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No VPL underwear meaning

Meaning behind No VPL underwear is so that lines otherwise shown through material is now removed, resulting in no visible panty lines .

No VPL underwear refers to the absence of visible panty lines; so when you don't want lines to show from your underwear, you where the No VPL or No Show kind. The meaning of no VPL underwear would remove the seams or edging that creates lines, shaped using a method called laser cut.

Its hard to remove underwear lines from your bottom without doing something different; so you will often wear a thong or tiny g-string to see if that does the trick.

Unfortunately, due to the stretch, often thin material of linen trousers, Lycra yoga pants or thin cotton of leggings; thongs can still show clearly through the material.

So then its time to be a bit more radical; the use of NO VPL underwear which basically means no seams or edging, which is the calls panty lines to show.

No VPL underwear can also be referred to as no show underwear.

Where you will need to make use of NO Show VPL underwear the most is if you're more a big panty or knickers kind of girl, where thongs or g-strings are a no-no.

To avoid VPL is a tricky business, but what options we have available to us is often not an option, as we all prefer our own style of underwear.

Making use of no VPL knickers or panties would allow you to carry on wearing your favorite style, only its designed without use of seams or fancy lace edging.

No visible panty lines

To call underwear with no seams or stitching around the leg holes and the edging that goes over your bum cheeks; we would refer it as NO VPL underwear.

While VPL stands for visible panty lines; NN stated before the initials VPL would make up the no visible panty lines wording - which could also be known as no show underwear.

All types of women's underwear are likely to give the impression of lines showing through pants, trousers, skirts and dresses, so there's no getting away from it.

However, NO VPL helps to reduce the sight of lines, or eradicate it all together.

Because its referred to as NO VPL underwear, that's not to say the design would vanish lines, in fact its quite possible they would make know difference.

No VPL underwear meaning can refer to many things; so well its got the NO VPL in its title, its not going to work for all women, or every body shape.

No stitched on seams or edging

When no VPL underwear is worn, you do so with no seams that are usually located around the leg holes and across the bum.

This is the only place where visible panty lines can show up; so therefore its the only place where designers concentrate there efforts to remove the lines.

To prevent curling, rips and eventually creases; you can just remove the stitching that makes up the seams.

So you are less likely to buy women's NO VPL underwear in stretch cotton and more so in a micro fibre or similar.

The knickers would then be cut to create what is called laser cut underwear.

It will cut the knickers into the shape before they're stitched, while the part cut using lasers will seal the edging to prevent the material coming unstitched.

With the absence of no seams, there is likely to be edging in the form of a ridge.

This ridge is where the knickers drop off around the leg holes and the area that cuts over your bum cheeks.

That ridge alone could create lines if the material is wrong on the underwear and the material is super light on the bottoms you're wearing.

So don't take the use of NO VPL underwear as a guarantee, its not.

Applies to all styles of knickers

Talking about no VPL underwear refers to all styles of women's knickers and panties, not just full brief underwear - where visible panty lines are more likely to show up.

Its possible to get VPL in all types of knickers you would otherwise think not possible.

Women wear thongs and even smaller micro g-strings to rid themselves of VPL, though the use of this style of underwear only helps a little.

You still have to do your best to make sure underwear lines don't show for thongs or even little g-strings.

To do that would require thongs and g-strings; but in the NO VPL style too.

Though its more important to make use of no visible panty line underwear in briefs, the midi knickers styles or hipsters, the cheeky fit of cheekies and boyshorts.

Without being promoted as no show or no VPL; the tummy control or bodysuits made from micro material could be sold as is, though without seams.


Basically, NO VPL underwear means to avoid VPL under trousers, pants or skirts by making use of laser cut underwear in all styles.

There's no guarantee you would eradicate VPL with the use of this style of underwear, though they should be strongly considered as they help in the process of forever ridding yourself of underwear lines from your bum.

The meaning of No VPL would require absolutely no stitching or what would otherwise be thick edging, usually located around the leg holes and over the bum.

Though the no VPL design would usually refer to removing seams from the rear, sides and front.

No VPL underwear would be more useful in full briefs, full coverage underwear where lines are likely to show up.

So if you insist on wearing the full coverage kind, then the no show underwear would help reduce lines, but only a little.

You see the wearing of no VPL underwear does not remove lines all together, it just reduces lines.

Regardless of the no VPL gimmick, underwear must and always will have an edging where the material ends before dropping onto your skin.

Its this area that now becomes the visible panty lines, and well reduced hugely compared to having stitched on seams, it can still be seen under certain outfits.

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