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Daughter arguing with mom over thongs well sitting on couch

Should I let my daughter wear thongs

Scary for most parents to think of there daughters wearing thongs, but if you know the reasons for wearing thongs you just might change your mind.

Moms should permit there daughters to wear thongs for no other reason than to avoid peer pressure in school. Teenage girls want to avoid VPL under there tighter clothing this day and age so a thong will help with that. Thongs don't have to be sexy but rather just another underwear style she wears.

You will only know your daughter to wear full coverage regular underwear until one day the penny drops: she tells you she wants to start wearing thongs for the first time.

Daunting questions at first with time and consideration needed; so we assume that's why you're asking if you should let your daughter wear thongs.

Well in our opinion you should let her wear thongs for all the right reasons.

Girls at 12 to 13 years care about avoiding panty lines so the wearing of thongs to avoid VPL is a genuine, sincere reason behind women of all ages who wear thongs.

Right now she is going through a stage at school where boys are checking her out, girls are pointing fingers

So when the underwear subject comes up in school - and it will - she'll be ahead of the trend while wearing a thong.

That way she unwanted peer pressure or the need to ask for a thong later.

Thongs can be a regular set of underwear if you allow them too, and not make such a fuss about them.

They're needed for all outfits to avoid underwear lines with no tightness or looseness preventing underwear lines being seen, they can be seen regardless.

Permit her to wear thongs

If she's reached her teens, she does good in school and is a caring daughter and, or sister and polite to the rest of the family, there's no reason not to permit her to wear thongs.

Her mom knowing that she wants to wear thongs is probably to do with the fact she asked you directly, or alteast done her best to hint around the subject.

So she's taken a chance by asking you in hope you will respond with a positive answer.

The answer should be yes as she ticks all the boxes of a teenage girl who wants thongs for the right reason, and not to show them off.

Her not coming to you could simply be due to shyness; however, you will know if your daughter is a wrong one well getting up to know good with boys.

In which case you could say no as she's wanting to dress up for them.

Only you can read your daughters reasoning for a thong; so if she's come to you in need of a thong, you really should allow her.

Her reasoning for a thong could be fair or it could be silly; either way that could happen as she could be really nervous when asking you.

Boys know what panties she wears

Refusing to allow your daughter to wear thongs could attract unwanted attention from boys in your class to guys in public.

Guys are going through puberty just as she's is, so they're probably walking around with a you know what, in you know wear, under there pants.

The mere sight of visible panties in the form of VPL or the shape showing up under the bottom area would lead to him getting aroused.

Not all boys but perhaps those that check out girls constantly well looking at there butts or glancing at there chest.

If you allow your daughter to wear thongs the possibility of lines appearing on her bum is reduced almost entirely, so therefore nothing for guys to look at.

OK, so they will look at bums or boobs regardless of being seen; but it help to remove distracting things that may draw there eyes to that area they would otherwise not.

Stops her underwear being visible

Regular underwear worn throughout her teens has a bigger chance of being seen then it did in her preteens or younger.

Reason for that is her fashion sense has developed over time until she's reached a time when all she's wearing is tight jeans, legging or yoga pants that do need a thong.

And believe us when we say women, or girls should wear thongs with leggings or yoga pants as the material tends to become see-through around bottom.

Now that she's at an age wear she is experimenting with the latest fashion; that will lead to the possibility of her underwear being seen in many ways.

That can be VPL where the lines of her underwear are seen across her bum cheeks, or the actual style of underwear is outlined on the bum, leading to real embarrassment.

Not important now as it used to be due to more high waisted bottoms; but the waistband or elastic of her panties can be seen which could lead to teasing.

Prevents VPL in tight bottoms

It's like this, regular panties worn under fitted or even loose clothing can be seen with VPL or the imprint of the style of underwear she's currently wearing.

In VPL the seams or ridge of her underwear will be seen across her bum or beneath the cheeks, though that will depend on the body shape.

What we mean by the imprint of the underwear is not so much the panty lines; but more so the actual shape of the underwear being visible.

If its full coverage underwear than one of, or all of: boyshorts, bikini style, granny panties, midi or hipsters are likely to show.

Visible panty lines is incredibly difficult to remove from the butt when making use of no other than thong underwear.

Thong underwear takes those seams that are visible on the bum and places them between the cheeks where they can't be seen.

So the wearing of thongs can reduce or completely remove VPL so is a benefit to her as she can go about her day not concerned with her underwear being seen.

No sexy thong styles needed

When mothers think about there own daughters wearing thongs; in there minds they may think of sexy black, silky string thongs or g-strings there teen daughter is wearing.

That will never happen providing you communicate with your daughter through the process, and have to accept the thong style she's chosen.

You could also just pop into the store next time you're shopping to buy a handful of thongs you agree are appropriate for her.

She could come along as she's the one who will be wearing the thongs, not you.

The type of thong underwear she could wear will not be anything fancy but instead appear to be regular underwear if viewed from the front.

They're made in t-shirt like soft cotton with stretch for comfort with the strap that goes up the bum not a string or too skimpy, but rather a wide band that helps support her bum.

Thongs are needed for sports

Genuine reason why your teenage daughter will want to start wearing thongs is honestly all about VPL with comfort.

So where she'll want to avoid VPL is not always under her school inform or every day clothes; but more so to do with her sportswear.

If she takes cheerleading then not a problem, panty lines can't be seen.

However, the bloomers worn underneath or when the skirt is not worn will create VPL, so regular underwear will be seen under the material if a thong is not worn.

Taking volleyball then those little Spandex shorts they have to wear from 12 years and up are a hotbed for panty lines.

So not only will she have to wear thong to avoid her regular underwear showing up; it would have to be seamless or no VPL thongs to prevent lines being visible.

Where else your daughter may suffer in the VPL department is in track and field, where the outfit worn is similar to volleyball.

Finally, athletes wear leotards if taken seriously; a thong should be worn under the leotard to not only give her that security, it will allow her to compete well on her period.

Is she too young for thongs

Its probably safe to say your daughter can be too young to wear thongs but its only the mother or parent that can make that judgment.

Its easy for parents to reject a 12 year old wearing a thong, but its easy for others to allow the wearing of thongs if younger.

It really depends on you and her needs at the time. By that we mean is there a genuine reason she needs to wear a thong.

For example, reasons to wear a thong at a young age could be:

  • Fit in with her friends who mostly wear thongs
  • Bullied by kids in school if seen wearing granny panties
  • VPL emergency in an outfit that needs a thong
  • Playing sports as we've previously mentioned

If any of those reasons apply to your daughter, it could be a good time to start wearing thongs as activities or events lead to a thong emergency.

We would have to say circumstances similar to those outlined would relate to a girl as she reaches her teens, so between 12 or 13 years of age.

Avoids peer pressure

Did you know girls can be quite cruel if they find out a girl is wearing granny panties.

Not those that wear thongs of course, they're now pointing at girls who don't wear the same underwear style as them, namely thongs.

That is a situation that may occur in an instant; one week all is fine, next week she comes home crying due to bullying.

Bullying that as lead your daughters underwear of choice being called out in school.

That is where peer pressure happens, now your daughter wants to avoid that ever happening again by wearing a thong.

And that is an absolutely genuine reason to wear a thong but mothers would think, under these circumstances, they won't give in to bullies.

So the mom doesn't permit the wearing of thongs so the daughter has to stay with her regular underwear that is seen.

Great, mom or dad have taken a stand but that doesn't help the daughter.

If this is something your daughter is going through, its possible to put an end to all buying or trouble around underwear issues by allowing her to wear thongs.

Allow her to fit in with fashion

Fashion changes all the time, so we know when you were her age you wore thongs yourself, or it was a trend at the time.

And as you may know thongs are still a popular underwear among that age group, and so are they with most women who want to avoid VPL.

So in that respect how it your daughter wearing a thong any different to all teens wearing thongs, for the very same reason.

The wearing of thongs is always to do with VPL at first before leading to a new style of underwear that is indeed quite comfortable.

It may not be to do with peer pressure or VPL, it could be that she simply wants to start wearing thongs because that's what she's accustom too.

Growing up well seeing other women in her family or friends wearing this style.

With all fashion trends girls want to keep up with it at every corner, so that could be why she wants to wear thongs.

There is nothing more incident then wanting to wear thongs for fashion.

Shows you're a cool parent

Giving into your daughters thong needs will show you're a cool parent after all; which could lead to something in return later on.

Perhaps better grades, attending school more or helping around the house, who knows.

But it will show you're a parent that is with the times well understanding the needs or uses of thong underwear.

Not all parents allow there daughters to wear thongs as they consider them to be too young to be wearing this underwear style.

You permitting your daughter to wear thongs will showing that actually, that isn't true at all as thongs - or the g-string kind - have there place if kept discreet.

As it happens if you're a thong wearer yourself, you may find it hard to reject her request if you don't have a reason why you can wear a thong - while she can't.

So try to avoid the whole you're too young argument as it won't do much in terms of changing her mind.

So understand why you're wearing thongs would be the reason she want to wear thongs, which would be for no other reason than VPL and comfort.

In our opinion

Its completely normal for a girl around the ages of 12 to 13 years to feel the need to wear thongs for reasons that include avoiding VPL to giving into peer pressure.

Polls in the past often showed it was this age group that started to wear thongs, so it is a normal occurrence if your daughter wants thongs at this age.

Based on her maturity or needs; make the decision of permitting her to wear thongs if she's a good child, or reject her if she is not well behaved.

As a parent, its you that will be buying her thongs or washing them, so for sure you have the final say.

But the reasons behind her wanting thongs can be genuine and appropriate for that age group, or a reason for something a bit more pressing.

In that we mean peer pressure that has lead to perhaps a little bullying and finger pointing, so the wearing of a thong will put an end to all that.

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