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Business women in pencil skirts

Underwear for pencil skirts

You're not alone with the kind of underwear for pencil skirts you should be wearing; and while must women don't notice, pencil skirts do attract panty lines.

Underwear for pencil skirts should be a high waisted, no snow seamless thong or thong bodysuit to avoid VPL at all times. Tucking in shirts or tops can create an unsightly mess under the skirt, so tucking must be kept to a minimum. Wear knickers that all sit high, though thongs stays in place.

If you're wishing to avoid panty lines or unsightly creases or scrunching from unavoidable tucking into pencil skirts, you can match the height of the skirt with all knickers styles.

All pencil skirts tend to sit high on the waist, with other styles sitting much farther up.

Problem with that is the underwear you're wearing any other time is not sitting well with the pencil skirt in questions this time.

Reason to this is while the skirt is sat high up on the waist, the knickers you're wearing beneath them are sitting much lower around your bum.

And that is the cause of VPL with the chance of the entire shape of your knickers showing up as if you were just wearing underwear.

Answer to that is wearing a no show, high waisted thongs that matches the height to where your skirt sits comfortably on your waist.

Reason for a thong is obviously it reduces lines, but thongs tend to stay in place around the waist better; well all kinds of underwear tend to drop over the course of the day.

VPL attracted to pencil skirts

Due to the form fitting of the pencil skirt, the likelihood of attracting VPL from all underwear styles is a huge possibility.

Pencil skirts are available in all shapes and styles, but its that tight fitting, hip hugging shape that will create panty lines.

One way to over come this issue right away is to wear a thong to avoid VPL. That it not always a solution when its not a style of underwear preferred by some women.

So why not try your hand at full brief, boy short style undies that sit low on your hips, discreetly wrapping around the top of your thigh - thus avoiding VPL in the regular area.

If the wearing of pencil skirts brings out the worst of your panty lines, then it would be ever more projected due to the skirt style.

The high waisted pencil skirt sits around the waist whilst baring the entire shape of your bum. So where there's a chance of VPL, there's every chance it would be a big one.

If in doubt, tuck in to hide lines

Tops you wear with pencil skirts vary from crop tops to loose shirts; though thankfully the pencil skirt requires a tucked in top.

That alone should go towards helping you keep your visible panty lines discreet as the material that is folded into the waistband will keep those lines covered up.

Relying on a tucked in shirt or form fitting top is not always a solutions due to the top only just reaching past the pencil skirt waistline; so not enough material to go farther down to cover your bottom.

And if you're wishing to avoid VPL, then what good is it if you tuck in a loose shirt to then allow all the folds, creases and lines to show under the skirt.

That really does defeat the purpose doesn't it, so lets try something else.

Fitted tops that go as far as your belly would be the perfect fit. Not only will it pass the waistline enough to be tucked in, it won't be long enough to create weird lines.

On the idea of a tight fitted tops, you might also want to explore the idea of wearing a beautiful, matching a high waisted bodysuit which should solve all your problems.

More of bodysuite's later, now let's see what the issues is with your current underwear.

No to low rise knickers to avoid imprint

If you wear any type of low rise knickers in all styles available: full briefs, thongs, boy shorts, cheekies or the Brazilian kind - then you have a big problem.

It might not be obvious to you if you concentrate more on avoiding VPL; but did you know the entire shape of your underwear could become visible on the bum.

The shape of your knickers; I mean the imprint of the brief, cheeky or Brazilian knickers showing not only the usual outline on the buttocks, but the lines of the waistband, hence the imprint of the rear of your knickers.

This is due to the height at which your pencil skirt sits on your waist, while your knickers are sat way farther down.

So therefore, this is how the imprint of knickers are shown; when the high waisted knickers don't reach the height of the skirt around the waist

Solutions to this, you must wear high rise knickers in all styles you prefer to wear.

High waisted skirt, so high waisted undies too

The whole reasoning behind wearing high waisted underwear with a skirt that sits high on the hips, is to prevent the imprint effect.

Not only will the usual VPL show up, but with low rise, regularly fitting knickers, the whole waistband will show up sitting horizontally across the bum.

Not a good look and can appear worse the panty lines.

If you wear say a high waisted thong... this will reach up to the waistband of the pencil skirt well concealing the thong waistband, under the waistband of the skirt.

And again, as its a NO VPL high waisted thong (hopefully), then only the little piece of material that protrudes out of your crack well sitting on your tailbone could be visible.

It won't though if you take precautions by going for a NO VPL high waisted thong with as little material in the back section as possible.

We could go on to suggest high waisted in other kinds of knickers; but to be honest its only a solution that works with thongs.

Thong bodysuit perfect for pencil skirts

You can avoid the wearing of a pair of knickers with a top if you wish with the use of a high-waisted thong bodysuit to wear under your pencil skirt.

It will have to be work appropriate or not revealing on the top half, well the bottom half is a thong style to help keep the leg holes up and around near the waist.

Failing to use a high waisted thong bodysuit will be pointless, as you need the height to prevent the lines from all angles showing up on your bum - and a low rise bodysuit would do that.

So with the same principle of high rise thongs, the same goes for bodysuits in thong styles.

Its common for women to wear a regular pair of thongs under a thong bodysuit for comfort and extra coverage and security.

However, if you do so then what we've discussed is rendered useless; so go without the extra pair of thongs as to not create VPL you've previously done your best to avoid.


Congratulation, in reading this you've come to the conclusion that throwing on an old regular pair of knickers in any kind just won't do it in pencil skirts.

And you are not wrong; due to the form fitting pencil skirt with tightness around the bottom, VPL is likely to show up here than in any other style of skirts.

Pencil skirts are commonly worn in a office or professional environment. Well for young people who wear pencil skirt' school skirts, the issue persists here too.

To avoid VPL, creases or tightness in the seems digging into your skin under the pencil skirt, you must turn to a no show, high waisted thong or g-string.

Similarly, a pair of high waisted boy shorts or regular big knickers might cut it but the style doesn't tend to stay sitting on the waist, unlike the thong.

There's also the possibility of full knickers not fitting the shape of your bum right, which can look unsightly with a broad, box bum.

Whereas a high waisted thong that sits to the height of your pencil skirt causes no trouble.

And if you want to be more fancy with what you're wearing on top but avoid tucking in (which creates a mess under skirts), then try a thong bodysuit in a high waisted style.

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