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Too young to wear a thong

Deciding if a girl is too young for thongs can only be accepted or rejected by the parent, but it will be in her preteens that she would need a firm answer.

When a girl is too young to wear a thong would be to know how mature she is, personal hygiene and needs. Bad hygiene would only lead to health issues while wearing a thong, with her stating genuine reason to wear thongs; that could be for competitive dance or for avoiding VPL in spandex sport shorts.

Young girls become interested in wearing thongs as soon has they see mom or big sis wearing them.

While others will see thongs as a torture device, interest will only increase as they see the reasons for thongs later in life.

Interest blossoms in junior high (year 6 in UK) as they see friends or others in thongs, that's before the issue of VPL arises with thongs being the only variable solution.

So with that in mind you should probably hold off permitting her to wear thongs at such a young age as not many of her peers will be wearing them - so would appear odd and perhaps cause for teasing.

That wouldn't be true if a great deal of friends wore thongs in or out of school, so not wearing thongs just may result in unwanted attention, strangely.

It really is a minefield it really is; so allow us to explain our reasons for allowing a girl at age 12 or older to wear thongs, for reasons that are hard to ignore.

To young to buy it themselves

One reason why a girl shouldn't wear thongs is if she is to you to buy a thong, or not old enough to visit the store to buy a thong herself.

That is not a stone cold reason as girls as young as 8 or 9 year old this day and age are allowed to go shopping alone.

However, we're referring to girls you who intend to go off shopping to by clothes with friends; so that is more for teenage girls rather than preteens or younger.

When a girl arrives at the counter in-store its only here that she will be served, but due to her age its possible the salesperson could reject the purchase.

Its not generally a store policy but its known while thongs we at there peak in the early 00's; people behind the till wouldn't feel comfortable serving a young girl with thongs.

So thongs are rejected by some salespeople or accepted by others.

Still at a bad personal hygiene age

You know when a young girl, or more specifically girls you may know such as your young sister, a niece or perhaps your own daughter wants a thong if you're are the parent.

Raising them or growing up with a young sibling or daughter is the only possible way you can understand about her personal hygiene.

Sisters or cousins know spending so much time with one another; while parents do there laundry or helping them in the bathroom.

So if the young girl in question has poor personal hygiene, namely she continuously has skidders in her panties or knickers...

Than that should be a good reason why she should not wear a thong, bad hygiene.

Its only when a girl starts caring about personal hygiene she will be ready to wear thongs or alteast until she is granted permission.

Youngest age that will be acceptable

When we talk about young girls who wear thong we're referring to those in there preteens or worse still, those approaching that age.

Its very normal for girls of a young age to become interested in thongs as its something they become accustom to while seeing there mom, older cousin or sister wear them as they grow up.

But if we were to put a best age on when is too young to wear a thong, that is a difficult question to say the least.

First and foremost, there could be a reason to wear a thong, such as if your teen is currently taking dance so wishes to avoid underwear line.

So girls 11 years old or younger should not be an issue; though age 12 and above might have genuine reasons to wear thongs as the dance outfits has little protection.

Reasons why young girls wear thongs

Reason we think why you should let your daughter wear thongs would be while the 12 year old is competing in competitive sports or dance.

At 12 years old girls become wary about underwear lines so the issue of avoiding VPL becomes a serious issue and an ongoing topic - so the mention of thongs are raised.

So if VPL does become an issue it could be a genuine reason to allow for a thong.

That is only if the outfit calls for it in serious sports or dance competitions, or perhaps on the rare occasion her pants, dress, skirt, jeans or fitted yoga pants require a thong.

Reasons to allow a younger girl to wear thongs are:

  • Dancing - is a genuine reason to wear thongs so is not usually rejected by parents as quick changes are going nude or with a thong to cover up while switching outfits
  • Under leotard - Dance again or sports but a high leg thong could be worn as extra protection under a leotard for perhaps when she is on her period
  • To prevent VPL in spandex shorts - in sports or gym in school, the only way to keep full coverage panties discreet is actually switching to thongs

Mothers preferred first thong age

If we look at polls or online survey results in the past 15 or so years; all results point to moms allowing there daughters to wear thongs for the first time at age 13 or older.

Polls would show interest in thongs a 11 or younger, well the older the girl is, the answer to the question 'yes, I would allow my daughter to wear thongs' increases by age.

Its then around 13 years old the polls or survey's skyrocket as parents tend to accept the wearing of thongs about here.

Said polls also suggest older then 13 years moms usually agree the daughter becomes old enough to pick and choose her own underwear style - be it a thong or cheeky.

Do moms prefer there daughters at 13 years to start wearing thongs?

Well not really, it must be said most parents would prefer there daughters had no interest in thongs at all, but what can they do.

Wearing thongs behind there mothers back

It must be said one of the most popular stolen items by teenage girls is actually thong underwear, followed by small knickknacks.

That is due to the girl being to scared to ask for thongs so would either pay for it behind her mothers back, or worse still...

Will result in steeling thongs with friends if they have no money.

However, its more than possible your daughter would of purchased or obtains the thong she might own genuinely.

Though that is not to say you will know anything about it; as your daughter might own a thong secretly well washing and wearing it without you ever finding out.


What age is too young for thongs would probably be under twelve years old, and while 12 is still a young age, reasons to start wearing thongs tend to be genuine.

Not only are 12 year olds more concerned with VPL or underwear issues at this age; the wearing of a thong is brought on by peer pressure.

Girls under 12 will unlikely need a thong but that is not to say they shouldn't wear one if the outfit for dance or competitive sports requires it.

If she's too young to buy a thong then perhaps she is to young for thongs. That being said young girls do shop on there own well bringing new thongs home.

Regardless of age, if she has poor personal hygiene down there, then there's absolutely no reason for wearing a thong.

Only when she's grown up to care about fashion and, or hygiene she may be ready.

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