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Underwear Trivia - Page 2

Published 23rd December 2019

Hipster vs cheeky Underwear

Cheeky underwear shows up the bottom of bum cheeks, so has a thinner gusset; well the hipster has a wider gusset so there's more coverage.

Published 23rd December 2019

Thongs or Cheekies

If it was a choice between thongs vs cheekies we go for the thong every time; cheekies have there place but thongs are more comfortable.

Published 23rd December 2019

What is a cheeky underwear

Cheeky underwear is designed in a way to expose the bum cheeks on the lower section, so material can be seen in or out of the bum.

Published July 12th 2012

What is whale tail thong?

Whale tail happens when a girl bends over or sits and her thong is exposed, where the top of the thong is in the shape of a whale's tail.