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Thongs 101: a beginner's guide

Beginners guide to wearing thongs to its full potential, helping you get over first time wearer hurdles while explaining the basic principles of wearing thongs.

Thongs 101 is a beginner's guide that is focused on getting started with thongs. You'll soon learn that seamless thongs matter most, and so does the thong rise. Comfort is in the stretch, as so are 100% cotton or nylon thongs. Thong strap preference matters most but so does knowing what type of thong to buy.

To get off to the best start to wearing thongs early on, is to read up my quick course on how to comfortably, safely and confidently wear thongs.

No other reason to wear a thong can be for comfort or trying different underwear, but what matters more is eliminating VPL with the use of thong underwear.

To do that correctly make it a seamless, or what is known as NO VPL thong, preferably in a skin tone to prevent accidental see-through moments.

You can do more to keep a thong discreet and that is to wear the thong rise that should correspond to the rise of jeans, pants or skirts.

Comfort is in light, soft material a thong should be made in, so make it 100% cotton in PACKs of 5 - a quality, luxury nylon thong can also be a godsend.

Thongs must be comfortable at all times so it can't felt where the strap goes up, so try different thongs until the feeling no longer troubles you.

Buying a thong can lead to all types of thongs with less or more material; less material is better but more material can smooth off the skin, thus avoiding rolls or creases.

So go ahead and read up on my thongs 101, a beginner's guide to wearing thongs with the idea of avoiding first time wearer's common mistakes.

Seamless to reduce VPL more

Begin your love affair with thongs by being a loyal seamless thong wearer; designed with no seams or fancy trim, so its harder to see thong panty lines.

Thongs do have panty lines so its important to focus on this area, just as you would be concerned with VPL in panties - its a continuous learning curve.

But for the most part visible panty lines are no more with the best NO VPL thongs.

There's more to NO VPL, or if you want NO Show thong underwear than being without seams or trim - that is how they are constructed.

Thongs cannot be seamless without the important attribute of the material in use, while the most comfortable thongs are made in cotton, so too are nylon thongs.

Not only will it be a NO VPL thong, but it probably will be made in nylon in a light, soft yet cozy fit stretch fabric.

You'd have no choice but to opt-in for a fuller body thong, as seamless thongs rarely come in the g-string style - so there's little in the way of VPL benefits.

Reason for that is g-strings are just that, strings; so its hard to make a skimpy g-string seamless when there's little to no seams present.

High or Low Rise fit purpose

Right off the ropes a women would buy and wear a thong she simply likes; not any more as fashion in bottoms now dictates low rise or high rise thongs.

What are referred to as regular or original rise thongs, once served as the go-to thong in what would of been 100% cotton, and still are in many respects.

Be sure to take comfort into consideration when wearing thongs in any outfits or just lounging around the home.

But going out in your favorite pants or high waisted jeans will need a thong to match.

The idea of wearing a high rise thong with a equally high waisted jeans, pants or skirt - is the thong is harder to see in terms of VPL.

Worst still, in failing to rise the thong up to the higher position will result in the shape of the thong being see.

Less so in a NO VPL thong but combine that with denim or nylon pants, the whole thong style will be noticeable.

Common mistake is a low rise fit thong worn with high waisted bottoms that would result in the thong being centred on the bottom, with the thong elastic waistband clearly visible.

Comfort is all in the stretch

By all means wear a seamless thong or one that is in the rise to fit your closet, but do so with comfort in mind only.

As seamless thongs tend to be made in a light material but with a cozy fit; its fair to say the thong style is more comfortable today than it ever was before.

So in wearing an outfit that absolutely requires a NO Show thong, wear only this kind to keep the panty lines away.

You do have a little creative control of what thongs you want to wear, any of time of the day - or for example simply lounging around the house or wearing to bed in, which you will end up doing is wear a thong to sleep in, in due course.

Get familiar with the T-SHIRT 'style' thongs made in 100% cotton.

I say t-shirt thongs because thongs can be made in cotton so light, it feels as if you are not wearing anything at all.

Where there is lightness in the fabric comes stretch that is vital for maintaining comfort throughout.

Thongs that are stretchy will help with the strap that rides up the bottom, but so to will it fit more firmly around the waist, without digging into the skin.

Soft, light thong material

Talking about thongs that must have as much stretch as humanly possible, its vital that the material is in a soft, light fabric blend.

Go for 100% cotton thongs all times, but over the course of reading labels in thongs, you'd come to realise cotton is not always what its made of.

And that's just fine because designers will often use cotton where it matters most - and that is in the thong gusset - with use of a cotton blend.

Let's take a look at what is the best material thongs can be made in to be comfortable.

100% Cotton

I'll bring you back to the use of 100% cotton in your thongs again for the sole purpose of this is the single must important material underwear is made in.

It can get uncomfortable at times I admit, but that is due to design and not cotton.

Its harder than ever to buy a 100% cotton thong this day and age by luxury brands, but you'd find its more available in 5-PACK thongs in department stores, for example.

And that's OK because you can find quality fit, quality made thongs sold in stores.


Now it might not come under the name nylon, but a thong made primarily in nylon will not only be comfortable, but it will feel as if its luxury lingerie.

Nylon, or nylon blends can be referred to as Polyamide - used by Victoria's Secret - Elastane or Lycra - including Spandex.

Elastane is commonly used in underwear seams or area's in thongs that need to stretch.

Famous brand using Nylon as the only fabric in their thongs is Hanky Panky, in their luxury yet expensive signature thong collection.

Spandex or Spanx

Lastly, but not necessary in this order is buying and wearing thongs made in Spandex. Its like Nylon only the material blend can vary.

Primary use with Spandex in thongs is tummy control or shaping underwear.

Spanx use a blend of Spandex in their tummy control thongs so should be used if you want to keep the waist tucked in.

Unlike other thongs made in Spandex with a lace or cross-stitch design, Spanx tend to produce thongs in a flat, smooth body as to not be seen under clothing.

More or less thong style

Its all about preference but for most women they prefer the comfort of the full bodied thong and but less so the skimpier, stringy kind.

What I mean by full bodied thongs is that the material that covers the front, back, sides and the thong strap that goes up - is the body part of a thong.

It can appear to be regular panties from certain angles, but the fit covers more skin.

I cannot recommend you go for one type of thong over the other, as it entirely depends on the wearers preference

But I can say women prefer the fuller thong for good reason, as the style is often a better fit than g-strings.

To wear a g-string might be because you prefer the shape more, it could be you want less material over the skin or you could wear both styles equally.

But if you only wear thongs in the g-string kind, it could be you don't get along with fuller thongs that use too much material.

So make up your own mind as a first time thong wearer as the style only depends on the individual.

Type of thong to buy

Don't rush out to buy your first thong until you understand a thong style can matter, that is in terms of comfort or one that cannot show VPL - so let's take a look at your options:

  • Everyday COTTON thongs - Is what to wear all the time, everyday of the week and too bed, 100% cotton thongs are hard to find but must be the primarily fabric
  • Lace, but practical - Example of that is Hanky Panky Signature thongs made in a lace look, but are considered the world's most comfortable thongs
  • Seamless, No Show, NO VPL - Is your single most important issue while buying a thong, a women must have seamless thongs for certain outfits in her closet
  • Tummy control - To keep the tummy under control, a thong designed to rise up and over the tummy will help keep it all tucked in - but is not for everyone
  • Bodysuit thong - Moreso for the fashion conscious young adult, no other reason to wear a thong bodysuit is for it to act as a tucked in top under bottoms
  • Skimpy g-string - Absolutely a g-string can be worn much like a thong, but to wear a g-string over full bodied thongs - it might just be preference over anything else

Rear strap preference

No where else in a thong would your mind wonder over to the strap that goes up the bum, and all the things it can do to you.

You could be thinking if thongs hurt in this area, or moreso how would you prevent the thong getting dirty - but rest assured thong straps are not as troublesome as you would first believe.

Initially, wearing a thong for the first time can take some getting used to, but in days the feeling turns to relief, as you find out its not bad at all.

And its not, a beautifully fitted thong overall will carry the quality over to a comfortable thong strap that goes in-between the buttocks.

Full bodied thongs can vary in width, but expect a centimetre to a inch of material wedged up the butt - but the crumpled up fabric can feel very comfortable, yet can and probably will go unnoticed as you get used to it.

In realising the thong up the bum is not something you wish to continue with, don't give up right away as there is more options.

Why not try to wear a g-string as the skimpier string up the butt might be all you need.

Never ever should the thong strap up the bum be felt or feel uncomfortable, if it does then its a poorly design thong, with only the need to try a new thong to fix the issue.

Fancy decoration to be seen

As you delve deeper into buying and getting more experienced in purchasing thongs, your shopping becomes a little more experimental.

I could also say a little more clumsy, as you consider the cute design moreso over its practicability.

Soon after getting through the stage of buying your first thongs, its not uncommon to see you try different kinds.

Now that is perfectly fine if you understand fancy, too be seen underwear will not go well with outfits the thong was intended for.

In buying thongs always remember a thong can still be 100% seen in regards to VPL or the shape of the thong made out under pants.

Making use of thongs that is made in material that is too thick, has ribbons or bows on - will protrude under flimsy material.

To which I say that thong is not designed for the purpose of women's common visibility issues, so its therefore possible this cute, fun thong will be seen far more than the seamless kind.

Thongs on period

As you begin to wear thongs at an early age it might not be an issue for you at this stage, but a female who has started her period might not consider this until the problem arises.

That is what the heck to do once you start your period while wearing a thong.

Well that can be sorted by having granny panties on standby so you can wear a pad or sanitary towel with ease.

But there are times a thong must be worn while on your period so what can you do?

Don't despair as you can wear a thong on your period, moreso its possible to wear a thong with a pad - or a tampon with little issues.

It can take a while to get used to but a midi pad or a thong panty liner designed to go in the gusset of the thong is what you'll need to use.

Nice little hack for you is in failing to keep a thong clean of all matter, why not simply wear a pad when times are hard to deal with spillages.

At some point you'll realise you'd need to deal with wearing a pad on your period with the little material the thong as to offer you, but rest assured its a tricky time but can be overcome with practice.

To summarize

In my quick introductory to wearing thongs for the first time, I have explained how NO VPL or seamless thongs will need to be bought over regular, everyday thongs.

Rise of the thong matters for those who wear high or low waisted jeans or pants; as to prevent the shape of the thong being seen underneath.

Its all about comfort, so a thong cannot be a comfortable fit unless it has a lot of stretch.

That is helped with thongs made in a soft, light material with 100% cotton being the better option - with a cotton gusset moreso.

Other materials a thong must be made in, is nylon or a nylon blend, which is what the world's most comfortable thongs are made in.

Buy a thong with a fuller body to cover more skin, or if you prefer the g-string then that could be what you should wear.

Its all about preference in thongs but it matters more than ever on how a thong fits up the rear, as fabric should never be felt up there.

Don't make the mistake of buying thongs for the purpose of not being seen, to only then buy thongs with bows or ribbons that can be seen.

Its quite the task to get used to thongs but I hope my useful beginner's guide to wearing thong as explained away common concerns you may of had.

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