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Woman wearing sports bra with black leggings, thong line is visible

Should you wear a thong with leggings

If you care about people seeing your underwear, thongs must be worn with leggings as nothing else can work so well.

Should you wear a thong with leggings is a resounding yes; leggings are see-through so a thong is the only underwear that goes unseen. Benefits are no VPL but a skin tone thong has to be worn. Upon following the rules thus far, the thong has to be a high rise to match high waisted leggings, and vice-versa.

Of all the reasons to wear a thong, there's no doubt in my mind leggings need a thong more than anything else.

Its how leggings are made that is the problem; in a cotton so thin the likelihood of leggings becoming transparent, is 100% guaranteed.

And when that material around the bottom on leggings stretches out, skin is on show, and so is panties if wearing the full coverage kind.

Panty lines still apply in leggings, so a thong will help reduce VPL, but you'd need to reduce the possibility even more by wearing no show thongs under leggings.

Thongs can be seen under leggings but not if its matches your skin color tone.

But you'll need to make sure the thong is high rise if its a high waisted legging, or a low rise thong if its leggings you wear low on the hips.

So I say have no doubt about your panties being seen by wearing a thong that is seamless and skin tone - but without the fancy trim, seams or stitching that can be seen

To wear a thong with leggings is probably the only reason to wear a thong, with the benefits it brings alone sure outweighs the negatives - which is not a lot.

To reduce Panty Lines you should

You should absolutely wear a thong with leggings if it means keeping underwear lines discreet.

It is possible to go without a thong, but only under rare circumstances. For example a boy short or cheeky that has all the benefits of a certain style of thong underwear.

By that I mean it must be a seamless panty, preferably in a tone that matches your skin; while nude shades are suited for white women, and tan tones are for women of color.

In wearing a thong with leggings, not much can go wrong in terms of your thong being seen - whereas full coverage panties are almost guaranteed to be visible.

Thongs are needed to remove any fabric off the buttocks, because in failing that the full shape of a thong can, or should I say will be seen.

Its all about decency too, to allow underwear to be seen is not nice for people who do see it - but a thong cannot be seen under most circumstances.

Think hard about if you want your thong lines to be seen, because if the thong body cannot be seen, leggings can still allow lines to show up under the light, delicate fabric.

Full panties guaranteed to be seen

Make no mistake when people say you shouldn't wear any type of women's underwear in there full coverage mould.

For sure the panty line can be seen as demonstrated previously, and so can the shape of the style of panty you happen to be wearing - i.e. bikini, hipster, granny panties, etc.

What is worse, the panty can change the shape of your bottom, thus the butt area can appear to look very awkward.

Never wear regular underwear under leggings, unless its the kind that goes up the rear, to some extent.

By that while a thong is better, a type of panty like the cheeky can move with the curves, thus reducing the full shape of the cheeky being clearly seen.

Don't make it any cheeky underwear either, it must be a NO VPL cheeky along with a skin tone that matches your own.

Poorly fitting full panties tend to dig into the skin regardless, thus creating rolls or dents that can be seen on the outside - while enhancing VPL.

color of thong essential

You should wear a thong that cannot be seen by color theme alone, so you need to only wear a skin tone thong under leggings.

Its normal to think a thong is all you need to wear, when in fact more thought needs to not only go into the type of thong, but what color it should be.

And that color should always, always be skin tone to keep the thong as hard to see under see-through leggings as possible.

It really is hard to see skin tone underwear of any kind, much so harder when the thong blends in perfectly with your skin tone.

Common mistake to make too this day is people believing a black thong is to be worn under black leggings - though it couldn't be farther from the truth.

Black thongs are enhanced under black leggings around the derriere as the legging fabric stretches out - so therefore the shade of skin on the buttocks is clearly seen.

Only the black thong doesn't loose color, so is seen better than ever before.

So wear a thong but only if that thong - or g-string - is in a shade of color that is intended or sold under the banner of a skin tone thong.

High rise thong to high waisted leggings

Not only should you wear a thong, and one that is in a skin tone to your own, but it can get a little more complicated.

So do pay close attention here as failing to follow up on this advice can cause the thong to be seen, in its entirety.

You must absolutely wear a high rise thong with a high waisted leggings at all times; less so but vice-versa with a low rise thong matching low waisted leggings.

The idea behind this fashion trick, which also applies while wearing a thong with yoga pants by the way - is to prevent the thong shape being seen.

If you can imagine how much high rise legging covers in the rear towards the upper, lower back - just think of how little area the thong covers, which is barely anything.

Now with that in mind a thong that is a low or regular rise, will centre on the bottom causing it to appear isolated, with the whole thong shape obviously seen to all.

To stop that ever becoming an issue, wear a high rise thong that reaches the elastic waist on the leggings - thus the thong is pulled up as far as it can go - while avoiding the thong not being seen so clearly now.

Thong if butt is NOT covered

Now in recommending a thong with leggings, I am under the impression you are at an age you can indeed wear thongs.

If so then wear a thong only when there's no outer clothing - like a loose top or jacket - that is not covering your bum.

If the top or jacket is not intended to be removed, then you can wear panties of any kind with the bum covered, as the panties VPL or color theme cannot be seen.

However that changes, mostly in the summer time or when its a t-shirt or crop top day when its not possible to cover the bum as fashion deters it when its too hot.

In fact I believe its not very common to see a women or young adult ever wear a top so long, it covers the bum so much.

You will still need to wear a thong even if that shirt or untucked top covers half of the buttocks - as panties can still be seen as you bend, sit or even be just a little bit active.

Similarly, if being active while wearing a thong with leggings, it should be hard for the person to notice a thong as there's only skin shining through under see-through leggings.

Thong can be seen sometimes

Make no mistake, for all the reasons you should wear a thong with leggings, how you wear a thong with leggings is a different matter - as a thong can still be seen.

That is due to the very keen eye behind you, or more likely a major mistake on your part.

To wear a thong with leggings, which you should still do regardless; follow the rule of NO VPL, skin tone thongs only - but it must also match the rise of the leggings.

If your thong is to be seen it could be the skin tone color has a sheen to it, so once the sunshine hits it - which it often does shine on the bum - the person behind you will make out the whole thong shape

Similarly, if its not a seamless thong but a skin tone only, the trim or seams could have a gloss, so will be visible instead.

Often its possible to wear a thong without worrying about VPL, as thong panty lines can be hard to see in a high rise thong, but lines can absolutely be seen if the thong style is enhanced under the delicate cotton leggings are made out of.

On the opposite of that, yoga pants tend to be made in spandex or Lyrca, so its a little hard to see underwear lines of any kind.

The only time a thong under leggings will be seen at its fullest, is when you bend over so much, the fabric around the buttocks will guarantee to be transparent as leggings stretch to it fullest.

To summarize

Its not easy to go without a thong while wearing leggings these days, as you're almost guaranteed to see the full shape of panties, and all its decoration.

Leggings in the highest quality or the cheaper option are see-through regardless, and moreso as you bend over or when the light hits your derriere straight on.

So you have no choice but to wear a thong while wearing leggings.

Benefit to that is no VPL, which still applies in leggings but it needs to be a thong in a skin tone to your own.

To prevent the whole thong style being seen, the thong rise needs to reach up to the elastic waistband on the leggings. Benefit to that is the thong is not isolated a few inches below, making it clear to see under leggings.

Its probably safe to say you'll be wearing leggings without anything covering your bum, but if so the top only fits over half of the buttocks with a loose fit shirt.

You should then wear a thong with leggings as its more important than ever.

Reguler underwear likes to be seen under leggings, and much of the options out there are going to be see-through - so a thong can divert attention away if panties go unseen.

Should you wear a thong with leggings? Absolutely, there is no reason not to wear a thong with leggings if you care about your panties being seen.

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