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Black women wearing dark tone underwear

Underwear for dark skin women

Difficulty for women of color is the lack of underwear for dark skin tone women; so to overcome that issue we'll point you in the right direction.

While pale women have nude panties to blend in with lighter skin; women of color find it difficult to buy darker tones to match there flesh color. Benefits to dark tones is to avoid underwear being seen, so is a vital piece of kit. So make use of specialist suppliers or visit high end lingerie stores.

In writing this piece in an effort to connect women of color with dark skin tone panties; its hard to forget to whom we are writing for as we are white ourselves.

So as we often correct ourselves with using terms such as 'nude tone,' we have to keep correcting ourselves using more careful wording: things like flesh or skin tone which applies to all women.

In a way that does make us realise the difficulty in finding dark tone underwear as its quite normal to only see nude or beige colors when sellers refer to skin tone.

However, that is now changing drastically with the need to be more inclusive as top brands release all types of panty styles in tones for women for color.

Its possible you can still buy dark skin panties from the stores you know best; though we would recommend you try stores that specialise in dark skin underwear only.

We will point you in the right direction for where to buy dark skin underwear.

But remember those stores or more high end sellers might not be accessible for all, so focus back on more widely available stores you're familiar with.

Benefits to dark skin panties

Reasons why you'll want to wear dark skin tone underwear for women of color is in an effort to prevent your panties becoming seen under see-through clothing.

What will happen is the leggings, yoga pants or pants you will be normally wearing will become sheer as they tighten over your bum.

That also goes for gym wear as you squat, bend or work on the excise machines.

If the non-skin tone underwear is worn it will absolutely show up in all its glory; so the only option is to wear panties close to your skin shade as possible.

Previously underwear for dark skin women were not widely available as designers would focus more on nude - rather than flesh or skin tones for all women.

Designed in tan shades

Its not a case of black panties for black women or a light tone panty for Latin or Asian women at all, its all about matching the shade.

Skin tones will never match perfectly to others in your ethnic group so its only natural to buy underwear that is close color match to your skin.

So rather than the standard nude color underwear for white or pale women; here is more inclusive flesh or skin tone panties.

What that means is the color of underwear is available for all women, whereas women of color were left out previously.

Where white women will make use of nude or beige color panties; Black, Latino or Asian will be able to pick between color shades in delicate terms: namely Expresso, Latte or Mocha - basically all tan colors.

Never BLACK underwear

Its common for black women in particular to make use of black underwear as a match for there color tone.

Reason for that is women often believe black on black or a lighter tone of skin is the way to go, but it certainly is not.

The only way to keep your underwear showing up under leggings or sheer clothing if you are a black women is to wear more brown colors.

Black underwear would previously be picked due to no other option; so make sure you shop around as to make use of the shade that matches you skin.

Never use bold colors in black or brown as they only do more to highlight your panties.

Nubian Skin underwear

The answer to specialist underwear for dark skin is always within your grasp as Nubian Skin have your back, always.

Its never a guarantee skin tone underwear from lingerie stores to online specialist will have a tone available in shades of tan.

That changes with the Nubian Skin company who only make dark skin lingerie; meaning you'll never go without again.

Example of their product selection at Figleaves:

Headquarter in the UK with offices elsewhere; you'll be able to buy Nubian Skin locally wherever you're in the world.

All styles of underwear are included within the selection; taking onboard the need to avoid VPL with seamless designs available.

Selection of full briefs are there and so too are a wide range of thongs.

Comfortable Hanky Panky

Lingerie for women of color available through specialist lingerie companies is not always accessible for all, so you'll need to keep to brands you know.

To which we believe you'll be familiar with the Hanky Panky lingerie brand to whom make super soft, super comfortable thongs.

It must be said panties or thongs from Hanky Panky are costly; but the investment is worth it as they're made to last.

Availability of Hanky Panky for sale can be found on their official web site:

You can trust Hanky Panky to sort you out with dark skin panties that is a close shade to your skin, though there is a downside.

While Hanky Panky do well to stock a number of panties in all styles, the color tone you're looking for may not be available.

Other dark skin panties

So specialist designers for women of color or the panties available from high end brands are out of your reach, budget wise.

Don't despair as the opportunity to venture back to more affordable, yet widely accessible online lingerie stores where can buy from.

To get you going we've listed a selection of thongs with a full brief as a starting point; as its now up to you to continue through the product range on each site.

Feel free to visit official web sites from Figleaves, Casebella or La Senza:

All online lingerie stores listed are ones that will have all types of panties available in the dark skin tone shades.

Know that its not a option in all underwear, so be sure to make use of the products we have listed to get you going in the right direction.


In an ongoing struggle to find nude skin underwear for pale or white women, the task is tricky but widely available styles are within reach.

However, that struggle is near impossible for women of color as sellers don't cater for women with darker tone skin.

Namely shades for black women, Latino or Asian; its also a problem for women who don't have paler skin at all as they're indeed tanned from the sun.

So here is where underwear for dark skin women it needed.

In order to avoid the possibility of your panties being seen under leggings or yoga pants, you know the kind that can become see-through - women of color will wear panties to match there skin tone.

That will result in the panties blending in with their skin tone on the bum, hips and waist; so therefore will make it hard for panties to be seen.

What should happen is if outerwear does become see-through, anyone who dares to look will not see underwear.

Its worth noting that for example, black women should not wear black panties as a close color match - always go for a better color match in lighter shades.

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