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Should I wear a thong with a skirt

Why you may be asking if you should wear a thong with a skirt, might be because you believe it to be inappropriate.

You can wear a thong with a skirt of any type, but in doing so you can continue to feel the benefits you always have while wearing a thong with pants. You'd still get VPL in a skirt, so therefore a thong must be worn. To wear a thong with a short, flowing skirt will allow the skirt to drop naturally without getting caught.

Ignore all gossip or hearsay you've heard in the past or present in respects to the appropriateness of wearing a thong with a skirt, that is juvenile, high school talk only.

I assume you are a mature women or even a teenager, thus the reason for asking should you wear a thong with a skirt.

And that is a resounding yes, you should continue to do wear a thong with a skirt like you always have.

You won't be able to avoid VPL in tight skirts without a thong, so don't ruin the look of the skirt with unsightly panty lines across the b-cheeks.

Similarly, in a skater skirt or perhaps a checkered type school skirt; the light, flowing material can get caught up in the fabric of a full coverage panty.

To only wear a thong with a short, flowing skirt, the said skirt can flow off the buttocks in the most natural way - without fear of the skirt creeping up the bum over time.

Example of that is when bending over or sitting down; as soon as you stand up the loose fitted short skirt will fold on the bum, thus revealing your bum - so a thong will help.

Continue to wear thongs with skirt

I would say there is absolutely no need to change between panty styles while wearing a skirt, if you wear thongs with pants or shorts - then continue to in a skirt.

Its common to hear women say you shouldn't wear a thong with a skirt, which can start in high school, but as an adult, for mature women that is not an issue.

To not wear a thong with a skirt will simply defeat the purpose of wearing thongs to begin with.

Why would you slip on a full brief that can be bunched up or cause wedgies, or wear fuller underwear you are less comfortable with.

To continue to wear thongs with skirts there's no transitioning, so therefore you can slip on any kind of skirt without worrying about putting on full briefs.

It has to be said the change of underwear while deciding to wear a skirt that day can slip you mind - so from time to time you will wear a thong with a skirt even if you didn't mean to.

Having said all that, to wear a thong for visible panty line issues, that absolutely still applies while wearing a skirt.

Avoid VPL in skirt issues

To wear a thong with a skirt is imperative if you want to keep panty lines invisible, to not wear a thong - or g-string - with a skirt the VPL issue can arise.

It doesn't have to be a tight, fitted skirt or a light slim fit skirt; VPL can occur under any kind of skirt, thus VPL cannot be avoided unless a thong is worn at all times.

If you begun wearing thongs for the soul purpose of avoiding panty lines, then remember that applies to your entire wardrobe, while not excluding skirts or dresses, just because you feel society doesn't allow it.

Thongs must be worn with a skirt that will show up a panty line of any kind, because that is a very big reason to be wearing thongs in the first place.

To deal with the VPL issues can only mean dealing with a double bum effect: that is when the brief or a tighter underwear cuts across the butt cheeks, thus creating more ripples and bumps under the material of the skirt that covers over your bum.

Sure, you can have a skirt collection that is mostly thicker, checkered type skirts that don't show VPL, but how the skirts naturally drops off your rear can only be maintained if wearing a thong only.

Full briefs can be seen

To wear a skirt that follows the shape of the bottom, such as a tight fitted pencil skirt, can actually reveal the shape of your underwear.

That's right, if wearing anything less than a thong; such as boy shorts, cheek underwear or full briefs - the whole shape can be seen in the bottom.

What happens is the seams of the full panty digs into the skin on the soft tissue of the buttocks, thus causing an outline that is near identical to the type of underwear you are wearing.

That in turn can be seen under the light, soft fabric of the skirt not quite by the edging of the panty, but moreso the lumps created in the skin.

Skin indents are caused by the material digging into the skirt, thus creating very obvious marks under the skirt.

Its therefore possible full briefs can be seen under many types of skirts unless you by-pass this issue by wearing thong underwear.

But to wear full briefs under a skirt, there is such a thing of the skirt constantly getting caught up on the fabric of the brief - while not allowing the skirt to flow naturally.

I will also say if the skirt is at least a little see-through, if wearing a thong it cannot be seen - whereas a full panty can draw the eye to the butt.

Skirt drops naturally over buttocks

While wearing a skirt the hem flows around the legs at various heights to a level that compliments the fit of the skirt - be it a cheap or branded skirt.

But there is something that can distort that hem level and that is how the skirt sits over the rear end.

Some skirt styles can ride up in the rear while others tend to sit level with the front, but that can be expected with no surprises.

But in reality the full brief or panty that is fitted over the buttocks can indeed change the shape of the skirt by how it naturally flows.

Skirts drop down over the buttocks in a way that goes unnoticed, so you might not of realised it yet: but friction between any kind of panty material coming together with the skirt fabric can get caught up.

By that I mean material pressed up against one another can get stuck, thus the skirt in the rear can be accidentally caught up on the full briefs you happen to be wearing.

To avoid this you'd wear a thong as the skirt fabric then presses up against the naked skin on the buttocks - so there's no getting caught up on underwear as the skirt gracefully flows over the bum like it should.

No skirt riding up if wearing a thong

Similar issue to allowing the skirt to flow freely while wearing a thong is quite the opposite, that is the skirt riding up.

What I mean by that is over the course of a day, your skirt can slowly creep up the bum before your butt - and panty - becomes visible to all and sundry.

Over the period of a few hours or so, you bend, lean, sit and walk; resulting in your skirt creeping up in the rear.

Not any skirt mind you, this applies to the more shorter, flowing teen favourite skater skirts - which can in fact reveal your bum if you bend over to far.

But to not wear a thong under a skater skirt or similar styles, can only see it rise up.

And as you'd probably tuck a shirt or top of some kind into the skirt, the shirt under the skirt can cover the fabric of an extra large thong, so there's no getting caught up higher up the buttocks where a thong normally sits above the buttocks.

Negatives of thong with skirt

So while there is more positives than you could possible need to make up your mind of the need to wear a thong with a skirt, there's got to be negatives right?

Well there is, but not so bad as to completely abandon any built up enthusiasm to begin wearing thongs with skirts.

First of all, there is the possibility of a made in light fabric, short skirt blowing up in the wind, or flipping up as you walk to reveal the crack of your bum.

But I have to say if the flipped up skirt issue were to happen, the naked skin of the bum is less likely to be seen then that of a bright red or neon pink panty.

Where else you can go wrong is in a skater skirt; this skirt style tends to lift up in the rear as you bend over or it lifts up as you sit, thus your thong-clad buttocks will be firmly on the cushion of the seat, or cold concrete wall you happen to be sat on.

Overall, you may feel a little more paranoid wearing a thong with a loose, short skirt, as you make more effect to hold your skirt down.

But that is no trouble at all in a pencil skirt or a length professional skirt.

I mustn't forget to say, to wear a skirt that is free flowing like a skater skirt, the rolls in the skirt can creep in-between the buttocks. Not a problem no, but often the skirt will need to be pulled out of the crack regularly, especially as you stand up every time.


Regular thong wearers should continue to wear a thong with a skirt, even if the skirt in question is much shorter with the chance of revealing your bum.

Because in reality you'd soon adapt to wearing any kind of skirt with a thong, much like the hassle a thong can sometimes be in pants.

So your bum or thong won't become visible to strangers behind you as you wear the skirt and thong combo like a pro.

To not wear a thong with a skirt only can lead to the VPL issue arising again, so treat it like panty lines is pants - it still applies so a thong must be worn in a skirt.

More fitted skirts can cause VPL but so can they create an imprint of your full panty, which can be made out to whatever shape it is.

Skirts drop off your rear in a natural, free flowing way, but to add a full panty to the mix the skirt fabric can only get caught up on the full brief.

To wear a thong instead the skirt cannot get caught on naked flesh, which your bum will be if wearing a thong, so problem solved.

On the opposite side, the thong can continue to creep up as it gets caught on the skirt, so in time the bum and thong can be seen if you are not careful.

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