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What are French knickers

French knickers to anyone outside France is a type of panty that was classed more as sexy lingerie, rather than underwear for everyday use.

What are French knickers is lingerie intended to by sexy only; it had a full body that covered the bottom, and as far up as around the bully button. French knickers are notoriously uncomfortable, but made in a cotton or nylon blend that lacked stretch. The design allowed for a little cheekiness in the rear.

French knickers can be any type of underwear originating in French, but for western women, French knickers are a unique sexy style of underwear.

It was a large boxy shaped pair of panties that raised up to as far as the waist, it covered the bum with a little cheekiness.

The design was not known for its comfort, in fact French knickers must of been among the most uncomfortable styles of women's underwear to exist in modern times.

Reasoning I expect for the style to decline in popularity, making way for the more trendy cheekies or if you like, cheeksters.

Made entirely in lace, the design was not stretchy at all so allowed for major discomfort if one were only a little active.

Not to be worn through the day but moreso to be removed shortly after being put on - if you know what I mean - or worn by the sophisticated women under a dress or gown, or perhaps under a high waisted skirt such as a pencil skirt.

Today French knickers have come a long way in comfort level, competing in a market that goes after the cheeky range of lingerie or underwear.

On the plus side French knickers were useful for avoiding VPL, but the tough, solid shape of this lingerie would still be visible under clothing.

Lingerie intending to be sexy

French knickers are only intended to by sexy so its less common to wear this style of underwear on a day to day basis.

Shape and form of this kind of panties is often restricting, making it very difficult to wear on a casual setting.

In wearing French Knickers one would use this style only to remove it shortly after for sexy times.

Its not uncommon to be wear lingerie for a night out or a date night in.

French knickers are only intended to by sexy so I would say they are not really practical for wearing with jeans or pants at work or shopping.

However the rise of the popularity of French Knickers in the mid 2000's resulted in a blend of cotton fabric with more stretch the design lacked previously.

Little cheeky style

French knickers are well know for there fuller body but they are almost always a little cheeky in the rear.

You might say they are a grow up version of the more common cheekster that is promoted to the younger female market.

Extremely sexy so it goes without saying it must feature this essential cheeky design.

Only a little cheeky mind you but it was very effective as a sort of passage into wearing thongs or g-strings.

Unlike more traditional cotton or nylon blend knickers; French knickers were far more uncomfortable, so therefore so was the rear part that made its way up the bottom.

Square shape covers whole bum

Skimpy knickers don't always hold their shape but must people will recognise the bikini or full brief shape underwear.

But what the French knickers design offered over other types of knickers was a complete, full bodied shape that covered much of the bottom, with a high waisted fit.

French knickers were by no means a skimpy type of underwear, sexy yes; but not the kind anyone would call skimpy.

The shape of French knickers can only be describe as square, as it covered the entire bum which incased it in this lacey French lingerie.

Not much good for eliminating VPL mind you but that wasn't it purpose, it was designed to be sexy only while less so flattering.

Always high waisted fit

Its not very often you can wear a high waisted pair of knickers that can be called sexy, as the design is more often than not associated with granny panties.

And I suppose without the sexy lace - more common in black - was not its biggest attraction, it would still appear as granny panties.

That is if you don't view it from the rear because remember, it does have that cheeky look.

High waisted French knickers were no good for casual everyday wear, so it was made for use with dresses or as women would prefer, worn with high waisted pencil skirts.

The design of the square shape, high waisted French knickers were not made for activity, so limited movement was recommended in certain styles.

French Knickers tend to be lace

French knickers are exclusively made in a lace blend that almost always consisted of cotton or nylon.

Back in the day it was considered sexy wear but less so today as Hanky Panky develop are far more superior lace underwear range.

However the lace that was stitched for French knickers were less than comfortable, as it lacked stretch across its body or around the waist.

Highly breathable material for sure, but not very practical in terms of comfort.

Not the most comfortable knickers

Sexy, seductive lingerie designed for the sophisticated women, but anyone who has ever tried French knickers will no these were only for those who had a high pain threshold.

In no possible way did French knickers of this kind have any sort of comfort level, as the design was highly flawed.

Not only did it lack elastication in areas it needed must, but remember this was a type of lingerie that fitted up the bum.

If you've ever tried cheeky underwear or thongs before, you'll know this very important area needed more stretch than anywhere else.

French knickers made today while less popular, are now developed to be far more comfortable with a soft cotton or nylon blend, with that all important stretch.


French knickers are lingerie intended to be sexy only, so they're not classed as knickers for everyday use, just the opposite actually.

Knickers in this style are often worn to only be taken off soon after, but if worn they will be suited for dresses or high waisted skirts, such as pencil skirt styles.

Back in the day French knickers were cheeky but not comfortable, so it was a lose, lose situation.

The design was big, square, an high rise shape that covered the whole waist up to the belly button - including the entire bum.

That was of course excluding the lower part of the buttocks as French knickers were indeed cheeky.

But with lack of stretch or a soft cotton of nylon blend, French knickers were in fact very uncomfortable.

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