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Underwear Trivia

Got something on your mind related to women's underwear, panties or bras; then allow us to give you then answer with underwear trivia.

Published 2nd June 2021

Hipster briefs meaning

Meaning of the hipster is just that, to sit low rise around the waist; a hipster will fit just above the pubis while just about covering the crack of the bum.

Published 28th May 2021

Difference between French and Brazilian Knickers

Difference between both cheeky knickers is that Brazilian knickers can appear to be regular briefs, with French cut fitting more like sexy, lace shorts.

Published 17th May 2021

Boy shorts vs cheekies

Pitting boy shorts against cheekies reveal a big difference; but while a boy short fits like full briefs, cheeky underwear exposes the buttocks.

Published 30th April 2021

Cheekini vs Cheeky underwear

Difference between a cheekini vs cheeky underwear is cheekini appear to be bikini style panties, revealing a little cheek, whereas cheekies go in the bum.

Published 14th April 2021

Knickers vs Panties

If you are looking to find out the difference between the two, there really is not much separating knickers or panties, as they mean the same thing.

Published 29th March 2021

Difference between Panty and Brief

Difference between panties and briefs is very little, panties mean female underwear only whereas briefs is used less so, but can refer to both sexes.

Published 29th March 2021

British word for underwear

Up to nine slang words used in Britain to describe male or female underwear, but that is a shorted list to a handful for terms used in conversation.

Published 1st February 2021

Why are thongs called g-strings

Why people call thongs g-strings is simply because they don't know the difference, or it could be that the terms are used interchangeably in US and UK.

Published 23rd December 2019

Boyshorts vs Hipsters

While boyshort underwear is geared towards the young crowd thanks to its hip design; hipsters are reliable undies for women of all ages.