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What age to wear a thong

When it comes to it age matters little as it depends on the needs of a thong, or if you get the all clear from mom.

What age girls should start wearing thongs starts at twelve to thirteen years; so this is an age parents will have to deal with the issue. If you're asking for you, then if mom says so, then go ahead. However, thongs can help you avoid VPL in current fashion or playing sports, so serve a serious purpose.

When a girl becomes interested in wearing thongs at age twelve, its probably because its the current topic at school with friends.

Interest happens just before she reaches thirteen years old, so she will ask for a thong right away or hold off until she can get the courage to ask mom.

In order for young girls to wear thongs they should have a genuine reason too.

And while mom might say peer pressure is not a good enough reason; it certainly is if it helps keep the girls, and therefore unwanted attention, at school.

So on the topic of avoiding VPL under her jeans or pants; the thong is the only option.

Girls at this age are big wearers of high waisted jeans, leggings or yoga pants; of which all bottoms are prone to VPL.

Allow her to wear a thong under her yoga pants or leggings as the only viable option that works.

Normal to start age 12/13 years

There is no doubt about, all indications point to the need to wear thongs as 12 years old, going on to 13 years.

Therefore, its at this age that will be the issue of the conversion mom would have with daughter wanting to start wearing thongs for the first time.

That is not to say mom will say yes, but it is a time when interest will arise.

Why girls at 12 to 13 years want to wear a thong is because of peer pressure; and where there isn't any, its simply a fashion choice.

Trouble with girls these days is the bottoms they wear are tighter than ever; so the issue of VPL is a real concern.

Answer to that is wearing a thong as the only solution of removing underwear lines.

Its not a demographic issue either, at the age of 12 years old, preteens well approaching there teen years want to start wearing thongs all over the world.

So its not a case of what age to wear a thong, its just all stats point to 12 to 13 years.

Why 12 year olds want thongs

Interest that develops in daughters wanting to wear a thong happens way before age twelve; its only in the twelve to thirteen age group the need to wear thongs increases.

So what drives 12 year old girls to want to wear thongs just before reaching the teens.

Well that can be laid down to peer pressure; if her friends or other girls in school start wearing thongs much younger - and they will - popularity will soon increase in school so before you know it, many more girls are trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

That means at some point the thong conversion involves your daughter and her friends, so therefore is in her mind for days, weeks or months.

That is of course one day she comes home to ask mom for a thong; to which mom has no problem with it - or an almighty argument between mom/daughter begins.

Not all moms allow it but other don't have an issue with a new type of panties worn by there daughters.

Evolves around the VPL issues

One big issue on the subject of reasons to wear thongs surrounding the topic is of course the need to avoid VPL as her fashion choices change.

One day young girls are wearing clothes - loose or fitted - when suddenly she realises her underwear lines are visible - so begins to be self-conscious about it.

That happens not out of thin air mind you, but peer pressure at school involves other girls pointing and laughing.

Now daughter is only concerned about avoiding VPL so the interest in thongs develop.

Seriously, lines of panties showing under fitted bottoms is really embarrassing for young girls, and probably the reason she wants to wear thongs.

So if you're a parent thinking about letting your daughter wear thongs; for heaven sake think of the trouble she has at school, just because of VPL, of all things.

When your parents say so

If you're age 12 to 13 years or you're in the age group that want to wear thongs for the first time, then it could be a matter of mom saying so.

You see, its all well and good of guessing what age to wear a thong at; but in the end mom has the final say.

So if you're at an age where you have to follow house rules such as wearing or not wearing what parents say, then parents will determine what is the age for thongs.

However, if mom doesn't allow it that is not to say you're not old enough to wear thongs.

In fact, some mothers can be quite strict on there daughters choice of underwear for the issue of overprotection.

So that could mean parents won't allow there daughters to wear a thong at 16 to 17 years even, which is a ridiculous age to have control on what panties daughters wear.

Needed for sport or gym

If you're a teen in school in the USA, then you probably can go to school in fitted jeans, leggings or wear yoga pants as you wish.

That is different in Europe as school uniforms are compulsory; so where there is uniforms, the need to avoid VPL happens.

However, what most girls in schools around the world will have to wear is sportswear for gym in school or playing sports competitively out of school.

What is worn are usually tight spandex shorts, yoga pants or sportswear that will show up underwear lines one way or another.

So at an age where girls compete in professional in sports or have to do gym in school, the need to keep her underthings discreet is a must.

While thongs serve a purpose

When girls are reaching twelve years old they are in the middle of developing curves as her body shapes to adulthood.

Which also goes for her boobs developing hence the reason she has to wear a bra.

So you can put the reason to wear a thong at a younger age that she's at a time in her life that a thong is needed more now then ever.

What we mean by that is as she spends five or more years in school she will head into complications with her body, leading to fashion issues.

So when the trouble with VPL arises, a thong will be needed. In order to keep her peers off her back, the wearing of a thong will result in no issues arising.

Thongs serve a purpose but while they're young it can usually lead to trouble in peer pressure at school or arguments with mom at home.

Whereas, if she is allowed to wear a thong, there is no discussion to be had.


How old should a girl be to wear a thong would be anywhere from 12 to 13 years; as all information leads to this age group.

That is not to say you have to wear a thong or think about wearing one at this age, its just past polling as indicated girls start wearing thongs at twelve to thirteen years.

But there is genuine reasons why a girl should wear thongs at twelve; largely because she gets to avoid the pressure of her peers.

Which later could lead to bullying or constant nasty remarks from the wrong crowd.

So in a way wearing thongs in the beginning of high school serves to help her get through school without attention turning to her choice of underwear.

However, leading cause of wanting to wear thongs - regardless of age - is for the matter of panty lines, with the issue of VPL a concern for teens to women alike.

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