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Should I wear Spanx under wedding dress

If you want to keep your body under control in terms of tucking or shaping, Spanx will help the day go without a glitch in terms of trouble with your underwear.

You should wear Spanx under your wedding dress if you're thinking about creating a slim fit under the dress or keeping your tummy under control. If that is not an issue for you then perhaps the cost of Spanx won't be justified. Instead, you can consider seamless thongs or shorts to avoid VPL only.

What you wear under your wedding dress in panties styles sure to give most brides a headache in terms of keeping them discreet.

Making use of Spanx is sure to stay hidden as they're designed to avoid VPL well keeping you slim for the big day.

You really should know what underwear you're wearing as the big day approaches; when you tried on wedding dresses in the shop.

That way the issues that would arise in the store can be fixed there and then; such as VPL, bulging or bunching up problems.

If you did not consider this little detail when trying on dresses; then don't worry, wear a Spanx thong or try the Spanx shorts to wear under dresses, or more specifically fitted dresses.

Now let's take a look at what you should be considering when thinking about buying and wearing Spanx on the day.

Help keep tummy in control

If you're wondering if you should wear Spanx under your wedding dress to help keep your tummy in control, then absolutely put your trust in Spanx.

Fitted wedding dresses that form to your curves are sure to show up your areas of concern; so Spanx underwear will change that to a comfortable shape.

Its not a guarantee mind you as it depends on your body or shape with just how much tummy you want to keep under control.

However, if you have rolls or love-handles then sure Spanx will do well to keep it all compact, so will make it more presentable under your dress.

Wedding dresses that are loose or don't form to the waist or more accurately, your bum - will need Spanx underwear a little less.

What Spanx to wear under dress

When choosing Spanx over say No VPL thong underwear or seamless boy shorts; style of Spanx underwear still applies.

By that we mean there will be a Spanx thong or full coverage underwear to consider, as one will do better to remove lines over the other.

Options are the Spanx thong which seem to be the most popular with brides.

However, you could go for a panty that is fitted to appear like regular underwear; with various degrees of thigh length.

From there the Spanx underwear styles transform into the Spanx shorts to wear under wedding dresses.

In the short style the spandex sits higher up or near to the knee; benefit to that is the possible appearance of VPL is removed from the bum.

As Spanx shorts vary in lengths they also get higher up the tummy.

So will cover just the bully, fit under the bust or if you want complete control; make it the Spanx bodysuit.

Will prevent VPL under dress

When panty lines are a concern for you under your style of wedding dress, its imperative you get that under control.

The sheer hint of visible panty lines under your dress might spoil your big day in terms of VPL showing up in photographs or under certain lighting.

Spanx will help you reduce the possible visibility of underwear lines by making sure they don't show up under a wedding dress

As it is, its more difficult for VPL to show through a wedding dress as the material is far more robust, so therefore more difficult to see lines through the thicker fabric.

First you should consider wearing a Spanx thong with the higher tummy control design.

So not only will the underwear lines be removed from showing up in obvious areas on the bum; the high waisted design prevents the imprint of the thong clearly seen as its sat in the middle of know where on your bum.

Safe skin tone to stop Spanx showing

If you decide its a Spanx thong or the short kind that should be worn under your wedding dress - always, always make sure its close to your skin tone.

There's little you need to do on your part when picking the right shade as Spanx are all about keeping things tucked in and discreet.

Therefore, you will only have nude colors to select from or if you're a women of color; you might be able to pick out a shade to match your dark skin tone.

The way wedding dresses are designed makes for little chance of the see-through effect, but that is never a guarantee for many reasons.

Atleast among them as you have your picture taken by the professional photographer or with family taking snaps throughout the day, the flash will light up your dress.

Problem is flash photography tends to create a see-through effect so if you're wearing panties of color or prints - they could be seen.

Consider a lacey No Show thong

What Spanx to wear under wedding dress is entirely up to you; but know that they're not always your option, as other styles or brands may be a better fit.

For example, if you're not thinking about keeping your tummy under control; then as Spanx are for mostly that reason, the extra cost may not be worth it.

However, if you intend to keep VPL at bay then sure, Spanx ticks all the right boxes; but so do wearing thongs from other brands.

Take Hanky Panky wedding thongs, designed for brides while being promoted for the big day, so consider this company.

The Hanky Hanky thong collection are well worth it in terms of quality; so can be worn on the day as you continue to wear them thereafter.

You can select low rise or high waisted depending on your dress style; though you will be in good hands if choosing the Hanky Panky original rise thong.

If you want to make sure there's no hint of VPL, then make it a thong panty everytime.


Absolutely, you should wear Spanx under your wedding dress as it will make sure the day goes without a hitch in terms of underwear issues.

Spanx are designed to help keep access skin or your problem areas under control, so only make use of the brand if you want to appear slim.

Don't assume any Spanx underwear will do the trick under your wedding dress, as trouble in terms of them becoming visible still exists.

By that we mean well Spanx do an amazing job in keeping VPL invisible; the wrong fit on the bottom would create lines - or worse still, bulging or bunching up.

To avoid that ever happening to you make it a Spanx thong every time.

If thong underwear is not your style you could make use of the super comfortable yet secure Spanx shorts.

That way no lines will be able to show up around or bum or waist; thus you would have moved it to the mid-thigh where the shorts wrap around the leg.

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