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What is a cheeky underwear

Cheeky underwear is designed to expose as little of the underside of your bum cheeks as possible, thus where the name comes from, to be cheeky.

Cheekies are made to show off the bum cheeks on the lower half. They don't fit so high as to appear to be a thong, but not with so little cheekiness they simply fit like full briefs. Cheeky underwear are designed to fit in between the cheeks with material seen in and out.

Cheeky underwear, or cheeksters as people often call them can help reduce the likelihood of wedgies by wearing the fabric that is intended to fit in the butt.

Whereas if its not the cheeky kind you'll end up with a huge wad of material wedged in between the cheeks that are really not intended to be there.

What cheekies are used for is to allow the lower bum to be exposed, unlike the full brief where they fit under the cheeks for full coverage.

Appearance in the front of cheekies appear to be full briefs; with sides in a wide fit or begin to get narrower as the cheeky underwear gets more, well cheeky.

Coverage in the front is full, so no cheekiness here; though it must be said the wrong fit can call for front wedgies.

If you're wearing cheekies, then in doing so you are the kind of women who cares little about keeping VPL discreet, as cheekies don't do the best job.

When it comes to comfort, make it cheekies with a wider gusset, thus creating more coverage in the crotch with a lower cheeky style fit in the rear.

Cheekies reveal underside of bum

When people talk about cheeky underwear they're of course talking about the panty style that rides up your bum, but only a little...

Cheekies appear to be full coverage underwear like hipsters, so really do in that way; its only on the lower part in the rear where the cheeky curves in between the bum cheeks.

For it to be classed as cheeky underwear; by definition it must be cheeky.

So expect a level of your bum cheeks to be exposed. So where full briefs covers up the cheeks completely - cheekies will show bum cheeks to various degrees.

Where the cheekies always expose near to the bottom, the higher up they are could turn into a Brazilian or thong underwear.

What part will show is above the crease in the underside of the cheeks with a third of the bum exposed farther up.

Depending on the cheeky cut, the underwear will cut directly across the bum, thus cutting your bum cheeks in half - not good for avoiding VPL by the way, or...

The cut will fit in a more flattering way as to appear with a nice curve that compliments the bum.

Once the cheeky material enters the lower bum, it will be seen in and out of the backside.

Coverage in the front

Whilst cheeky underwear is all about exposing your butt, the lack of true exposure actually helps the cheeky fit like regular underwear in the front.

Not just in appearance either, cheekies fit very comfortably in the front; whereas it can be a little challenging wearing a comfortable cheeky in the butt.

So people won't no what kind of underwear you're wearing if viewed only from the front, which is due to the complete crotch and side coverage.

However, where the shape starts to change is the amount of cheeks on display.

If you were wearing very cheeky cheekies, then expect the sides to fit higher up around the hips to allow it to run across middle of the bum.

Whereas cheekies with little cheekiness as possible will see the sides appear to be full briefs, thus creating more coverage in the crotch.

Examining the front section of cheekies where they ride between the crotch in the front before passing between the legs... the cheeky will have many levels of exposure as we explain in detail next.

Different levels of cheekiness

No one size fits all with cheeky underwear as the style makes for all levels of cheekiness; meaning there could be no bum cheeks exposed - top atleast half of them showing.

Cheekies are designed to ride up the bum from the mid section of the cheeks to below.

If the design allows for a higher up cheeky cut then they could be mistaken for a thong or Brazilian style knickers as they style close to cheekies.

Where cheeky underwear curves into the crack would depend hugely on the thickness of the gusset, so will decide to reveal itself once it appears out of the cheeks.

For example, if it was a wide gusset that rides from the crotch; between the legs; before riding into the lower cheeks; before protruding out...

This wide gusset will make the cheeky cut fit lower on the cheeks; as the extra gusset material allows for more coverage.

Whereas, if the gusset of the cheeky was far narrower in various widths; that would give you a cheekiness level of much higher up the bum.

Designed with or without trim

Distinctive design that often is included with the cheeky style panties are those that have a lace trim or made with only seams.

When cheekies are made with lace, the lace trim tends to be much wider.

For no other reason than decoration but know there is a flaw with this design. That is with you assuming the lace trim is part of the cheeky material body.

With that we mean you may pick out a cheeky based on how much material there is in the front and rear, naturally.

Only the way lace trim is stitched onto cheekies it makes the cheeky appear to be more full bodied than it really is... thus creating the illusion of coverage.

That is not the case, the trim is only for decoration so should not be mistaken for material that is supposed to support your privates.

On the other side of the spectrum, cheeky underwear with normal seams well are more practical, they could lead to discomfort as the seams dig into the skin.

In that regard you will want to make use of cheekies in the seamless kind; so therefore there's no seams at all, just a drop off the cheeky, onto the skin.

When a Cheeky is not a Brazilian

So what cheekies are suppose to do is expose as little has your lower to mid bum, but the various degrees of cheekiness can mistake the cheeky for Brazilian knickers.

By that we mean both underwear styles are designed with exposing the butt in mind, so can appear similar as its hard to distinguish one style from the next.

Cheekies fit in the rear to expose the mid to lowest part of the cheeks, essentially allowing the cheeks to drop out of the bottom.

Whereas the Brazilian is another kettle of fish. Designed with exposure in mind again, only the Brazil cut will appear more like regular bikini underwear.

Only this time the section that covers the butt cheeks are more narrower; so that results in the Bazilian panties style enter in between your butt cheeks much earlier.

So the way cheeky underwear fit in the rear is to show only a little bum as it hangs out from the bottom whilst cutting across the cheeks.

Whereas Brazilian knickers will slide in between your bottom; only they are designed to slot in the butt much higher up.

Saying that, all that can mean very little as manufacturers or sellers design or promote there products differently.

But in general, what we've outlined is a fair assumption of how the the styles compare.

Cheekies in a few words

If you have trouble working out what is a cheeky, then to put it straight; its a style of panty that exposes your bum cheeks.

Not a lot mind you but more so only the lower half, as to allow the cheeks to drop out where your bum has a crease.

Designed with levels of cheekiness, so can only show a little exposure, whereas the more daring kind can show much more.

Its not possible to mistake the cheeky to say a thong as they fit so much differently.

However, it can be said the cheeky and Brazilian style do look similar so can be mixed up as most women can't tell them apart.

So its like this, the cheeky will show a little bum cheeks near the bottom, whereas the Brazilian is designed to enter in between the bum cheeks much higher up.

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