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Assorted pastel knickers

Types of knicker styles (with pictures)

Did you know there's up to eighteen knicker styles to consider over the course of your life, with knicker types varying from full coverage briefs to a little more cheeky.

The types of knickers listed are thongs, strings, control, the cheeky kind to bodysuit's with the various full brief styles. Where it matters most is how knickers fit in the rear; so expect the shape to accommodate the bum with less fabric for more to be exposed - as we explain it all in our knicker style guide.

The different types of knickers available are classed as six types with up to eighteen styles of knickers to fit with all shapes and sizes.

In the types of thongs available, cuts in the high or low rise serve to keep VPL under control so would be used for avoiding panty lines.

Same goes for the little skimpy strings; with options including the classic g-string to the v-shaped string, the t-back string and the naughty micro string thong.

If its keeping your access fat under control, then turn to tummy control knickers in styles that include the thong, full brief, full body control - or reliable shorts the best option.

In the mood for something a little cheekier; then take a look at cheeky underwear or the Brazilian style knickers for showing off your bum cheeks a little or more.

Did you know bodysuit's can act as the top part of the outfit whilst the bottom half is used as full brief or thong underwear.

That depends on the wearer though as it must be said the thong style helps remove VPL a lot or only reduce it if its the seamless kind

Finally, that will take you to the huge number of classic full brief knickers available; from the classic bikini to the boy short; to the hipsters or midi to tanga and shortie knickers.

We hope you'll dive a little deeper with knicker styles explained in more detail - with the different types of knickers with pictures included.

Different types of knickers infographic

Infographic of all types of knickers or panties
The most complete infographic of all types of women's everyday knickers or more sexy lingerie found in her underwear drawer. You can view the full image here in 1821 x 2303.


Probably the popular type of knickers with the young crowd; make it a thong for staying comfortable, avoiding VPL and bunching up otherwise caused by regular underwear.

High leg

High leg thong

Rise in popularity in the high leg thong is largely to do with modern fashion needs. That is in clothes that need underwear to tie in with the waistband height.

So take a high leg, or more commonly known as a high waisted thong, will take the elasticated band up and around the waist where your jeans or yoga pants sit.

Not only will this help to keep VPL more discreet; there's no lines or marks caused from the waistband, leg holes or other parts that show up if the thong is isolated on the bum.

High leg thongs can be used as extra protection under leotards or running bodysuits; so really do have there uses - even if its for women who just prefer the high cut thong style.

Low rise

Low rise thong

Unlike the recent popularity in high waisted thongs, the low rise kind have seen a steady demand for decades and so will be the style women will pick over others the most.

Low rise thongs sit far below the natural waistline or on an area that is around the upper hips - so perfect for running shorts, low rise jeans or pants.

Failing to wear a low rise thong with low rise trousers or skirts will result in the high rise thong poking over the waistband to say hello.

Depend on the low rise thong to stay where it belongs, hidden under most outfits.


Body thong

What you can wear the thong bodysuit with is endless due to its usefulness of keeping VPL discreet, whilst as the same time you can wear it with anything.

Thong bodysuit's top half should appear like a fitted shirt; only it continues to fit under your pants or jeans into a thong shape - unbeknown to anyone.

However, the thong part under your jeans or trousers will act as underwear with the bonus of helping you to avoid VPL - so don't wear thong underwear under thong bodysuit's.

All in one thong bodysuit's are a temple in current fashion trends, so style it with bottoms where you want the tucked in style.


Control thong

Low rise or high rise thongs in the control thong style knickers is largely made in the high rise kind, but with a difference.

Tummy control thongs are for just that, keeping your tummy or rolls under control.

So as the thong rises high over the belly or farther up under the bust; the leg style still fits low as to catch access skin or rolls.

Largely made in spandex or nylon; Spanx are a popular brand of control knickers with their thongs helping you avoiding VPL at the same time.


G-string styles vary differently while classed as strings. G-strings would have a very little v-shape panel in the rear; it might be only strings itself; or could be a brandable cut-out v.



G-strings are what women wear if they like thongs but prefer less material. More so if there's less fabric riding up, so will opt for the string over a wad of material in thongs.

Wearing g-strings can be comfortable as thongs; but they're less popular due to the style not being for every women.

G-string styles will still help you avoid VPL, though it must be said hiding that V-shape above the butt crack is difficult to say the least.

Strings that make up the waistband can also be hard to keep discreet as they tend to dig into the skin, making is obvious to see under bottoms.



The v-string is a thong or g-string with a 'V' in place of the 'G.' And that's about it, there's not much difference between the regular g-string to the v-string.

OK, so there is a little: where the g-string has a V shape in the rear made up of fabric, the V shape is just that so has no material inside the V panel, only the seams, so you can see skin through the upside down triangle.

That makes up a perfect v-shape so that is where it gets its name from.

Victoria's Secret sort of jumped on the v-string panty name as its fits in with their brand name - but in the end its just a g-string with no material in the rear v-shape section.

T-Back String

T-back string

OK so the t-back string is a little different to the g-string you've come to know, as being a style of string that only has a panel of cotton covering the front or crotch section.

Where the elasticated waistband fits around the waist it comes to a t-shape in the centre of the rear, before the string rides into the bum.

So that is where the t-back name comes from, which is the t-shape design in the rear.

T-back thongs do a marvelous job of keeping underwear lines discreet as there's little to no material to show up - just strings with a t-shape - or a T junction if you like.

Micro Thong

Micro thong string

Micro thongs are not for the faint hearted, nor are they mainstream underwear you'll see the every day women wearing.

The micro thong appears like a g-string with a little material like a thong. It does not fit like normal strings either, so instead curves up and over the hips due to it sitting so low.

Where the micro thong sits low around the crotch, its made so small there's just enough material to cover the vagina, so the straps have to rise up and fit around the waist.

The type of women who wear micro thongs are those doing fashion shoots or have a glamour type profile - micro thongs are not what most women wear due to lack of comfort.


Secret behind control knickers is a fit that rises up over your tummy; that way the belly is kept smooth as the control function can raise higher or lower down the thighs.

Full body

Full body control knickers

Fully body control underwear is designed to be just that; to completely cover your body from the bust to the mid thigh.

There're various styles but most will be made in the short style with the lower end made in all lengths; well higher up the body control underwear can cover up over your boobs.

Make use of full body shorts if your trouble areas on the body need to be smoothed out all over - sp no more wrinkles, no more rolls of fat.

Well it can be worn with fitted bottoms and a top; you'll get the most out of the control body with a slim fit dress for a wedding or special occasion.


Control briefs

You can still have the comfort of your full briefs with the tummy control style knickers that are simply designed to fit higher up over the tummy.

Whereas full brief control pants help with keeping the tummy under control, they still won't help with VPL which you'll get in regular full brief knickers.

Control briefs will help keep things slim under clothing around the belly, hips and waist; so even with a popular brand like Spanx, its hard to prevent lines.

So go for tummy control briefs if you wish to carry on with the style you adore most, but need to smooth out your body parts.


Control short

Modesty is the key to control shorts so are useful for wearing under dresses; such as wedding dresses or the bodycon style.

Control shorts are designed to smooth out your thighs higher up on the legs or various degrees of length down your legs.

While they appear to be normal shorts in the skin tone with no seams; the shorts can be made to fit higher or lower on the tummy.

Wearing control shorts will insure you keep those wrinkles or rolls under control, in an area that is sure to show under a fitted dress or a high waisted pencil skirt.


Control thong

Control thongs will fit in a way that appear to be regular thong underwear, only the thong band continues to rise over the belly.

You don't have to neglect the trouble with VPL or bulging effect when wearing thongs; so make it one that does all that plus keeping your tummy tucked in.

Thongs in the control style, especially those from Spanx are made in a light spandex with no seams, so VPL is reduced hugely.

Wear a control thong under anything you desire, but make it so its high waisted, a dress or jumpsuit as to prevent the thong poking out over your bottoms.


Cheeky kind of underwear are a type of knickers that fit in and out of the bum, so with the cheeky or Brazilian, the lower to mid bum cheeks are exposed.


Cheeky underwear

Cheekies fit in a way that is comfortable yet can still be incredibly painful if wearing the wrong kind.

When cheeky underwear fits well it will show a little bum at the bottom before curving into the cheeks, yet still allows for material to be exposed out of the crack.

Cheekies will form to the bum beautifully as to not allow the cheeky underwear to be seen if wearing fitted jeans, skirts or trousers.

Well cheeky knickers can fit well, know that the fit across the bum can show VPL, so make it the seamless cheeky style if you can.


Brazilian knickers

Brazilian knickers are a complicated mess really; in so many ways its hard to pick out a Brazilian knickers style that doesn't replicate one pair to the next.

What we consider to be a Brazilian knicker is one that fits like full briefs in the front to only then curve into the bum half way up the bum cheeks.

Making Brazilian knickers fit comfortable would rely on the style, so make it one that doesn't bunch up so much in the butt.

Brazilian style knickers will have various degrees of cheekiness; so will be less cheeky farther down the bum, before rising up as more bum cheeks are exposed.


Bodysuit's in thong or full coverage styles help you match up bottoms to a nice top that is substituted with use of a more beautiful bodysuit.


Thong bodysuit

Whenever you want to wear a gorgeous pair of jeans or trousers with a fitted top; make it the thong bodysuit style.

Benefits to the thong bodysuit is that you will still be able to keep VPL under control, thanks to the thong style.

But be warned that relies heavily on the thong body style; so make it one that has no or hard to see seams or edging with little material riding up the bum as possible.

High waisted thong bodysuit's should be worn with high waisted outfits, whereas low rise thong bodysuit's can be used with low slung bottoms.

Full Brief

Full brief bodysuit

Bodysuit's worn by women that are the full coverage kind are either wearing an outfit that won't show VPL, or they don't like the thong kind.

Full brief bodysuit's don't fit well on a women's body as the thong style would due to the way it sits under the cheeks, creating an unflattering look and feel.

Bodysuit's with full coverage, regardless of low or high cut must consider how it would look around the bum, as bodysuit's can lift the bum cheeks, thus rising the bum in a way that won't look nice.

So if you want to keep those knicker lines discreet at all times, even while wearing a bodysuit - consider the thong style bodysuit first.

Full Brief

Full coverage knickers are your go to undies growing up in a time when you knew very little else, later in life you'd start to try other knicker styles, forgetting the full brief forever.

Classic Bikini

Classic bikini

Oh yes the classic bikini knickers worn by the biggest margin of all other types; that is of course until girls reach the teens or adulthood so slowly move away from this style.

Classic bikini's are what women of all ages are accustom too growing up and will not be interested in other styles until later.

The classic bikini is a safe pair of knickers in regards to design; so well its full coverage, its far from being an ugly granny panty... or granny knickers.

Bikini styles fit the same with less material in the side but still with full coverage in the back and front - with or without a stylish elasticated waistband.



Boyshorts, or boy shorts - we really don't know - are shorts similar too boy's underwear, hence the name, though redesigned to fit the female body.

Without these all important adjustments, boyshorts would simply be too uncomfortable to where.

So where the change is redesigned is in the front; where boys have room for there willy; the extra room has to be removed to accommodate the women's shape.

Boy shorts are popular among the young crowd so would be picked over full coverage knickers - though it must be said there are different levels of cuts that could result in a little cheekiness.

Girl Boxers

Girl boxers

Girls boxers overtime have fizzled out of women's underwear drawers to be replaced with something a little more trendy, for example boy shorts.

Today women of all ages will pick the girl boxer to wear to bed; so therefore is used as sleepwear rather than underwear.

Boxers for women really do replicate boxers intended for men or boy's; with a mid or high thigh style with buttons to imitate an opening on the crotch.

All in girls coloring though with pink or purple waistbands or buttons, and probably a little tighter come to think of it.


Midi knickers

Midi knickers could be mistaken for granny panties or something of that kind; as they really do appear that way.

Midi styles are like shorts or hipster knickers with full coverage in the bum as well has around the hips.

Where you'll recognize the midi over others is in the high waist fit, as the midi knickers can rise up to as far as the belly button.

These type of knickers are usually preferred with youngsters or shell we say it, grannies; so rarely worn by young and happening women this day and age.


Hipster knickers

Hipster knickers are a little like shorts only they have the curve that shapes them into a more underwear look and feel.

Full coverage underwear that does not tend to create wedgies or bunching of any kind; though they're knicker styles that can show lines.

By that we mean they're prone to VPL which is made worse as the shape of hipsters can just about be made out under bottoms.

That is because the large, broad hipster shape is fitted to the skin, so therefore can show the entire style on the outside.


Short knickers

Full coverage as you can get with the shorts, or shorties so despite them being knickers, they appear to be shorts.

Short knickers will fit as if they're small shorts so will fit a little on the thighs well fitting a little higher up on the waist.

There's no mistaking short style knickers for say granny panties due to the unmistakable style.

Shorts are not popular with women so are a preferred choice for young girls before they transition over to classic bikini's or hipster styles.


Tanga Brazilian knickers

Perhaps twenty or so years ago tanga style knickers were given a chance, though the style is at an all time low in terms of popularity.

While women do prefer strings or a wide waistband on thongs or regular underwear styles, that is the only place where tanga's serve - but not on purpose.

So tanga underwear is a type of knickers that have material in the front and back, only the sides are made up of strings or an elasticated waistband to connect the front and back.

Tanga styles can be promoted as thongs in western counties or maybe tanga's could be thongs in South American countries.

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