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What color panties should I wear

Common issue circling around the fashion community is what color panties to wear, as a see-through mishap can happen on a daily basis.

What color panties you should wear is skin tone; it must match the shade of your skin, whether you are a White, Black, Asian or a Latin women - so find the shade that matches you skin tone. Common cause is leggings, yoga pants or clothing in light material, so make it a skin tone panty of any style.

To put the issue of what color underwear should I wear to bed, only wear a shade of color that comes close to your skin tone only.

If therefore your bum is seen under bright lighting or the clothing in question is notoriously see-through, the panties won't be shown to the world.

In fact any praying eyes will see a tone that matches that on your thighs or hips only, or on the bum if you happen to be bending over.

If skin tone underwear in the thong, briefs or boy shorts is not an exciting prospect, you can continue to wear more playful color's if you wear a top as a bum covering.

However, never wear black or white panties under black or white clothing; in doing so the panty color will show up more than ever before.

Likewise, if you want to wear more playful panties with polka dots, full of lace or has fancy items hanging off, I would suggest only under jeans or denim skirts, of that nature.

Skin tone for see-through mishaps

Nothing can be more rewarding knowing that if a piece of clothing were to ever go see-through at some point, the panties cannot be seen.

Most likely scenario is that of your panties in any style become visible under yoga pants if poorly made, or often transparent leggings.

However, a see-through mishap can happen if your clothing gets wet if caught in the rain.

But the most likely cause of panties being seen under clothing is when the bottoms becomes see-through if the sunlight hits it, or under any kind of bright lighting.

So there lies a skin tone panty, preferably in No VPL thong style, to solve the issue of visible panties.

Once upon a time skin tone panties would be referred to as nude panties only; not so anymore as a skin tone panties apply to women of all color.

While a white women would wear a nude panty in a beige or cream shade; a Black, Latin or Asian women would wear more tan shades.

Never should a white women wear a white panty and therefore a black women wear a black panty - this kind of thinking is the worst possible outcome.

Never bold color match

White its vital to wear a skin tone panty with clothing that can become see-through, only you will know if that is a possibility in your day to day life.

Its therefore not always necessary to wear skin tone if you wear a flowing top or jacket over your bottom.

Notwithstanding, you cannot wear bold color's such as black or white under pure black or white bottoms.

Its a common misunderstanding that white or black should be worn under their matching color on top, but its never to be.

Black or white panties will absolutely be seen under black or white bottoms that do become see through.

How it works is the faint color of your skin tone can be seen under clothing that does become transparent.

But to wear panties in any style between your skin tone and the outerwear will enhance the visibility of the panty in question.

That is why a skin tone panty is recommended, as the near match to your bum, hips and waist helps it blend in, almost becoming completely invisible.

Playful panties under denim

I understand you may have an underwear drawer full of fun, colorful, fancy panties, but not to worry as you can still wear them.

Playful panties with branding, polka dots or stripes should be avoided if wearing yoga pants, leggings or lenin pants - or perhaps skirts or dresses that could be transparent.

Its one thing to be wearing a bold color of any kind under such clothing, but those playful patterns can be seen to all and sundry.

I would then recommend for you to only wear these colorful panties under jeans, denim skirts or material that is thick, but in no way can become transparent.

In the event you are wearing fancy panties, it could be you own and wear panties with bows or lace that can create an imprint under pants, skirts or dresses...

So that applies too, not only should you be wearing a color of panties that match your skin tone, try to make them in a light fabric that is simple, but without decoration

What is worse is following these rules, but in doing so the skin toned panty is shining under a glisten of light, so only satin, skin tone color panties will do.

Discreet trim color

So far I have only referred to the full body of the brief, thong, cheeky or hipster you may prefer to wear on a daily basis.

Having said all that we mustn't forget that the seams, or what is known as the trim, can become visible under clothing.

You can avoid this issue all together by making it skin tone color panties, which are the seamless kind - also known as NO VPL panties.

If you wear panties that do have seams then do make sure the color is in keeping with the body part of the panty material.

Edging of panties that are stitched in cotton don't often match the color of the panties, so its a possibility the seams can be seen still, but not the panty itself.

Keep the panty to a minimal in the seams but if you must, make sure the color of the stitching is a perfect match to the butt or crotch of the panty, for example.


No burying the lead here, you must wear skin tone panties under any clothing that is likely to become see-through.

Transparent pants or skirts might not be see-through in the house, but once you hit the bright light outdoors, the panties show up on the bum.

Full briefs can show up more but so too can the top end of the thong or g-string.

Its therefore recommended you only wear skin tone panties if the possibility of the outerwear becomes translucent.

If you have no intention of wearing or buying skin tone panties for now, that is fine as the solution would be to wear a long top or jacket over your bum.

However, if you wear bold color's to match the outerwear, this is in fact a fashion faux pas; the black or white panties will be seen under corresponding black or white clothing for sure.

Playful panties exist in every women's underwear collection, so refrain from wearing this type until its days you wear denim or material of that kind.

And while its important to focus on keeping the body of the panty discreet on most occasions - the seams or stitching on the edging can be seen in two ways...

Seams can be a different color which can be seen, or the cotton stitch as a sort of reflection to it, thus becoming visible only while the panty fabric is not seen at all.

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