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10 Reasons to wear a thong

Allow me to list reasons why wearing a thong has more pro's than con's; and while the thong take getting used to, you'd soon be wearing a thong like a pro.

My TEN reasons to wear a thong is eliminating VPL first, comfort coming a close second - but not worrying about wedgies is a priority. No more being concerned about wearing incorrect panties, as thongs can be worn will all outfits. Not only that they're popular, can starve off peer pressure while giving you confidence.

I cannot encourage you too wear thongs enough, if you are aware of VPL issues, suffer with wedgies, or lack confidence in the fashion department - thongs will help a lot.

Make no mistake thongs can be uncomfortable, but it can be avoided in a trial and error; in time you'd find the thong that is right for you, and that is comfort.

After comfort you need to consider practicality, so now it must be kept invisible so NO VPL thongs will help, and so will a thong in your skin tone to prevent it being seen under clothing.

Now there's no limit to the type of outfit you can wear, as the thong will save the day as visible panty lines are hard to see on the bottom.

If you are still unsure, no longer will people mentioned your unmentionables if they cannot see it at school or in college - so no more peer pressure.

At some point you will need to wear super tight fitting athletic Lycra shorts, leggings or yoga pants - and believe me only a thong can prevent panty lines being seen.

While there are many reasons why not to wear a thong, know this is a pro-thong list so I tend to focus on the good things, and if its bad I'll provide you an easy solution.

1. Reduction in VPL

Biggest reason to wear a thong today is to eliminate VPL, nothing of which can do such a great job other than the thong.

Really, a thong does an amazing job of removing the material on the bottom into an area so discreet, the whole issue can be avoided.

Now I know that discreet area is indeed in-between the buttocks, but its very useful here.

To avoid VPL in anything from fitted jeans and pants, yoga pants and leggings, to skirts and tight fitted dresses - a thong is sure to make sure you continue to have a nice clean look on the bottom, free of panty lines and bumps.

I am not saying thongs can completely eliminate VPL mind you, as the outfit in use, the type of thong underwear worn - plus the body shape can change that.

Thongs made with more fabric in a material that is harder to see is what you need, so make it a light cotton, Spandex or Nylon - or a mix of two.

To completely overcome VPL in all outfits, you can go one better by making is a NO VPL, seamless thong which is designed to remove trim or seams.

On top of that make sure the thong rise reaches the waistband height of the jeans or pants - failing to wear the correct rise will result in the whole thong shape being seen.

2. Thongs are comfortable

I understand many women believe the thong to be a torture device that has no place on the human body.

I will say that people who say such things have never worn a thong in their lives; or they have indeed tried a thong before, but it was a super uncomfortable thong to wear.

In no way is a thong uncomfortable to wear once you've found the correct fit, by wearing the correct size thong helps a bunch in terms of it going unnoticed.

On that is also helps to only wear super stretch, light cotton, nylon or spandex thongs, which happen to be the best thong material to wear, and so it is with other types of women's underwear.

Thongs are comfortable because they avoid the ridiculous amount of material that briefs, bikini, cheeky or boy short underwear uses.

By removing the unneeded fabric that would otherwise cover the buttocks, less hassle will there be with wedgies, bunching up or twisting.

Thongs might not be comfortable the first time you wear thongs, but in due course thongs do get more comfortable in terms of getting used to the lack of material.

You'd need to find the best fitting thong as there is thousands of styles; in that the rear strap that goes up the bottom varies in widths, of which can be comfortable or not.

When a person says thongs are weird at first, they're not saying there're uncomfortable, but rather its a feeling that is odd at first, before you completely forget about it.

3. Always a thong type for body shape

What with the sheer volume of thong underwear types on the market, it can be an overwhelming task in finding the correct style for your needs.

In shopping at say Victoria's Secret, then that option is reduced massively as you can go with the crowd, and shop for the top selling VS thongs.

If buying thongs in a department store, then make it a 100% cotton 5-pack thong as its not only cheaper, but you get more for your buck.

However, it is possible to buy a thong style that is universally accepted the world over, as being classed as the most comfortable thongs in the world - and you might of heard of them.

Make it a super comfortable Hanky Panky thong, expensive they're but Hanky Panky are made to last the test of time.

One size fits all too so they're literally designed for all body shapes and sizes.

As it happens a fuller thong such as this may not be your thing, in fact having tried many types of thong underwear over the years, it might be a g-string that is more your thing.

So to prefer a g-string over a fuller thong, you'd would like the feeling of less material or the benefit of the g-strings comfort level - which is to say is a personal preference.

Its not a style of underwear suited to all, but its certainly an option if thongs don't ever feel comfortable to wear as there's too much fabric to some people.

4. Can now wear any outfit

Going through life without caring about what underwear you need to wear with a certain outfit are soon gone once you become a young adult.

But in time you'll soon come to realise, certain outfits need to be worn with a certain type of underwear, as to avoid them being seen through VPL or in see-through clothing.

Posh frocks or certain jumpsuit's for example can be tight fitting or see-through, so a thong is a must.

Solution to that, and the only way to get passed it is by wearing a thong. Its therefore possible to avoid the keen eye being drawn to your rear end.

Why should you wait until you're wearing a certain outfit to be wearing a thong, if you always have on a thong - the issue of VPL or panties being seen never comes up.

Its possible to wear any type of pants, jeans, leggings or yoga pants - and above and behold - the thong you happen to be wearing is a match.

Now I could say the thong rise can have its draw backs, but wearing an original rise thong you can wear everyday will sure go with most outfits.

In switching between thongs and panties, while its perfectly acceptable; you can get caught out in terms of wearing a full panty when a thong should be worn.

In wearing a thong all the time, the issue never arises. Perhaps you can not wear a thong to sleep in, but to get you through the day - a thong is what avoids the fashion police.

5. No wedgies or bunching up

I don't believe for a minute you don't suffer with wedgies or bunching up in regular panties, with every human on earth will have to deal with such trivial problems.

But what if you can avoid the possibility of getting wedgies no thanks to full briefs ever again, by simply wearing a thong instead.

Well you can avoid it due to the way a thong is designed to fit up the buttocks, thus no issue with underwear material forcing its way up there will occur.

People say thongs feel like a wedgy, and in some respects that is true if its the wrong fit, and that strap that goes up is super uncomfortable.

Full coverage underwear that creeps up the bum causes discomfort because there's a whole wad of material wedged up there.

In removing that material - in case of a thong - then its a comfortable feeling and not a bad one, or at least it should be felt at all.

Dealing with wedgies is one thing while wear panties, but the issue of bunching up is a different matter.

Bunching up refers to material twisting, rolling and sitting where it shouldn't, causing the panty to be seen in a nasty way under outerwear.

Once again the thong saves the day as there's no bunching up in the thong or g-string.

6. Thongs are popular

No feeling like your in the wilderness by wearing a thong today, as every female on earth is wearing them, or thinking about trying a thong at some to or another.

Popularity of the thong was in the early 2000's, but today the peak of popularity as died down somewhat, but that is not to say thongs are still not popular.

So much so thongs are still popular in there respected countries, but seen less under the radar, so to speak.

Back in the day it was diamante thongs seen over low rise jeans, today the high rise thong is a must with leggings or yoga pants.

So is the skin tone thong preferably in the NO VPL thong style, to be worn with any outfit.

To see a thong showing over pants this day and age is a rare one, but its not on purpose I am sure if it does indeed show.

Thongs worn by modern women - including the younger generation of today - will only wear practical thongs - made to be worn everyday.

If you're more interested in thongs that are popular today, then those mentioned is a good start, and so is signature thong - that is thongs with the branding on the waistband, such as Calvin Klein.

7. Starve off peer pressure

Now this ia a big one if you're still in school, or in many respects college, people within your group will just not let the subject go.

To wear a thong to only please the people around you, such as friends - is known as peer pressure.

You could give into their demands for good reasons - for example if an outfit needs a thong - or it could be to shut them up.

To begin wearing a thong on a regular basis will sure keep people off your back; so never again will you have to hear the words: "why don't you wear thongs" or something alike.

Starve off peer pressure by getting used to thongs so you can wear them regularly, or only when the outfit requires it.

In school can be an influential time, so you might come to wear thongs with no regrets, in fact you might be quite happy to try out thongs for the first time.

Beginning to wear thongs as a young adult is a little different, but the need to wear a thong might be more urgent with outfits calling for use of a thong more.

Never give into wearing a thong on peer pressure alone; if you don't want to wear a thong then don't - there's alternatives you can try.

But if you're willing to give thongs a go, then do so to not only keep people off your back, but feel the real benefits of wearing thongs more regularly.

8. Protection under sportswear

What with the rise of more tight fitted female sportswear, such as Nike Pro shorts for athletics or wearing while playing volleyballs - thongs are needed more than ever.

Actually I might say there's no longer a rise in popularity, as we could be at the peak of tight fitted women's sportswear, which are prone to showing underwear.

Solution to that is you can wear a proper thong for sports, such as running, competing in volleyball, track and field - and even female soccer can call for a thong.

To wear a thong with sportswear one would be concerned about VPL, or the imprint of panties being seen under Lycra or Spandex yoga pants, but that is only an example.

Its no good wearing a sexy, fancy thong for sports, as the need to wear a breathable cotton thong is a requirement in terms of comfort and practicality.

So wear a thong made in 100% cotton, make it a stretchy one and if you like, consider a sport gray thong from brands such as Calvin Klein.

To be in with a shout of really avoiding the dreaded VPL, only wear the NO VPL thong kind - its seamless so thong lines go unseen.

Thongs to play or compete in sports is a must, as the full coverage underwear does create wedgy issues, all while there's lots of bunching up as you stay active.

9. Thongs grow confidence

Believe it or not, the wearing of thong underwear can help you grow in confidence, I am not sure what it is, but I can try to explain.

To begin with, wearing a thong feels like an adult thing to do, so if you're wearing thongs for the first time at a young age, you're more likely to benefit the most.

Its not only that, wearing a thong can help women who feel like their panties are on show in full briefs, is no longer happening while wearing a thong.

That is a huge confidence boost as it can be quite scary knowing people can see what kind of panties you're wearing - and that will happen as you become more concerned about fashion.

So confidence grows over a period of time when the outfit would otherwise show VPL.

Its not always a confidence boost mind you, by unexpectedly needing to reveal your bum in front of peers in a thong becomes apparent sometimes, but again confidence will help as it feels good to be up with the trend.

To be confident a women will need to be up with the times, and while thongs are certainly popular right now, at least you're in with the popular crowd.

The wearing of thongs can for sure provide you more confidence, only if you feel it in yourself.

But that is a feeling that is healthy so can only benefit your lifestyle, even if the feeling is temporary for now.

10. Fun to try different underwear

At the end of the day, its just fun to try a different kind of underwear when you've gone your whole life only wearing full coverage panties.

To wear thongs over full briefs is sure something completely different, but a new thing you won't soon forget as the feeling is more comfort, and a bonus of no lines showing.

Not in a negative way, its just that feeling you'd need to get used too before having fun trying different types of thong underwear.

Fun soon turns to practicality mind you as thongs serve a purpose, while panties are just considered for comfort over anything else.

In trying different types of thongs you can try t-shirt light, 100% cotton thongs to be safe, before moving onto high or low rise thongs.

<!-- 10 ->

Soon after you'd come to realise low rise or original rise thongs can be worn with your current jeans, pants or skirts.

Whereas a high waisted thongs will be seen, so it best to only a wear a high rise thong style with yoga pants, leggings or anything else that fits high up the waist.

Thongs fit in many different ways, so there will be bad times; but mostly good times as thongs fit more comfortably today than they ever have previously.

Focus will be on the thong strap that goes up the rear, but know a thong is suppose to go up at all times - though certain styles calls for the strap to be visible.

And that completes my top ten reasons to wear a thong, in the end just have fun trying difference types of thongs until a style fits your personality.

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