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Women wearing stripe boy shorts

What are boy shorts for

So you are interested in why girls wear boy shorts, and what they're for; well you should know the big one, they are just another style of knickers or panties people wear.

Boy shorts are a trendier pair of underwear style that is likely to be chosen over full briefs or cheekies, thanks to the full coverage. What boy shorts are used for is comfort, well keeping your modesty intact. Popular among the young crowd, boy shorts will fit all body types over other styles.

You're asking what are boy shorts for, probably because you may be interested in buying a pair, so if you do so, you won't be disappointing.

Boy shorts are used for what other styles of knickers are used for; to be worn for comfort and nothing else other than knowing you receive full coverage.

They also help towards reducing VPL, and if there are lines they are moved down to wear they will be seen less.

Then there's the reduction in wedgies and bunching up.

The way boy shorts are designed is to make sure the material - preferably stretch cotton - wraps around the entire waist and bum, with little to no movement.

Guaranteed to be comfortable

If you are asking what are boy shorts for; then its quite possible you've never tried a pair on before, and let us say they're very, very comfortable to wear.

Much like guys underwear, they are made to stay in place; so no movement or wedgies causing you issues throughout the day.

Boy shorts are guaranteed to be comfortable due to the way they are structured.

They fit a little higher up on the waist and unlike conventional knickers; there don't fit over the butt cheeks, they more fit under the bum crease.

When going for boy shorts, what type of material its made from is important.

Absolutely go for stretch cotton all times, because its much like how the lads wear them, and you don't hear them complaining about uncomfortable material.

Full coverage, no exposure

When on, boy shorts provide the wearer as much coverage as you'll ever likely to receive from any other type of underwear.

In the front, the boy short - or boyshort, we don't know - there's no possible chance of your lady parts falling out as the shape makes it near impossible.

The leg holes are small, well positioned low down as to fit around the legs, rather than relying on any part of the buttocks.

The gusset of the boy short is wide with scrunching of the material making up a lot of cotton through your legs, that decreases the chances of accidents even more.

From waist band to leg holes, there's so much material no bums or lady gardens are to be shown.

Will fit all body types

Due to the way the boy short fits, its one pair of knickers - or panties - that will fit women of all shapes and sizes.

What the boy short relies on is a wide hip and waist; therefore its guaranteed to fit more snuggly against the skin if you have the body.

Sure they will fit around skinny bodies, you just need to get much smaller sizes.

If wearing boy shorts from size 8 to 12; then a size up is always recommended, well stretch cotton will help with a good fit.

Sizes 13 and above as the body starts to expand on the hips or waist; the width on the waistband of the boy short will retain the extra weight without folding over or dropping.

Low waisted boy shorts wear low on small or big bodies with no trouble, well a high waisted boy shorts could help towards wearing comfortably over your bigger belly.

Girls who don't like skimpy knickers

Boy shorts is the go-to underwear type for preteens and girls throughout there teenage years.

For women in there 20's through there thirties and above; the boy short is more a comfort pair for certain times of the week, when skimpy knickers won't do it.

Boy shorts don't tend to be the only type of knickers in the underwear draw; but when needed they are essential for the full coverage look and feel.

Its more common than you think, but women of all ages like a big, full brief so boy shorts give them that without being ugly or unflattering.

When going for boy shorts to avoid skimpy underwear, you can go one better by making the material thicker.

It must still be cotton with stretch, but what we're saying is, it must be thicker along with the seems; then you'll really get a feel of a comfortable, full brief underwear.

Alternative to big granny underwear

At the ages of 12 through 13 years, its a time when girls start experimenting with different kinds of knickers or panties.

And while there parents don't allow them to wear thongs or cheekies; boy shorts are usually met glee, where both parties agree, which also puts an end to fights over undies.

Girls pesture there parents for skimpier knickers, as to avoid embarrassment in the school locker room, so they retain there full coverage knickers while switching to boy shorts.

Young girls consider the boy short to be trendy, and well its not for everyone, they certainly are more cuter than big granny panties.

Later on in life the need to wear boy shorts over big full briefs still matters.

That's again largely due to the need to keep up with fashion; so the boy short offers all that the big full coverage knickers have - but in a more attractive shape and style.

Help towards no VPL

For sure, boy shorts may not help towards eliminating VPL all together; but the right pair can help reduce lines if you want them to.

Where the full brief will otherwise cut across the buttocks, creating unsightly lines and bulges on the cheeks... not so with boy shorts.

Boy shorts don't fit across the bum, but instead bypass the cheeks all together by fitting around the lowest part of the hips, closer to the upper thigh.

Now, VPL can be noticed here under clothing with the wrong type of boy short; but it moves the lines to an area that goes unnoticed by praying eyes.

Imagine what you could do with no show VPL boy shorts; this would be a grand old way to remove lines in all types of outfits.

Mind you, where you lose panty lines, up crops another problem. And that's the shape, or full outline of the boy short being seen if they are not fitted to your bum.

What we are saying is the boy short should in a way allow to form into your curves - including your bum crack - as to allow them to mould against your skin.

Great for wearing under skirts or dresses

On those days you don't feel secure or safe with that flowing dress or skater skirt without tights, then here comes the boy short to save the day.

You don't want to wear boy shorts exclusively with skirts obviously, but for those windy days or mischief by friends, then go with a cute pair of boy shorts.

Well wearing a flowing dress or skirt, there should be no reason to be concerns about VPL or your boy shorts being seen.

However, if you're wearing a tight bodycon dress or fitted pencil skirt for this underwear for example, then its greatly discouraged.

Outline and lines of the boy short are sure to be seen in the clearest possible way.

So the more fitting your skirt or dresses become, its time to whip out your best no show knickers for the purpose of avoiding lines.

Keep your decency intact

Its quite possible you can make use of boy shorts a little more than what they wear intended for; an essential pair of underwear to what we would call modesty shorts.

Pop stars or singers wear modesty shorts on stage to avoid displaying there own skimpy under things to the crowd in a call, windy arena.

So no need to go out of your way to buy purpose made modesty shorts if you have the right pair of boy shorts at home.

We're not saying you need them if you're a singer or famous pop star; its just much easier to wear what you've get, then buying something you won't get much use out of.

So, next time you're in a club or dance setting in a flowing dress or skirt, with a chance of a little up skirt action, then wear boy shorts to keep your decency intact.

Now don't go for your fancy, hot pink or neon green or white boy shorts; what you need to do is match the color of your boy shorts to the color of your outfit.

That way, if the wind does blow up your dress, the people just make think the boy shorts you are wearing is in fact the dress or skirt.

Little wiggle room for wedgies

Thanks to the way boy shorts are produced, they will absolutely reduce often accidental wedgies, whether you're active through the day or if you sleep in boy shorts, which many women like to as they're comfortable.

Wedgies usually happen on knickers that are shell we say, a little thin on the crouch.

The wider the material on the crouch area reduces wedges as the material stays stretched around your legs holes.

So the lower the leg holes - such as on boy shorts - the better chance there are no wedgies.

The way boy shorts fit around the leg holes with underwear around lower bum, all the material can do is be forced into the position it was intended for.


So, there you have it, boy shorts are used for comfort, modesty and an alternative to the less flattering granny panties.

Reasons to wear a boy shorts can extend to use under dresses or skirts to protect against accidental exposure, well for younger girls they are a must if full briefs must be warn.

Full coverage in boy shorts is guaranteed, while the design allows for no bottoms or front bums falling out - boy shorts are good for keeping wedgies at bay.

So boy shorts are not good with VPL in the traditional sense, but they sure do well to move all panty lines to a less conspicuous area.

That would require the underwear lines to be pushed farther down around your hips or upper thigh, where its not associated with lines so much.

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