would be a big step into adulthood

In due course she'll come to relies that yes, her baby is growing up and will need a bra to protect her dignity.

So give her time, allow her to think it over all by herself. She won't say she's thinking about it, but she probably is so needs time to quietly change her mind.

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