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Women showing her red Calvin Klein thong under jean shorts

Trendy knickers (to wear in 2020)

If you want to know what are the trendiest knickers going into the new year, then allow us to reveal the options to you.

Trendy knickers in 2019 going into 2020 are high waisted, seamless or skin toned knickers, usually in the thong style. Lacie thongs that have a wide-waistband are worn by the young crowd, so are sport type thongs with printed waistbands displaying the brand name, which are popular with influencers

Trendy knickers have a number of attributes that go into them; least among them are the high waisted kind so they can be seen over jeans.

That is mostly the sports thong styles with the branded waistband, which is in contrast with the body color of the knickers, often not seen.

At this moment in time, lacie thongs that are similar to Hanky Panky lacie thongs are worn often for the young or mature market.

However, its the wide lace-waistband that sets them apart from any lace thong; so if it has the wide band, its a lace thong that is popular to wear.

The types of knicker styles that are popular could also be cheekies with the lace trim, and so are the regular knickers with a little cheekiness.

Say no to mixed colors or floral prints in knickers as its not a theme that is currently trending at this time.

Instead stay with bold colors in black, grey or white, but so are bright colors in pink or purple are popular at the moment.

If you want to solve the mystery of trendy knickers, simply walk into any knicker shops on the high street and see which knickers are dominating the most seen spot on the racks.

Popularity of high waisted thong

Figleaves Invisible high waist thong

Regardless of the type of knickers chosen, its the high waisted kind that most women will go for every time.

Take this Figleaves Invisible high waist thong [pictured] as you'll notice this particular thong style is high waisted in the tummy covering design.

Reason for that is so the thong, g-string, bikini or hipster style brief will fit to the height of the outer wear.

No biggy most of the time, but under certain circumstances this will help to reduce the likelihood of the whole knicker shape becoming visible.

If wearing high waisted knickers in full brief style that would be the reason to wear it high.

However, if you're the kind of women to wear high waisted thongs; then its possible you're looking for ways to avoid VPL, including the shape of the thong showing through.

Seamless knickers

Sloggi Zero Microfibre hipster

If you're serious about reducing VPL in your bottoms, then turn to the no show, or no VPL knickers in any style.

However, its not that simple, take this Sloggi Zero Microfibre hipster. Perfect right, well it may be the seamless kind but the hipster style won't help with VPL very much.

The blame lies firmly on the shape of the knickers; so if its anything else other than a thong, it will be hard to hide VPL.

Seamless thongs don't have any fabric on the bum at all, whereas the full brief underwear style [pictured] is sure to show up knicker lines.

And if its doesn't show up lines, a to tight fit full brief is likely to create an imprint, thus showing up the entire shape of the knickers currently being worn.

Contrast in fabric styles

Figleaves Fantasie Katie Brief

Rise in the popularity of contrast in the material used in knickers is trending in knickers right now.

And while that is not new, for example its seen in cotton knickers with lace frilly seams; the style can go a little farther than that now.

Contrast in lace-look frills with a nylon body in this Figleaves Fantasie Katie Brief [pictured] is a good example of making use of two completely different fabrics.

You'll notice the lace-look edging that is stitched to the seams on the waistband will end up being part of the area that runs over the bum cheeks.

Example similar to this is in cheekies, whereas the cheekie is mostly made up of cotton on the body, where the lace makes up the rest of it.

In knickers like this, if you were to remove the lace part the cheeky or brief style would be so much different - so much so that it could end up a bit too cheeky or a thong.

Lacie thongs

Hanky Panky Signature lace low rise thong

Not lacie thongs of yesteryear we might add, which was in a time when it was normal to wear lace thongs that are more uncomfortable than practical to wear.

Lacie thongs today are designed very differently; stitched in soft cotton or nylon as demonstrasted with this popular Hanky Panky Signature lace low rise thong, with an original rise or high waisted style available.

Thongs made in lace don't use hard, non-stretch material anymore, but instead choose to create the crisscross stitch in cotton, without which would be unbearable.

What makes a lace thong what it is today is in the wide-waistband made in a soft stretch as to avoid material rolling up or digging in.

Same goes for the soft lace thong strap that rides up the bum; in lace thongs such as Hanky Panky or similar designs, you'll notice a pattern with a wad of material designed to ride up, but its that scrunching up that makes them comfortable thongs to wear.

Wide-waistband knickers

Calvin Klein Modern cotton thong

Not so much the wide lace-waistband as previously mentioned; so here we're talking about trendy wide, elasticated knicker waistbands.

Example of that is this Calvin Klein Modern cotton thong [pictured] with the brand allowed to be visible over the jeans or shorts.

Young adults or women interested fashion will wear mostly jeans or denim shorts where the waistband of there knickers are revealed.

Current trends set for the white waistband with branding or prints to be visible whereas the style of knickers are kept discreet; yet the color of the body is seen so is in contrast with mix colors.

Wide-waistbands like this are usually developed in a harder fabric that is designed to stay put around the waist.

Sport theme knickers

Calvin Klein cotton hipster

Where your knickers are not supposed to be seen but given a chance they could over the waistband a little, its only sport branded knickers that are seen.

Again there's no telling if its a thong or boy shorts, as the usually bright white thick waistband can only be seen just about.

Its never intentional but it can happen as the popularity of high waisted knickers only go and raise the waistband above the jeans.

Imagine the waistband of this trendy Calvin Klein cotton hipster showing over jeans; you'll have no idea it was a hipster - despite it appearing to be a little too cheeky in the rear.

Sports brands that are likely to be seen over others are Puma or Calvin Klein, so expect the knickers in question to be grey with a white waistband.

Cheekies if NO thongs

Victoria's Secret stretch cotton lace waist cheeky

Not all women want to wear a thong or g-string so an alternative might be in order; so that is when women turn to cheekies as a compromise to the thong.

Cheeky underwear is still trending among the young crowd so won't be looked down at all if seen while changing or accidentally shown over the waistband.

Cheekies that continue to be popular are like this Victoria's Secret stretch cotton lace waist cheeky or in other similar shapes and styles.

You'll notice much of the fabric is made up of lace on the edging with a cotton or nylon body, which seems to be the trend if there's a contrast in material.

Cheekiness of the cheeky is not important, but if you make it cheeky knickers then know this is the style that is trending as we head into 2020.

Branded waistbands

Calvin Klein ultimate cotton bikini knickers

If you intend to expose the waistband of your new trendy knickers intentionally; know that its only well known brands that matter.

Not often you will see the waistband of a women's knickers shown on purpose to then only be a brand that no one is familiar with.

There's no mistaking this grey Calvin Klein ultimate cotton bikini knickers with the branded waistband in a large stitch.

Similarly, when the branding is shown you can guarantee its printed in big fonts, so expect to be able to recognize the brand of knickers from across the street.

When the waist band is shown, you'll expect to see those of:

  • Puma: knickers that will be shown in this famous sports brand would make use in grey knickers with a black waistband
  • Calvin Klein: again a brand that is well known worldwide with their current range of high waisted thongs available with wide-waistbands
  • Victoria's Secret: little less seen than others but not on purpose, when VS branding is seen it wasn't intentional
  • PINK: belong to VS so if this wording is seen, it probably wasn't expected, regardless the PINK brand is highly popular with the wide-waistband style
  • Pretty Little Thing: is a brand that has risen in popularity on social media as a means for influencers to promote their stuff, by wearing it on video

Bold colors, no to prints

Chantelle soft stretch thong

Something that is not so popular at the minute is not so much in the styling, but the color theme chosen to be worn.

The name of the game in trendy knickers must only be worn in bold colors with no prints, so absolutely no to floral designs.

If you're not wearing the sport grey knickers, then its black that are among the trendiest colors to wear in knickers.

Example of this is this Chantelle soft stretch thong made in the seamless style.

That's followed by white or pink knickers, including dark tone underwear.

Reason why floral prints have fallen out of favor is due to keeping knickers discreet; so failing to wear a color match could result in them being seen through material.

That is also true for bold colors, so with that in mind you need to make use of skin tone knickers.

Popular with influencers

Calvin Klein thongs with white waistbands

If you really want to know what are the most trendy knickers to wear in 2019 well going into 2020, simply follow influencers on social media.

By that we mean models, reality TV stars (including the Kardashians) and young adults who have built up a big following on YouTube or Instagram respectively.

Well it is largely to do with influencers only who are looking to make a living; they will try-on so to trendy knickers or clothes that are sent to them by the seller.

Its not always random as there apple-shape bodies tend to favor knicker styles over others, in which case Pretty Little Thing are seen more often then not in try-on videos.

When its just influencers with big followings as they record general lifestyle videos; you'll notice they grab your attention by being half naked in the featured image.

Of which they will be seen wearing the trendy high waisted grey Puma or Calvin Klein thongs with white waistbands [pictured].


Trendy knickers that women find popular in 2019 are high waisted or seamless for mostly practical reasons - such as avoiding VPL or knickers being seen.

In which case it would be high waisted so the thong or full brief is not isolated on the bottom, whereas the lines are reduced with no show styles.

That is farther reinforced by making use of skin tone knickers to blend in with your skin.

Lacie thongs are very popular at the moment so you might seen them with the crisscross stitch with a wide-waistband and wide strap that scrunches up between the bum cheeks.

If you're still not sure, then you only need to look up Hanky Panky Signature thongs.

Where the knickers are not made in the only lace or cotton; its the knickers that have contrasting material that do well - especially cheeky knickers with a cotton or nylon body with a lace trim.

Knickers that are also trending are specifically Calvin Klein high rise thongs, in grey with their branding on a white waistband.

Which also happens to be the brand often seen worn by well known Instagram or YouTube influencers.

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