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Model wearing full briefs with a wedgie occurring

What causes underwear wedgies

In no real terms it isn't possible to avoid some sort of underwear wedgy, but a few tricks can help reduce them or help keep the cause of wedgies at bay for longer.

What causes underwear wedgies is how narrow the cotton gusset is; so the wider it is the safer you are, the narrower the gusset is, wedgies are hard to avoid. Gussets should be wide and short to avoid it creeping in, while a shorter length will avoid a high cut in the underwear in the rear, which causes wedgies.

No matter what kind of underwear we wear, there's no avoiding the big issue of wedgies, but the cause is easy to pinpoint.

That is the gusset, which is the piece of narrow fabric that passes through the legs, often where it is stitched.

I could say if you suffer with wedgies in regular fit, full coverage briefs, then do consider the thong, as the design avoids the wedgy issue all together.

But to avoid wedgies in current full briefs or bikinis, then make it a pair that has a much wider gusset, supported with a cotton gusset layer.

More importantly make it a shorter gusset, because the longer it is, it will likely create a high cut underwear in the rear - similar to the appearance of cheeky underwear.

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If its short it will steer the seams under the crease of the buttocks, thus avoiding wedgies.

To further secure a wedgy-free lifestyle, buy underwear in a more solid material; as thin, loose underwear only wants to move around causes all sorts of problems.

Gusset width biggest issue

What causes wedgies the most in all types of full coverage underwear is the width of the gusset, which can be anywhere from one inch to three.

The gusset is the part that connects the crotch to the rear panel where its finally stitched.

Wide gussets create more fabric that passes between the legs than needed, thus reducing the likelihood of wedgies as its made up in more material than is needed.

However a narrow gusset is the real cause of wedges because this section of the underwear which passes through the legs requires more width over being too narrow.

When you take into consideration how wide the gusset is on the human body; its not really that big, but the movement can create all sorts of uncomfortable wedgies.

That is because the material has many areas between the anus and genitals - or what is known as the perineum - to dig into.

It might begin with the female vagina or perhaps where the perineum heads towards the lower part of the buttocks, just before the anus.

So really there is no way to avoid wedgies unless you have a wad of material passing through the legs - to make up for any shortfall of material that is needed.

Cut too high in the rear

What else can cause underwear wedgies is the cut in the regular underwear - not a thong or g-string - is cut too high.

Now this could be a similar but unintended cut to cheeky underwear, or a high cut boy short - but on full coverage underwear its not really the purpose of it.

The problem of a too high cut in the rear of the underwear stems from the issue of a too narrow cut in the gusset again.

The gusset design continues to pass up in the bum for too long, so this will allow more of your lower bum cheeks to be visible.

Not so with granny panties or a perfectly designed full coverage brief or bikini underwear, as the gusset should be wider so will curve around at the bottom, or under the buttocks.

One way to know its a troublesome brief or bikini underwear is if held up in the hand, notice how the gusset hangs all on its own, as the bottom covering area is almost independent from the underwear body.

If you don't no what I mean simply checkout a pair of cheeky underwear off the model to see how the bottom section - or the gusset - can almost appear to be a thong.

No coverage in the crotch

Remember if the underwear you're wearing is causing wedgies it could also be an issue in front wedgies too.

And if you're getting front wedgies it could be underwear that is not a good fit.

Front panels can lead to wedgies in the rear, because the crotch to gusset design is not up to a high standard.

No matter how much adjusting you do, you probably found it to be useless; so be sure to replace or trash that troublesome underwear.

Who wants to constantly adjust their crotch in public or private just to get a few minutes of relief - it will never happen so do away with the underwear prone to wedgies.

As you go about fixing the front section of the underwear it could lead you to pull it too for up or back - thus creating more issues than there were previously with rear wedgies.

On that continuously playing with underwear will only damage its structure integrity, so will lose its elasticity over time.

Too light underwear structure

So far all issues can be avoided if only you buy or wear a pair of underwear that has a more solid structure.

Imagine an underwear made ultra light fabric such 100% thin cotton. In no way can light cotton underwear withstand the activity or wear thrown at it in one day.

So its usually secured with tight seams or edging, or perhaps a solid thick waistband you see in trendy brands such as Calvin Klein.

Remove all those major features of underwear and you'll be left with a piece of fabric that is unable to hold its shape - regardless of if its a full brief or thong.

So do consider ultra light underwear but make sure its designed with a wide gusset, along with an elasticated seam and a solid band.

Too light on the skin can cause movement that which will create all sorts of wedgies, so refer to a tighter fit - but comfortable - underwear in the future.

Loose fitting underwear

Regardless of what style of women's underwear you're wearing, a loose pair will for certain cause wedgies.

A loosely fit pair of briefs or bikini underwear as the freedom to move around on the bottom, thus leading to wedgies in the crack.

On that so can the waistband or front panel lead to the cause of wedgies if its not designed to be fitting.

An example of loose fitted underwear is in a sort of boyshort underwear that has nice thick seams with a wide waistband, but the body of the boyshort tends to be quite baggy.

Not a problem in a quality made boyshort but if the design has a narrower gusset or no seams at all, it would be wedgy galore.

So make sure the underwear you intend to wear or buy is a firm fitting pair. The type of panties you do wear can either increase or reduce the likelihood of wedgies.

It shouldn't be tight but should fit correctly around the waist and over the bum, covering your buttocks completely.

No VPL styles can cause wedgies

If you're experience wedgies in all types of women's underwear, you haven't experienced a wedgy yet what a specially design NO VPL style panties can cause.

Now that is not to say the luxury NO VPL underwear will always be an issue - because it won't - but you do need to tread carefully.

You see the NO VPL underwear kind has no structural integrity, it relies heavily on the firm grip on the waist and hips - on its stretchy body part of the underwear.

So where there's no seams to keep the NO VPL kind in place, it can creep in the bum.

No show underwear also tend to have no obvious waistband either, so you can end up with a pair of panties that want to drop down.

To overcome this issue in no show underwear, one would prefer to avoid the issue by going for the thong underwear style - thus the wedgy issue is completely out of the picture.

But if its a full coverage, no show underwear you prefer, just make sure it has a wide gusset, as full coverage and a firm fit should be against the body.


The biggest cause of underwear wedgies is the gusset width, or lack of. Narrow gussets lack coverage through the leg passage, thus leading to complications.

Too help avoid wedgies make sure the underwear you own or buy is made with a wider gusset, and so will do little harm.

On top of that make sure its a more solid fabric the underwear is made out of, along with a firm fit.

Loose fit underwear can easily lead to wedgies and if the material is thin, that will certainly not help.

Gusset cut as a lot to say in regards to the cause of wedgies, so make sure the gusset is not only narrow, but short as possible.

If it continues to run to long the cut will be to high, so the underwear would be cheeky in appearance, causing your lower buttocks to be exposed.

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