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Women's thong showing over jeans as she exits car

My thong keeps showing

As you probably know its an ongoing issue in an attempt to keep our thongs discreet, with the dreaded whaletail effect a real concern.

If your thong keeps showing it could be a high rise thong worn with low waisted outfits; so wear a low rise thong with bottoms that sit higher up. Fashion trends dictate high waisted bottoms, so wear a high rise thong to match. You can then go for a NO VPL thong along with a skin stone set that is sure to stay hidden.

Back in the day it was normal to see women wear ultra low rise pants with high rise or original rise thongs, so nothing could stop a thong from showing.

Not so true today as the trend dictates mostly high waisted bottoms, so you have an option to wear regular thongs or go one better.

That is wearing a high rise thong with higher waisted bottoms only so its levels off around the waist, preventing it ever making an appearing over the waist band.

If you wear low rise thong then they can be worn with all types of regular fit bottoms, but you can do more to stop it showing.

So if the thong is to show up from under your jeans or pants, simply wear a skin tone thong to make it hard to notice.

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You can also try a fuller thong fit that is designed to appear like regular panties, only if it shows, the eye will only see someone wearing normal underwear.

If your thong keeps showing in terms of VPL, then simply try an effective pair of NO VPL thong underwear as its designed to reduce any lines.

Low rise thong under pants

It must be the most effective way to avoid your thong creating that whaletail look, and that is by wearing a low rise thong.

Its not always that simple as the thong style together with the pants or skirt you may be wearing can still rise the thong over the waistband of the bottoms.

Solution to that is, to continue to wear a low rise thong with jeans or pants around the house, until you've found the perfect combination.

In that time you will want to bend, sit and squat until you know the thong stands no chance of making an appearance in an inappropriate setting.

Low rise thongs are widely available and should be worn with low rise pants only.

Fashion trends dictate high waisted

However the use of low rise thongs is not an option for fashion conscious women as the need to wear high rise jeans, pants or skirts goes without saying.

And believe me when I tell you the use of low rise thongs under high waisted pants creates a lot of issues.

Namely the lines of the thong sit centre of the bottom, thus create a perfect thong outline for the world to see.

On top of that, its likely to cause weird lumps and bumps that will not be flattering.

So you need to match the current trend of wearing a high rise thong along with high waisted jeans, pants or skirts.

That way the waistband of the thong is brought up level with the outer wear, keeping the thong invisible as best it can.

Make it hard to tell its a thong

Often its incredibly difficult to keep your thong discreet under pants as you bend over or sit as you go about your day.

So if you were for example wearing a skimpier thong - or a g-string - then the likelihood of it being seen over the full bodies thong is more likely.

What you need to do is create the illusion of wearing a regular pair of panties with no light between the thong waistband and the tops of jeans, pants or skirts.

Simply make the transition to a style of thong underwear that has a wider, fuller waist, up too 2 inches wide - so its unlikely to fully appear on the outside.

So if the thong does create the whaletail look, not to worry as that extra inch or two will prevent the thong showing up all the way.

Lines of thong is visible

One major issue with the wearing of thongs is still the dreaded visible panty line issue, that's right a VPL still appears while wearing thongs.

It can be referred to as VTL - meaning visible thong line - but its a real issue that any women can experience.

On the plus side a less subtle thong line is less intrusive as lines from regular panties.

If you decide to go about your day wearing the thongs you always have, chances are they're the kind that can show lines.

Solution to that is transitioning to NO VPL thong underwear, designed to cut out the seams or stitching that would otherwise show up under clothing.

You should have no trouble finding a nice pair of NO VPL thongs but remember to still buy them according to the rise of the outerwear you intend to wear thongs with.

Skin tone to keep it invisible

Having gone through all methods of avoiding your thong showing up over the waist of jeans, skirts or pants - despite it being sound advice, still the problem can persist.

No problem as this last piece of solid advice should set you in the right direction.

That is the wearing of skin tone thong underwear designed to match the tone of your own skin.

What that means is the thong is not a floral, bright or solid color, but instead a tone that is close to one's own skin - so beige for white women or a shade of brown for women of color

Once upon a time the thought of wearing beige underwear was for grannies or moms only; but not so much now as celebrities and fashion conscious women swear by them.

Referring to skin or flesh tone thongs used to be in reference to nude underwear only, but now dark tone underwear for women of color is quite normal to find and buy these days.

Avoid the string thong kind

Finally that leaves me to tell you to not wear the stringy thong kind if your thong persists in showing over your pants.

In fairness I'm referring too g-string wearing women with the thong kind that has a front panel tied together with lace only on the sides and rear.

Its like this, the stringy thong kind has little in the way of sitting still around the waist, as the string always wants to move as you do.

The result is the string makes its way up over the pants or jeans, thus becoming visible if only part of the string only.

G-strings or skimpy lacey thongs are designed not for practical means but to be very little as possible - so the fit can cause problems not previously thought of.

That is the thong showing constantly whereas a fuller thong style can be quite forgiving.


If your thong continues to cause you trouble as in showing over the waistband of your bottoms - simple solutions can reduce the likelihood of it showing.

Take a low rise thong over low rise bottoms and that should keep things discreet. Or why not wear a low rise thong over higher waisted pants or skirts.

That way when you bend over the thong has too far to reach the edge of the waistband that sits much higher up.

However, the wearing of a low rise thong under high waisted bottoms is highly ineffective in most cases, for a number of reasons.

First a low rise thong sits centre point on the bottom, while the whole thong shape can be seen which is worse then regular visible panty lines.

So while a low rise thong can work in certain outfits, its recommended to wear a high waisted thong with high waisted bottoms.

Preferably you'd want the thong to sit level around the waist with the outfit its worn with.

Don't worry so much about bending over in the high rise thong with high waisted thong, as the thong can not climb up any farther as you bend or sit.

Thong lines are still a concern as much as panty lines with regular underwear, so switch to the no show VPL thong kind to keep things extra discreet.

While a thong can still show up you can make it hard to know its a thong by wearing a fuller thong that appears like regular underwear, or why not wear skin tone thongs to make it difficult for anyone to realise it is indeed a thong.

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