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Published 16th April 2021

How to wear a thong correctly

How you wear a thong correctly is a size up to avoid tightness, a wide front panel to avoid wedgies and a firm fit to prevent twisting or dropping.

Published 15th April 2021

How to pick the right thong

How to pick the right thong will take into consideration a skin tone colour, the NO VPL kind, fabric in use, thong rise, shape and practicality.

Published 14th April 2021

Knickers vs Panties

If you are looking to find out the difference between the two, there really is not much separating knickers or panties, as they mean the same thing.

Published 14th April 2021

What are French knickers

French knickers were once the go too sexy lingerie for the sophisticated women; but they lacked comfort with full lace, no stretch and were too large.

Published 10th April 2021

10 Reasons to wear a thong

Interested in fashion or embarrassed about VPL, then a thong is a must for you. Benefits include no VPL, bunching up and a more comfortable fit.

Published 29th March 2021

Difference between Panty and Brief

Difference between panties and briefs is very little, panties mean female underwear only whereas briefs is used less so, but can refer to both sexes.

Published 29th March 2021

British word for underwear

Up to nine slang words used in Britain to describe male or female underwear, but that is a shorted list to a handful for terms used in conversation.

Published 25th March 2021

Are Boy Shorts comfortable

Boy shorts are super comfortable providing you follow a few simple rules; no fancy lace, buttons or seam - but only a cotton blend with stretch.

Published 17th March 2021

What causes underwear wedgies

The main cause of underwear wedgies, partially in women's underwear; is a too narrow gusset, so make it a wide one with a shorter length.

Published 11th March 2021

How to make a thong comfortable

To make a comfortable thong more comfy, is adjusting the fit while smoothing out the material, focusing on the rear strap, crotch and waistband.