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Published 12th September 2020

Can you wear a thong with a tampon

You can wear a tampon with a thong as it causes little issues; but know the string can be seen, its less sanitary than panties or a pad might be needed still.

Published 28th August 2020

Thongs 101: a beginner's guide

Wear thongs like a pro by following an extensive beginner's guide to wearing thongs for the first time, as to avoid all common mistakes made by newbies.

Published 28th August 2020

Reasons Why NOT to wear thongs

Reasons why you should not wear a thong is VPL issues, exposure is more likely, trouble while on period and the thong becoming visible over pants.

Published 13th August 2020

How should a thong fit

How a thong should fit comfortably is with use of a full bodied thong; it will fit firmly on the body, cover the crotch in the front and feel lighter than air.

Published 27th July 2020

My thong keeps showing

If your thong keeps showing you can change your closet or wear a low or high rise thong, depending on the out, make it skin tone or try NO VPL.

Published 2nd June 2020

How to wear a thong with discharge

To stop discharge ruining your thong you'd need to wear a pad or alternatively fold up a piece of paper towel or napkin into your underwear.

Published 13th August 2020

How to keep underwear clean

How to keep underwear clean from period blood, discharge, poop or urine can be sorted using the simple method of toilet tissue inside your panties.

Published 25th April January 2020

Benefits of g-strings

The benefits to wearing g-strings over thongs is the lack of material; less fabric can only mean less trouble with VPL or bunching up.

Published 2nd January 2020

How many bras should I own

How many bra's you should own would be one for everyday of the week; or up to ten bras so you can guarantee avoid doing laundry too early.

Published 2nd January 2020

What kind of panties should I wear

Pick out panties according to the outfit you wish to wear; where a thong helps avoid VPL, big ol' granny panties are worn more often regardless.