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Women jogging while wearing grey yoga pants, thong line visible

Should I wear a thong with yoga pants

If you wish to avoid visible panty lines or your underwear becoming visible as you squat, then a basic thong will keep those lines discreet.

You should absolutely wear a thong with yoga pants for the very reason of avoiding VPL, or worst still the possibility of your undies showing through the material as you bend. When wearing yoga pants the Lycra materials is prone to lines showing, so that can be avoided at all times with use of a thong.

If thongs are what you'd regularly wear, then thongs are what you should be wearing under your favorite pair of yoga pants.

If you're not a thong wearer or prefer not to wear the style regularly, then you probably should make an exception while wearing yoga pants.

There's no getting away with it; the skin tight, form fitting yoga pant is here to stay, and so is the need to do all you can to prevent your visible panty lines showing through.

Of all the bottoms or workout wear available; yoga pants are the biggest cause of VPL so you'd need to keep up with the times by avoiding VPL in leggings.

Don't ever randomly throw on the first pair of thongs that come to hand while wearing yoga pants for the day or only at the gym.

Go for a sporty thong that is seamless and high waisted; or better still, a NO VPL high waisted thong - in a flesh thong to help blend in with your tone.

The high waisted thong will sit higher up around the waist in the area where the yoga pant happens to fit. So therefore the thong is pulled up to stop an enormous VPL showing up in the middle of your bum.

Yoga pants are big cause of VPL

While wearing yoga pants it may of come to your attention by now that they do show your underwear lines through the material in the form of the dreaded visible panty lines.

Its up to you to avoid VPL in leggings by wearing underwear designed to prevent lines.

All briefs; cheekies, Brazilian style knickers and boyshort will absolutely reveal VPL, so therefore, you are left with no choice other than to wear a thong with yoga pants.

There's no time to waist as you'd want to stop people knowing what sort of underwear you are wearing on that day.

So make the switch to thongs to avoid VPL. Sure, some women don't mind the lines well others will go commando to avoid wearing thongs.

But in our opinion, the wearing of a thong under tight yoga pants will sure put the matter of VPL and possibly see-through mishaps to bed.

Style of thong matters

The style of thong you wear with yoga pants does matter if you'd believe it. And did you know the wearing of thongs does not always prevent lines from showing.

Instead, you're met with a visible thong line; so don't wear any old pair you've randomly picked out of your underwear draw. Instead make it so it works best for your yoga pants style.

Picking out the wrong pair of thongs will also result in not just VPL, but the entire shape of the thong will appear under the material like an imprint.

It will be highlighted due to the lighting, as you move and when you bend over or squat.

So what you would need is an athletic thong underwear style - also known as sports thongs - as they are designed to be how you need them - but manufacturer's don't always get it right for under yoga pants or leggings.

As a sport thong it would be made from cotton, be seamless and more importantly than all; it would be a high waisted thong to sit around high on your hips.

Reason for that is the thong is elevated to the highest point on the yoga pants; thus preventing the imprint or VPL being centred in the middle of your bottom.

You can farther reduce the likelihood of lines showing by exploring No VPL thongs until you find one that works (the no VPL refers to the seamless kind).

Black yoga pants reveal thong

Big cause of VPL in yoga pants happens in most women's favorite yoga pants; that's everyone's favorite, the bold back color yoga pants - or leggings.

So why is the color black a color of concern.

To put it lightly; the boldness, attracting shadow and the ability to clearly show skin in the tight areas around the buttocks is the color black's downfull.

It also happens to be a color of choice for many women who wear yoga pants.

That includes those styles that will only bare the brand on the leg with little stitching or thin waistbands.

Don't stop wearing your black yoga pants now mind you; as all other colors will attract VPL or the see-through effect, so what you can do it make use of bottoms that have lots of stitching above the bottom, but still far below the waistline.

See-through to expose fancy pants

Before you next go out of the house in a pair of yoga pants without a top that flows over your bum, do the squat test in the mirror as you might be surprised what you will see.

And if you can see it, you can bet anyone behind you will see it as you bend or squat.

What we mean is the squat test can reveal whether your underwear will become visible as you lean over, well your yoga pants tighten around the bum cheeks.

If you're not wearing a thong but full briefs then its possible you can tell someones's wearing there expensive Hanky Panky underwear or your laundry day, holey underpants.

To avoid this devastating effect; you can avoid such an issue by simply wearing a thong.

Well a thong can become visible with the squat test or when you bend over; it removes the possibility of clearly visible lines showing across the bottom.

And if you're worried about your actual butt showing while wearing a thong, don't worry as the crack doesn't ever tend to show up as the visibility doesn't go that deep.

Yoga pants with patterns

Big advice for anyone that wants to avoid VPL, is to wear bottoms of any kind with patterns, mixed colors and unusual materials.

That also applies to the wearing of yoga pants rather than the usual bold black pair.

Instead, switch over to a pair that has multiple colors, with patterns around the legs and up and over the whole bum.

The only chance you'd see a panty line here is due to a poorly fitted pair of knickers or panties, so make it fit comfortably as to avoid imprints or tight knicker seems that dig into the skin.

You're spoilt for choice when it comes to patterns or mixed color yoga pants, and are becoming more popular over the last few years.

If you don't want to wear thongs

There's every chance you're not a thong girl at all so therefore the wearing of a thong would be quite the dilemma for you.

And as yoga pants are popular with preteens and teenagers; it might not be possible for that age group to wear thongs.

It would be a choice of wearing your full briefs well risking your VPL showing, or wearing a thong when you know you don't like them or can't get used to it... ever.

The answer to that is again, try to wear yoga pants with mixed patterns and color.

Now you you can still wear your big pants with black yoga pants, just make it bottoms that have lots of lines, stitching and markings across the bum.

If you wear or own a pair of yoga pants that have those high waisted design, then this alone should help you keep your underwear lines covered.

Yoga pants might show all lines

Its worth noting that the wearing of thongs will not necessary hide all visible panty lines, regardless of the style you prefer.

You see the skin tight design of the pants with the Lycra or similar material is prone to revealing lines from all angles.

So if you're wearing the black yoga pants for example; its quite possible the VPL will be visible from the sides well curving around to the crouch - and don't get us started on camel toe.

So you see, if your wear a thong with yoga pants they can still be seen, but its the best possible chance of them not being seen at all with the right pair of trendy yoga pants.


There you have it, in our humble opinion, you should wear a thong with yoga pants for the very reason of avoiding VPL or on the off chance the underwear will show through.

Black yoga pants are the biggest concern for yoga pant wearers wishing to avoid VPL and the see-through effect...

So it likely applies to you well wondering if you should wear a thong.

Wearing a thong will not prevent lines if you don't take precautions; for example it should be seamless well high waisted as to stop the whole outline of your thong showing through.

If wearing black don't wear black thongs under yoga pants; instead opt for flesh color thongs so it blends in with your skin tone.

The best advice we can offer you at this point is wear a thong with yoga pants to play it safe, well exploring other yoga pants styles if you're looking to avoid wearing thong underwear all together.

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