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Women showing visible panty lines

Visible Panty Lines: the Ultimate guide

In this ultimate guide, we will outline all aspects of VPL, all while offering you a solution to all common issues, in all types of current fashion.

Visible panty lines is where the outline or imprint of the underwear seams is seen on the bottom through fitted trousers or skirts. In an effort to rid themselves of VPL, women resort to specialist, seamless underwear. Not a guarantee, so its always an ongoing issue with other options available.

Well we'll start by explaining what visible panty lines actually are, we'll then go onto explain the underwear commonly worn, but should be avoided at all costs.

Skin stone plays a role in ridding yourself of avoiding VPL; so well its less to do with lines, its more about stopping your underwear being seen through clothing.

No VPL underwear is a big thing at the moment; though it must be said its not a perfect solution, as it depends on the style of knickers worn.

Big panties are certain to have VPL, and will continue to do so unless you make drastic changes to your closet.

No glossing over the issue by wearing any style of underwear you want; as it happens its really only the thong or g-string that will bring about changes.

If the wearing of thongs, g-string or anything that goes up your bum is not your thing; life just got a little more difficult as visible panty lines in full briefs are hard to remove.

Other than panty lines, more issues to deal with is the existence of see-through or sizing making the problem of panty lines turning to bunching up and wedgies.

Continue with our guide as we explain all aspects of visible panty lines, all while trying out best to offer a solution in your pursuit of avoiding the dreaded VPL.

What does VPL stand for?

VPL stands for visible panty line as the most universal language used. However, it could also be explained in many other terms.

Visible panty lines is a saying that is related to the US; in the sense that panty - well commonly known worldwide - is a US word.

If you're were in Britain, Australia or a commonwealth country, for example; visible panty lines would still be accepted, and so would:

  • Pant lines - as in underpant lines
  • Knicker lines - correctly called knickers lines, but doesn't roll off the tongue
  • Underwear lines - also a term known worldwide

Visible panty lines, or VPL stands for the manner of lines seen through the bottom half of clothing, around or over bum.

Well its possible to get VPL in men, its a worldwide phenomenon that really only applies to women, due to the tighter, fitted clothing worn.

Buy knickers with VPL in mind

Its all well and good picking out knickers with tassels, ribbons or bows; but that can only add up to more awkward bunching under clothing.

Going as far as buying underwear that is free from VPL; all effort is undone unless you continue the habit of wearing sensible undies.

The best knickers are no VPL styles, so regardless of the style of underwear worn; they should be smooth with no seams.

Well its easy to pick up your favorite thong or full briefs, know that they won't be compatible with all outfits.

And you need to get in the habit of wearing knickers that will fit comfortable, yet will not be prone to VPL's - made worse under certain trousers or fitted skirts or dresses.

Let's take a look at popular underwear worn buy most women; all while explaining issues that may arise, and what alternatives are available too you.

Knicker style preferences commonly worn with a less or more likely to be have VPL:


Oh yes, thongs are our absolute favorite in regards to avoiding all types of visible panty lines, bunching up and wedgies.

Thongs are designed for comfort yet they do an amazing job of removing the underwear lines that rest on your bum cheeks - to then move them discreetly between the crack.

In your effort to avoid VPL in all types of bottoms; wearing thongs will help you achieve this with little trouble stirring up later.

Don't assume all types of thong styles will do either, you still need to consider no VPL thongs to get the benefit no panty lines.


After thongs, g-strings or the skimpier kind in Victoria Secret's v-string or barely there t-back strings should be considered.

It has always been a battle between thong or g-string; and while women are more likely to chose the thong - g-strings are widely accepted as being more comfortable.

That's for the reason of women preferring the small string between the cheeks as the most comfortable g-strings can feel as if its not there.

However, trouble with g-strings is that the structure is indeed made up of strings; well less material, its difficult to prevent the thick, hard string from being visible under clothes.

Bikini Brief

Wear full briefs or the bikini kind of any shape or size will guarantee the panty lines to show up - as this style is the worst cause of VPL.

In an effort to avoid visible panty lines, you must do away with all regular knickers as lines cannot be avoided.

Where the bikini brief fits around the thigh and under the bum cheek; this is a placement where most VPL's arise.

On top of that, briefs can cause wedgies and will for certain bunch up over time.

To get rid of underwear lines, you must get out of your comfort zone and try different styles, preferably thongs or g-strings.


Despite women preferring the cheeky underwear over say... thongs; they're not without there problems, well in fact they make underwear lines worse.

You see the cheeky is designed to not so much enter the bottom near the lower side of your cheeks, but more made to cut across the bum.

Where the cheeky underwear rests on the bum cheeks, this is where the lines show up.

However, the positioning of the lines in cheeky underwear is pushed up the cheeks in an area that is less obvious, in certain circumstances.

So in that way, and providing they're no show, no VPL cheekies; you still may be able to get away with visible lines while wearing cheeksters.


If you're a thong, g-string, cheeky underwear kind of girl, then the wearing of brazilian knickers would be second nature.

And just because you're happy to wear the Brazil kind, remember lines are difficult to remove from Brazilian panties, no thanks to how they're designed.

Unlike cheeky underwear that fits in a similar way; the way Brazilian knickers are designed are positioned farther up the bottom.

Not only that, being seamless or no show its not much a priority as this style of knickers tend to push into the cheeks more, creating marks.

Granny Panty

Granny panties are a godsend to use all, but there is a time they cannot be warn for the simple fact they're one of the biggest causes of VPL.

As a matter of fact, its because of granny panties why women convert over to thongs in an effort to rid themselves of underwear lines.

The wearing of granny panties are made worse for the very reason they like to square off the bottom; shaping it in a way that reveal the granny panties.

We're not talking of bikini of regular brief undies here; we are referring to knickers that would be better suited on elderly women.


The way boy shorts are supposed to fit is similar to that of cheekies; only boy shorts don't shape into the bum, but fit under the cheeks, very much like briefs.

That is an area where lines will show up, and more so if the boy short creates wedgies or bunches; as boy shorts can do both if they're the wrong fit.

This day and age, boy shorts are designed to be just that; look, feel and appear to be boy's underwear.

And while that is what you get with full coverage; the boy cut knickers are always going to have thick, strong seams - so there's no avoiding VPL.

French Knickers

Not a style worn so much these days thanks to the rise of cheeky styles appealing to the younger generation.

Though with the French knickers style, well they do help shape the bum well offering a little tummy support - they sure will create VPL.

French knickers are almost, always made in fancy lace so well that helps keep the material discreet, the position of these knickers don't help.

Designed to look square in the front and back, while being a little cheeky as they position themselves over the bum cheeks, causing a little cheekiness.

Panty lines are sure to happen here well its not helped with material being thicker, so won't naturally blend into your skin.

Skin tone should be color of choice

Its not much good doing all you can to rid yourself of visible panty lines through time or expense, to only then have your underwear exposed through trousers or skirt material.

Whenever you go through the trouble of buying knickers to avoid VPL, you should always go one better by making sure its skin tone.

Matching the color of underwear to your skin tone won't be difficult as shades of beige or cream are available, often promoted as skin or flesh color.

Though that can't be said for women of color underwear as its a little more difficult to find a style to your liking - they exist, but the availability of styles is limited.

Likely times your underwear will show up is under leggings or while wearing yoga pants.

And well you can do your best to avoid them being see-through to begin with, its not a guarantee, so make sure to wear flesh color knickers to play it safe.

No VPL underwear only reduces lines

Well we always seem to point the finger at the use of No VPL underwear; what you should be thinking about, does seamless underwear work, and if they're worth your time.

We'll be honest, the wearing of no show, no VPL or seamless underwear - whatever you want to call it - is not a cut and dry solution to banishing VPL.

Look at seamless underwear as a means to reduce lines only; its not possible to rid panty lines with the use of No VPL underwear only.

What happens is yes, the seams are removed; yet where the material drops onto your skin, this creates a ridge that replaces the lines with another awkward line.

Material matters

While knickers can be made from all kinds of unheard of materials; know that soft stretch cotton should be your priority.

And well that mostly refers to knickers you buy for everyday wear; thongs for example can be made from lace which will do well to keep lines at bay.

Material in knickers that should be consider most are: Spandex or the Spanx brand, lycra or similar soft to the skin material.

Hanky Panky make there thong range in a lace that is so soft and comfortable, you just won't believe it.

And its this stretch that is in there thongs that help make their underwear one of the worlds top rated undies.

Correct sizing

One major contribute to VPL is the wrong size thong or brief. Where you eliminate the lines with seamless or no show undies - up pops the creases caused by tightness.

Find the best underwear possible that will remove lines from your backside is not all that needs to be done.

Underwear you choose to wear must fit comfortably well preventing the digging in effect caused by too tight knickers.

Here's what you do, always try to go a size up in underwear to prevent the skin being pulled, compressed or squashed.

Its not something you'll realise right away, but the presence of too tight knickers can be as unpleasant as actual panty lines.

That also goes for underwear that is way to big; imagine if it doesn't fit up against your skin, the material is bound to fold up or crease, causing marks under clothes.

Unveiling underwear preference

Avoiding visible panty lines in your choice of bottoms is a must when you don't want people to know what type of underwear you are wearing.

And believe us, its not hard to figure out a big pair of granny panties to skimpy, wedgy enduring knickers you currently have on.

More embarrassing than visible lines is the entire shape of your underwear framing up your bum as if its ready to have its picture taken.

You see it works like this; full brief underwear squares off your bum as it sits on the cheeks, unable to form to your bums curves.

What you're left with is the knickers lifting, shaping and framing your bottom in a way that makes the underwear obvious to all.

You're also telling the world what kind of underwear you are currently wearing.

If you thought VPL was bad, just wait until you see big old granny panties doing all sorts of nasty shapes to a bum, its not a nice sight.

Commando an option

All the talk of panty lines and how to get ride of them on your butt can be doubt with by one simple solution... going commando.

Not a preferred choice by most women as it happens, but boy won't it save you a lot of heart ache if this was your only solution.

And make no mistake, going without underwear with yoga pants or a flimsy, yet not so revealing dress would be a godsend.

With no other method of reducing VPL churning up workable results.

Not an option for women who are on there period, sick or if you're a young teen; but its something that should be considered if you're in good health and desperate to hide panty lines.

You don't have to make it a regular thing, in fact it can be a once off when the time is right, when all else fails.

Going commando should be reserved for wearing trousers or fitted knee length skirts.

Never go commando while wearing shorts skirts; you can do your best to prevent exposure, but there's no saying if your outfit becomes see-through under bright lighting.

Pull up lonely VPL centred on bum

One important issue while wearing high waisted leggings, yoga pants or jeans; is that it must be matched with a high rise thong or regular underwear.

Take for example a low rise thong under a pair of high waisted yoga pants.

If the conditions are right and the VPL of the thong is seen (known as visible thong line), the imprint of the thong is seen more as the underwear is isolated in the middle of your bum.

Sitting there all alone as the thong waist band, leg holes and the part that enters your bum crack are there to be seen.

To stop this happening to you, do one thing that is a must for high waisted wearers...

Wear a high waisted thong that will sit level on top of your yoga pants, leggings or high rise jeans waist.

What this will do is pull the thong up from the middle of your bum, to instead lifting it up to meet the area wear your trousers sit around the waist.

That will result in the thong visible panty lines being lifted up into an area that is less likely to be seen as the rise a few inches helps prevent it from happening.

Frontal VPL

Now that you've probably got a good idea what visible panty lines are and how you will get rid of them once your next dressed up to go out.

One major issue that doesn't get talked about enough is the possibility of frontal VPL.

Basically that means the underwear lines you get in the rear can also be visible on the front - and if its visible in the front, the underwear lines in the hips might show up too.

Frontal VPL will occur where lines in the rear are a certainty.

Its possible panty lines in the front can only show up where trousers, jeans or bottoms of any kind are exceptionally tight.

Not always so as fitted jeans can provide some protection again panty lines; but incredibly the lines can run from the back, around your hips and sit over your groin.

There's not much you can do about lines showing up in front, but you can reduce it by doing your best to prevent VPL in the rear end instead.

Existence of thong panty lines

You've gone through half your life figuring out what pair of knickers best suites your style and VPL needs, and you come to the conclusion a lovely pair of thongs are just what the fashion doctor ordered.

But then comes a new set of problems, VTL, meaning visible thong lines; similar to knickers lines only the shape of the thong is visible instead.

But shouldn't thongs solve all VPL problems we hear you ask?

Yes and no, well a good quality thong with no fancy decoration and extras should do well towards eliminating most lines, if you are not careful the thong lines will become visible.

And yes in a way, thong lines are better looking than big old granny knicker lines, but if you are shy and wish to keep the business of your thong where it belongs, under your skirt and bottoms, then remember to hide thong lines.

Common problems solved

You must have your favorite outfits in your closet you wear regularly, and the bottom half - namely your trousers, skirts, etc. - will have a VPL problem of there own.

But to avoid the issue of lines in your favorite bottoms, this can't be doubt with by simply throwing away outfits with problem areas.

Instead, it makes sense to identify the visible underwear line issues; by then dealing with it with the correct pair of knickers that fit well and pair with the bottoms.

Its not always about throwing on a pair of knickers to hand, but often it requires you picking out a pair especially for that outfit of the day.

We've pick out the most common, most worn bottoms in young fashions of today, by covering common issues and what you can do to avoid it.

Outfits we cover below are trousers, shorts, jeans, skirts, jumpsuit's/playsuit's and dresses; we'll help you with your visible panty line issues in each piece of clothing.

Trousers, Pants

When we talk about trousers here, we are talking about trousers that are worn to work, school or areas where casual trousers are expected.

Probably made from linen, or linen-like material which are extremely prone to VPL as they sit snuggly on the bottom.

Casual black trousers or pants are warn with smart work wear along with trouser suits or with tucked in blouses.

And while the wearing of a tucked in blouse into trousers could help cover all panty lines; its not a permanent fix as outfits change from one day to the next.

Its also made a little more difficult as trousers tend be mid to high waisted.

So with that you'll need to wear a thong that matches the height of the high waisted style, or a low rise thong to sit lower with the trousers waistband.

Sold as slim fit or slim leg trousers; trousers could fit loosely or tight around the legs but will always sit on the bum.

Seamless thongs are much needed here as the only pair of undies to guarantee no lines.


Its all well talking about VPL in trousers or pants, but let's not forget; the way shorts are made to fit causes for well awkward lines.

There's also something more sinister in the fashion sense which we will get into in a minute.

What shorts we're mostly referring to in this segment are: waist ringer shorts, denim shorts or changeover shorts - and anything in between.

As with denim shorts, this style as the least concern around VPL due to the way they tend to fit, unlike denim jeans which tend to be more tight around the bottom.

With ringer shorts, the loose fit does not do enough to prevent lines, as its still possible largely due to the light material sitting back on the buttocks.

Its then when the VPL happens or when you're bending over or squatting.

Likewise, sports changeover style shorts are more fitted, so more prone to VPL. And while they tend to be white, there's every chance they will become see-through.

Regardless, as we've previously hinted at before, they all have one problem that reveals your privates... and that's upshort.

You've heard of up skirt but never up short right. To put it lightly, that's when people can see up the short leg as the fold loosens as you sit.

Underwear styles we recommend with all shorts, especially those that are tight around the bum, must be a thong or g-string.


Make no mistake, its totally possible to get visible panty lines in denim jeans due to the more modern denim material being tighter, more thinner around the bum.

Its not obvious at first but with time its possible to see the outline of your underwear that may run across the cheeks.

When lines are possible its made worse with the denim making the lines stand out as the material creates thicker, bolder creases.

Solution to avoiding VPL in your designer, high waisted fitted jeans is a thong.

Well we would normally urge you to wear seamless, high waisted thongs; its not really the case with jeans as its still hard to see lines.

However, to play it safe you should probably wear a seamless thong while it should be high waisted still as to raise the thong to the waist of your jeans.

Common misconception of jeans is there's no VPL or bunching; but really you couldn't be farther from the truth.

And despite the myth of pockets prevent lines; not true either as seams of underwear can be thick, strong and very resilient.


Less so about visible panty lines in leggings well being more about seeing your underwear through the material in leggings.

So we should start with that as its still an important topic; in an effort to keep your undies discreet under see-through leggings.

Do all you can to prevent the potential see-through effect:

  • Must be a thong to help towards avoiding VPL
  • Wear skin tone knickers to stop colors showing through
  • No to floral patterns or slogan prints in knickers
  • High waisted to fit level with leggings

We've offered a quick guide to preventing your knickers becoming visible underneath; but also do the squat test while viewing your own bum in bright lights to be sure.

Let's move away from avoiding people seeing your knickers through the material, to a focus on the issue of VPL still showing up in leggings.

Its vital you choose carefully what knickers you wear with leggings as there's so many things that can go wrong.

So here it is, wear a seamless, no show thong in your skin tone.

All this adds up to avoiding your knickers showing up under leggings; all while the no show design will do all it can to prevent lines.

Its extremely difficult to prevent lines under leggings, no thanks to the light, thin cheap material they are often made out of, so be sure to always check your bum in the mirror.

Yoga Pants

Challenging times ahead with the wearing a yoga pants for all ages; as they're guaranteed to attract VPL in all its glory.

So before we go on; its worth saying now that yoga pants should be worn with thongs as the only style to genuinely reduce lines.

Well it seems like a cut and dry method; we need to explain a little more in detail as the style of thong matters hugely.

So to begin, make it a seamless thong to reduce visible thong lines where there might be.

Then make it a high rise thong so the waist rises to the top of the band on the yoga pants. OK, not to the very top, but enough to reach the distracting stitching and extra material that is found on common black yoga pants.

The wearing of high rise thongs must be worn with high rise yoga pants to prevent the thong sitting in the middle of the bottom - fully revealing the shape of the thong outline.


Let's begin with those of you at a early age; with school age girls or if you're in college, we can then build up to women who wear skirts to work.

If you have to wear school uniform, then its a guarantee you'll have to wear a matching skirt in most cases.

Though if you require wearing tights with your skirt in school, then there's really no need to read on, as you're free to wear the underwear of your choice.

That does not apply if the skirt is a pencil skirt style, as VPL or bunching is a possibility.

Likewise, if your school skirt is a skater skirt style, problems can occur in regards to flashing all and sundry.

So in that respect you need to wear underwear that is both age appropriate while preventing your bum from getting exposed.

Though it must be said, its highly regarded that cheekies make the best option for wearing under loose, flowy skirts.

And well boyshorts can work, the material risks hooking up the skirt or running between the buttocks; forcing you to keep pulling it down and out of the bum.

Women who wear pencil skirts will know they're prone to VPL, so you'd need to wear a high rise thong with pencil skirts or similar fitted dresses.


Its difficult reasoning why you shouldn't or should wear certain dresses with special kinds of underwear, due to the various styles and tightness of dress designs.

So allow us to point out the most popular dresses well offering you a solution if the dress style applies to you.

Wearing of a bodycon dress should absolutely be worn with a seamless, NO SHOW thong as its sure to keep those lines discreet as possible.

And while that rule applies to all knee length styles, it will save you from showing your underwear in short dresses - so you need to strongly consider color.

For sure you can make do with black or white, beige or pink underwear; but what happens in those sitting down pictures well posing for the camera, before they're uploaded to Facebook.

What will happen is the color of your knickers will unveil with a little triangle seen up your dress - or likewise a short skirt.

A beige or skin tone thong is an option, but it could look as if you're naked.

Instead, go with the thong color to match the color of your dress; its then hard to know where your dress ends, and where your underwear starts - so keep them guessing.


Generally speaking its not too difficult to get visible panty lines in jumpsuits due to the way the all in one outfit is designed.

Well you can get VPL for sure, its only because jumpsuit's are made in floral or patterns, which ultimately makes lines hard to see with the naked eye.

However, where the bum is exposed to bold colors; panty lines will create an imprint that cannot be eradicated by tucking in or with a top hanging over the bum.

Jumpsuit's allow the bum to be shaped and revealed in an flattering way, with little in the way of material covering lines.

What underwear you wear with jumpsuit's as its ups and down, for example; seamless, no VPL thong works a treat, only this could allow the jumpsuit material to fold down the crack of the bum.

Likewise, full bikini briefs will prevent the material riding up, though VPL is guaranteed while there's an increased chance of bunching up.

In our opinion, cheekies meet the criteria for jumpsuit's and while lines could happen; they're more comfortable with no jumpsuit riding up the bum, as the cheeky underwear occupies the area between your buttocks.


Few... that took a long time to get through but we hope that explains everything there is to know about visible panty lines.. or VPL.

All problems that arise with underwear lines we've done our best to offer you a solution. But its important to know its always a learning curve, with fashion changing all the time.

So well a seamless, high rise thong would be the best option now; its quite possible a new underwear will become available that is the best on the market for eliminating VPL.

Similarly, a new fashion could arise which will make even harder on the issue of preventing panty lines.

Use of seamless or no show underwear is never a guarantee; ridge marks or creases can still be seen if the wrong type of knickers are worn, with the wrong outfit.

Well most people would prefer the full coverage of the bikini or brief style, cheekies or boyshorts are an option too, but will sure leave lines.

Tightness of trousers, skirts or dresses is not always the reason for VPL either; just the present of underwear can be seen under tight or loose clothing.

More so when the trousers or loose skirt becomes tight on the bum at certain points through the day.

Remember the thong or g-string is your friend, well going commando is an option for some.

After you've found the right pair of undies; other problems could arise in the shape of wrong material, too tight or loose, crease marks or bulging you'll have to deal with.

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