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Women wearing thong and a cheeky

Thongs or Cheekies

Choosing between wearing thongs or cheekies shouldn't be too difficult if you'd like to wear both styles, though the lifespan of a thong is more rewarding than cheekies.

If its a choice between thongs or cheekies then its the thong that wins the battle between comfort or avoiding VPL. Thongs can be extremely comfortable yet still hidden from view due to how they fit up the bum. Cheekies are far more material than you need, thus lines show and so does bunching up.

Its really only the style in the rear that truly distinguishes the thong to the cheeky, and that's only because the side or front appearance can appear similar.

How the cheeksters vs thongs battle pan out is how they fit in the rear in terms of comfort, well both can have a level discomfort, they can also be very comfortable.

However, its the thong that will cause less issues as the material designed to go up the bum will stay put.

Cheekies on the otherhand can fit in the rear in many ways; with more movement or wedges a likely occurrence if choosing the indifferent cheeky underwear over thongs.

You could also choose one over the other with how they respond to VPL; again the thong should be worn to avoid VPL showing up unexpectedly.

During the time of month you have to think about how to fit a sanitary towel; so well thongs can be worn on your period while making use of thong panty liners...

Cheekies have the all important gusset width to fit all types of sanitary products.

Read ahead as we outline the pro's and con's of wearing thongs over cheekies, or vice-versa - though it must be said we recommend thongs every time.

Style you should choose

If you're pitting cheeky panties vs thongs, why not try them both as they both serve a purpose in terms of various comfort levels.

However, if we were to personally recommend thongs or cheekies for you, we would go for the thong everytime.

The only trouble with that is, its not about us, its all about you and your needs.

If you wish to avoid panty lines through your bottoms then obviously the thong would be what you wear.

They will help reduce lines in all outfits well doing one better to avoid underwear showing through leggings - though its recommended you wear thongs with yoga pants, as the spandex is sure to show VPL.

The idea of wearing cheekies with leggings or yoga pants can be worn if choosing the no VPL kind, though cheekies are sure to show lines as they cut across the butt.

How styles fit around on the rear

Let's face it, when comparing thongs to cheekies there's no doubt that the styling in the rear that differentiates the thong and cheeky more then anything else.

And its this fitting in the rear that can make or break the underwear in regards to comfort.

Well thongs have a thicker strap if its a conventional thongs or indeed a g-string, there's no mistaking the more coverage in the cheeksters.

However, if we were to choose one style over the other in comfort, we would have to go for the thong with the wider thong strap design riding up the butt.

Cheeky underwear serve there purpose but if it was for everyday use, thongs win hands down for comfort well avoiding the VPL issue.

Difference in the side fit

Often women will choose the underwear based on how it fits on the sides. The wearing of tanga style underwear is made up of a string or elasticated waistband, so therefore there's less material.

Though it must be said the thong can be just a string or wider elasticated waistband, or more commonly - appear to be regular underwear with a near identical fit.

Cheekies on the otherhand are not to be worn if you don't want to much material on the sides, thus increasing the odds of bunching up.

Where the fitting of thongs or cheekies on the sides matter is in fitted clothing.

While wearing tight fitted, nylon type pants or skirts, to large sides could show up well forming the shape of the underwear.

So here is where women wear thongs to keep lines under control on the sides.

Almost identical fit in front

How thongs or cheekies fit or appear in the front can vary widely, though they could also be identical so there's no telling them apart.

If you were to wear say a comfortable Hanky Panky thong or a cheeky, the appearance in the front in either style have no tell in regards to the shape.

That won't be true though if the thong was indeed a high cut thong as the crotch is narrower well pulled up - that design style won't occur on a cheeky.

So which is more comfortable in the front; well we would have to give the prize to the cheeky underwear as the comfort with security is unmistakable.

That's not to say thongs fit beautifully around the groin and over the crotch; its just you can't go wrong with the full fit of cheekies or cheeksters - whatever you want to call them.

Cheekies have VPL, thongs don't

If we were to talk about the biggest flaws in either pairs, then that would be the trouble with VPL with the cheeky increasing the likelihood of visible panty lines.

So in selecting if a cheeky or thong is for you; know that the cheeky is bound to show up VPL due to the way it fits across the butt.

If its a cheeky that is to be worn with leggings or yoga pants, then that is a big mistake to make to begin with.

So always wear a thong with tight fitted, snug to the bum pants or skirts.

For sure, thongs can be seen under clothing in terms of visible thong lines, but those lines are reduced if its the No VPL thongs you can buy.

It also depends on the thong style, so its not a one style for wearing under all clothing as you need to pick a thong that best reduces visibility.

Our conclusion

So there you have it, if it was up to us we would suggest you wear thongs over cheekies, as VPL can only be avoided while wearing thongs.

Cheekies can be worn if the outfit allows it, but thongs can be worn every day with all outfits, thus causing little issues as you go about your day.

Thong styles fit differently but if you've selected a good set, the thong will happily sit where its suppose too, whereas the cheeky can move and felt over the course of the day.

Problems that happen in cheekies that don't with thongs is with wedgies if the fit up the bum is all wrong, or bunching up which shows up the underwear in all the wrong ways.

Will say it again, absolutely go for thongs as there's more positives then cheekies.

Not only can the best thongs be comfortable, but what other underwear styles can guarantee the reduction or complete removal of panty lines.

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