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Woman wearing peach Miami Knickers on light pink background

What are Miami knickers

Released in early 2019, the Miami Knickers collection was released by UK high street retailer M&S, as a new type of knickers, designed to be a little different.

Miami knickers is a name given by Marks & Spencer to a style of women's underwear, which is crossed between a Brazilian and thong. In reality, the Miami is more a traditional Brazilian bikini or underwear, but can quickly turn into something a little more cheeky as the style loses its shape while worn.

Nothing groundbreaking to see, Miami knickers are a rehash of Brazilian style knickers that in turn become a little cheeky, accidentally.

What I am saying is this style has been made available by major lingerie brands for years, only the shape is only different a little, as to call them Miami knickers.

But what M&S have done but haven't realised is this style replicates the type of knickers worn in Brazil even today, used as a bikini by women of all ages, without being classed as sexy underwear at all.

Unfortunately Mark's have decided to sell them as so, but to a Brazilian women they are just her everyday knickers or a bikini style favored by most in the country.

How the style fits is by covering the crack of the buttocks, to only show up more of the cheeks on either side.

While the intention is for the fabric to remain out of in-between the buttocks as to not be a Brazilian cut currently available, but not so much wedgy it becomes cheeky underwear, or a thong even.

Term coined by M&S

Its nothing new, a retailer's marketing department brainstorm new ideas for their lingerie department, to only come up with a unique, catchy name.

And that is all it is, Miami Knickers is the name given to this style of women's knickers.

I am not quite sure why 'Miami' has anything to do with the range, but I can only assume its what their research team believed what the style is trending on Miami beach.

To that I would say this style of knickers is in use today, so its nothing new on M&S part.

What you have to admit, the term coined by Marks & Spencer has certainly caught your attention, and probably the reason why you are asking what are Miami knickers.

So allow me to explain it in a little more detail, but understand its nothing cutting edge, just a re-branding of something in existence already.

Between a thong and Brazilian style pants

While M&S may compare Miami knickers to be something crossed between a thong and Brazilian style knickers, it can only be the latter only.

To be a little like a thong, Miami knickers would at least have to be a little cheeky, without being cheeky underwear - so its therefore safe to call them Brazilian style only.

That is if we are talking about Brazilian style knickers in the UK only, because in reality Brazilian panties are far different - but more of that in a moment.

So don't believe the Miami style knickers being anything like a thong, they are not.

It can only be a Brazilian cut but unfortunately the style struggles to hold its shape.

You can therefore expect to see the full coverage with only either side of the buttocks seen - for only the style to cause wedgies later on in use.

Honestly, just a Brazilian style

Remember when I mentioned the Miami knickers are much like Brazilian cut knickers, and while they are, but they go a little farther than that.

Referring to the image I have featured above, I promise you this is how women in Brazil have worn what they would call full coverage bikinis, or underwear that is cut into this unique shape.

What is different to what they wear in Brazil - either as a bikini or underwear - is the fabric is far more thicker their, so doesn't do much for VPL issues, like they care anyway.

While M&S have hijacked the style to make it their own, in fact this is a common style of women's knickers in Brazil - including for use for young girls - so is actually not classed as sexy underwear.

But that is what Marks And Spencer have gone for here; a new style of knickers that are seductive.

Seductive, NOT comfort

Marks & Spencer have gone all out for promoting this style of knickers as not everyday, comfortable wear, but moreso something a little more sexy.

Not completely I might add as the company don't want to risk reducing sales by offering them as bedroom wear only.

Because they are made to be sexy in M&S's eyes, I don't believe they can ever be comfy.

Unlike cheeky underwear, they can be comfortable but with the Miami style its difficult to get them to fit comfortably.

That is because they don't know if its full coverage knickers or indeed cheekies.

I put my money on you getting a wedgy every time these are worn after only a few minutes of being active - and it won't be a wedgy that will go unnoticed - that I can guarantee you.

To summarize

My take on M&S Miami knickers are a cross between a Brazilian cut with a cheeky underwear, but not on purpose.

Miami knickers while advertising themselves as sexy, they are no more seductive than those of the cheeky or Brazilian, that are at least far more revealing.

What I believe the people behind this re-branding have done is simply get the name of their new so-called knickers published in the tabloids, and so they have.

But in fact what are Miami knickers is a Brazilian style, but a little more traditional than they ever realised.

If M&S included the word Miami as it may have routes on the Miami beach scene, then they missed out on its real routes back in Brazil.

Miami knickers are a shape of women's underwear or bikini that is part and parcel of every Brazilian women's underwear drawer. And so to is the design a normal thing in Brazil it can often be seen on the Copacaban in Rio de Janeiro, among other places.

Because the Miami cut is moreso cheeky, do expect wedgies to be rife in this style.

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