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Published 8th October 2020

How are thongs supposed to fit

To put on a thong then completely forget about would be the ideal scenario of wearing a thong, but issues can occur that need to be dealt with.

Published 8th October 2020

Best thong material

Thongs made in 100% cotton are the best material to wear; it must have a cotton gusset with little or no other type of fabric used in the trim or decoration.

Published 6th October 2020

Getting used to thongs

Its possible to get used too thongs less than a week; in that time wear tight fitted pants or jeans to support the rear to avoid a naked feeling.

Published 6th October 2020

What's it like to wear a thong

What it really feels like to wear a thong is nothing, barely noticeable as the fabric in the rear that causes common issue, as now been removed.

Published 3rd October 2020

Can you wear a pad with a thong

To wear a pad on your period you'll need to make use of a thong pantyliner, design to fit the narrow thong gusset, or you can customise a regular pad.

Published 1st October 2020

Are thongs comfortable

Thongs are comfortable as can be and while poorly designed thongs exist; these days thongs are likely to be comfortable first time trying them.

Published 1st October 2020

Can you sleep in a thong

It is safe to wear a thong to sleep in, with benefits including avoiding wedgies or bunching up as you sleep, but there is a reasons to be concerned.

Published 1st October 2020

Are thongs supposed to go up

Slipping on a thong will do one of two things, the thong strap will either sit on the outside, or in most cases will slip in-between the buttocks, where it belongs.

Published 30th September 2020

6 stay in place underwear types to buy

To be a reliable stay in place underwear for women the style must be full coverage, with the exception of a thong or g-string in the correct fit.

Published 30th September 2020

What are Miami knickers

Miami knickers are crossed between a Brazilian but unavoidably become a little cheeky with use; shouldn't cut into buttocks but will reveal more bum.