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Women modelling white Brazilian knickers

What are Brazilian knickers

Brazilian knickers are a style of underwear that exposes the buttocks; only they appeal to be full brief sized undies from the front, before going cheeky in the rear.

Brazilian knickers are underwear that expose the buttocks, but not enough to appear as a thong, but certainly enough to be mistaken for a cheekster. The material that rides up the bum is fuller, so there's less chance of exposure well the appearance in the front could mistaken the style to be full brief.

If you're wondering what are Brazilian knickers, then its quite possible you've never tried on a pair or don't quite know what they looks like.

Allow us to explain; Brazilian knickers are designed to be cheeky in the rear end.

Unlike full briefs that cover the entire bum, Brazilian styles are cut across the buttocks before the materials enters the crack at the mid section.

Not so high it would be classed as a thong, but not so low down it would be French knickers or the many styles of cheekies available.

Back to our explanation of full brief coverage; that is what Brazilian knickers are in appear and design from the front - thanks to the cut entering the bum midway up.

Are brazilian knickers comfortable

If you've been through all types of underwear before but never experienced the feeling of wearing Brazilian knickers; then you may not be that surprised.

Its a cheeky style underwear so therefore, expect that feeling of material up the rear.

Brazilian knickers can be incredibly comfortable, but so can they be extremely uncomfy, which is usually contributed to the materials they are made out of.

To play it safe, you'd want to stick with 100% cotton with the likelihood of lace trim.

Brazilian undies will fit comfortably on the front and sides; its in the part that runs up your bottom where you'll likely to run into trouble.

When shopping for this style, you will want to go for the 'part that goes up your bum' section to be soft, cotton and as stretchy as they could possibly be.

Don't buy Brazilian knickers that are made from all lace or less common, fancy materials; and with no stretch whatsoever - it will be a painful experience.

Brazilian knickers need time and patience with the conversion into this style of knickers not working out first time - so keep trying with a different pair from another brand.

Different types of cut

Its not a matter of one cut Brazilian underwear, but much like briefs, the cut in the rear and the overall shape in the front can be different some what.

Brazilian knickers should maintain its shape well being worn, with the material offering lots of coverage in the front, along with a wide waistband on the sides.

If the style has less material it would appear to be another pair of cheekies; more so it could end up being basically a thong.

Its in the rear where the types of cheeky cuts are different shapes to suite your needs.

One thing that all Brazilian style knickers have in common is the material that runs up the bottom - in between the buttocks - is usually wide for plenty of coverage.

Height of the cut before is curves into the bottom is also important; to high and it would be a thong; to much curve will be a cheeky; to lower cut will appear to be French knicker styles.

How should they fit on the bottom

Brazilian knickers are halfway between cheekies and full size knickers or briefs. Material in the front should be full and wide, and so should that be the case on the sides.

In the rear they should fit like a regular pair of knickers or panties; its only as they shape around the lower thigh they begin to curve into the lower bottom.

When looking at a pair of Brazilian pants on the body, all angles should appear to look like a big full brief - only the lower have in the rear would appear cheeky.

Its a common cause in Brazilian knickers for the rear section to not sit on the bottom without dislodging; causing a mess of material that folds and creases.

So much like any type of knicker styles, it may take a few extra pairs to find the right fit.

In order to make it the best possible fit, you'd want to go for the Brazil styles that are stitched in such a way it creates a perfect form that can't be dislodged.

No hiding VPL in Brazilian styles

One big problem of converting into only Brazilian knickers or for use on occasions, is how do you deal with VPL in cheeky styles.

To be blunt, you don't, if you chose to wear Brazilian knickers then you have made the choice of not dealing with visible panty lines - or not being worried at all about it.

Off the shelve Brazilian style knickers go some way of taking into consideration of VPL, so you would need to look deeper to find a seamless, or a no VPL brazilian knicker styles - and they do cost a little more.

Well a thong will do all it can to rid the bottom of lines under fitted trousers or skirts - moving the seems in the actual bum - Brazilian styles cut right across the buttocks.

Worst still, there's more chance of seeing bulges or crease marks on an otherwise smooth backside.

To overcome the dilemma of how to avoid visible panty lines while wearing Brazilian knickers; do what most women do and make use of no VPL or seamless styles.

What to wear with Brazilian knickers

Brazilian knickers can be warn will all types of bottom without compromising the shape and look of the outfit.

And well taking into consideration the advice we've dished out on the topic of VPL; they can be quite flattering on the bottom.

With the right pair, it could be possible to make your bum pop; meaning the bum cheeks would be squashed down and out to make your bum appear bigger.

That is not a recommendation for all body shapes mind you, that technique will only work on certain body types, and if you've got the bum for it.

What to wear with Brazilian Knickers includes all types of bottoms: jeans, trousers, jumpsuit, sweatpants, fitted pencil skirts or even leggings or yoga pants.

Though it might be best to wear clothing with mix color or patterns to avoid the chance of panty lines coming though.

How are Brazilians different to Cheekies

As it happens, Brazilian knickers are not much different to cheeksters; as both are designed to live partially up the mid to lower section of the bum.

If we take the style of cheeky knickers; the material fits from the waist all the way to the lower hip before creating the cheeky look.

Likewise, the Brazilian knicker is designed with thinner sides before coming around the waist to slide between the buttocks from a higher position.

Common feat in both underwear styles is the material in the rear; none are thongs so therefore you are likely to see more material fit in between the bum.

So well cheeksters are designed to be just that - cheeky - they will only fit in the bum on the lowest part of the buttocks as possible - though they can be designed higher up.

With the Brazilian design, the cut starts higher up the buttocks to midway down.

Are Brazilian knickers also thongs

That might be fair to treat Brazilian knickers as thongs, as both styles do go up the rear.

However, we can't categorise Brazilian pants as thongs as they are designed not to run up the entire inside buttocks, unlike the thong.

Thongs have thinner straps that run up the buttocks; whereas Brazilian briefs have a much wider band that appears out of the bum at all times.

Regardless, the number of style of Brazil cuts you can find will result in a few pairs looking more like a thong, than a thong does.

So for the reason its hard to maintain a strict standpoint here well saying Brazilian knickers are not thongs - when in fact manufacturer's make them to appear so.


To say what are Brazilian knickers; we would simply reply by saying the'reh cheeky styles of briefs, designed to expose the mid to lower buttocks.

If you're familiar with cheeky or French knickers, well the same rule apples only the Brazil cut can appear more like regular underwear.

Brazilians are designed to give the wearer full coverage in the front with wider sections on the sides.

Its then lower down on the hips the rear section will curve into the buttocks.

Where the material enters in between the buttocks in the mid section to a little lower down is what makes them Brazilian underwear.

If the cut is to far up then it would be a thong, whereas if the cut is only on the very lower buttocks, then it would simply be cheeky or French knickers.

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